Title: Missing Scene for Fight or Flight

Author: Loonywoif

E-mail: loonywoif@juno.com

URL: http://www.writingonthewall.slashcity.net/sunsinger/

Date: 10/05/01

Summary: Consider Dr. Phlox's potato sharing with Trip and his interest in human mating practices…did that lead to anything So this starts right there.

T: Well, I don't think so but if you ever want me to show you some or explain it, I will.

P: Really? Perhaps tonight? At my quarters, perhaps after shift?

T: Can do. Later Doc

T <Thinking>: Wonder if our equipment is compatible.

P <Thinking>: Oh I do believe it will be wonderful ::sigh::


Scene: Outside Phlox's Quarters. Charles 'Trip' Tucker, III stands. Dressed in a shimmering blue tunic and grey pants, he mutters to himself. In his left hand he holds a globe half filled with water, out of the neck of the globe are small orange trumpets with golden wells. In his right is a glass decanter full of a ruby red liquid. Shuffling, he gently taps the decanter on the door. After waiting several seconds, he taps harder. No answer. Shifting the globe to the crook of his arm, he reaches up to knock on the door Dr. Phlox opens the door, Trip almost trips over the door sill.

P: Mr. Tucker. Glad you made it.

T: Well, I sure wasn't going to miss this. Been thinking about it for a long time.

P: Really?

T: Yep, ever seen I first saw you on the news, then here. Never thought I would meet you much less spend all this time with you.

P: I see. So tonight you are going to explain human mating customs to me?

T: Thought you could do with a practical example rather. See the first part, we already did. You get to each other, talk with each other, sometimes you break bread each other. You know me and the Captain are friends. So that's first. Becoming friendly.

P: So…you learn about the person you are interested both to become their friend and their mate?

T: Yeah, Doc. See…if you 'mate' without being friends first, it means nothing. It's j ust exercise in bed with a result you don't expect sometimes. Once you start being friends, well then you go on 'date's.

P: How do fruits help you 'mate'?

T: (laughing) Sorry but fruits got another meaning but what I mean is you and the person you are interested in schedule a time to meet. Sometimes you go out to eat or for a walk. (Trip stands up and over to the view port. He sets the globe with the flowers on a ledge and the decanter.) Sometimes you stay in and if you are comfortable with each other, you practice some…pre-mating behavior.

Phlox stands up and moves quietly behind Trip.

P: Such as…(whispers into Trip's ear)

T: (turns around) Such as this…it's called a kiss…

Trip cups Phlox's cheek and kisses him softly.

P: So soft…may we practice this…behavior some more? (Leans in and kisses Trips more forcefully, his hands ghosting over Trip's neck. Shudders as Trip's arms tighten)

Fade out

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