Title: Missing Scene for Strange New World

Primary Author Name: Looneywoif

E-mail: loonywoif@juno.com

Website: http://www.writingonthewall.slashcity.net/sunsinger/

Date: 10/10/01

Category: Slash

Rating: PG

Pairing: Tucker/Phlox

Spoilers: Strange New World

Setting: Archer has just walked out of sickbay. Phlox stands against the wall, staring at the body of ensign Nabokovich.

Phlox replays the scene that just happened.

A: Sorry isn't good enough. I have 4 crewmen down there, DOCTOR! I need to know if they are going to be alive in the morning! <storms out>

Back to present

P: I don't know. I can only hope so. If I do not find a way…but I must…Perhaps…Time: Late the next night.

Setting: Inside Trip's quarters. He has been checked out and the tropolysine is out of his system. He is sitting on a maroon couch covered with a blue and gold knitted comforter. His head is in his hands and he's thinking about what he almost did to T'Pol. He's remembering how she could have killed him so easily. A shadow flashes over his face. Suddenly he leaps to feet and go over to the door. As he opens it, Phlox stands there, one hand raised to press the call button.

P: Tucker. I was just…

T: Come on in, Phlox. (Tucker steps aside. As Phlox passes, Tucker brushes a thumb against his cheek.) Something the matter, Lox?

P: Perhaps…'Lox'?

T: It's a nickname. When humans like someone they call em by a short form of the person's name. It's a sign of affection. It's sorta verbal touching.

P: Ah, another human mating behavior!

T: Sortof. See a lot of human mating things start with being friends, but we have a passel more friends than mates. Like me and Archer. I used to call him Archie when we were in basic training but I'd never ask him too be ummm my mate. (A blush rises slowly)

P: I should hope not! I mean he is your commanding officer.

T: That's not exactly why. (whispered)

P: Well…um…I just wanted to make sure you are all right, Tucker.

T: Well, Lox most people call me Trip. My mother calls me Charles. You can call me Charles, Charlie, whatever you want. (Leaning forward and taking his hands)

P: I see…you seem very…

T: touchy. Yeah. Lox, what woulda happened if you hadn't found something to get that tropo out of us?

P: You would have suffered intense withdrawal. And for the rest of your life you would be prone to what are called flashbacks…or you could die. Like Nabokovich almost…die. (voice lowered)

T: Bother you huh. Well look, humans like to touch. When they almost lose someone they care for, they touch them alot. It's a sign of something more. See friends can touch one another, on the shoulder, the upper hip, the back. It's friendly. Then there's those who are interested in each other more than friends, more like us. They give small touches, touches closer to a lover's, a mate's touch. (Slowly he raises Phlox's hands up to his lips) When those touches are combined with kisses, (turns Plox's hands palm tilted up, slowly kisses palms) they can be more powerful than almost anything. I really thought she was betraying us. I thought she would hurt the Enterprise. Thought she would hurt you. And I couldn't take that. I would kill her, torture her…

P: (stands up, walks to the port) My people don't…they don't…choose their mates. We don't get together save to reproduce.

T: You mean they have no romance. No one has ever told you that you are beautiful, or that they just want to hold you. (walks behind Phlox.)

P: No. They don't. I don't understand this…romance. (Watches the stars move past)

T: Romance…is when you show someone you are interested in…a person you are rom…personally interested in…a person who is important to you…how much they mean to you. You show them that you love them. Love, an old earth science fiction writer said, 'Love is when someone's happiness is essential to your own'. I will never be happy, Lox unless you are. But using his definition, then I can say, being in love with someone is when you know that your life, your existence is nothing without them being happy. Even if you fight, you know that when it comes down, they want nothing less than to be held by you. You know that you won't stop fighting 'til whatever cause this fight is solved so it doesn't crop up again. I coulda died down there and I would know that I never had a chance to tell you, that your happiness makes me happy.

P: You love me. (whispers)

T: Yeah. So give me a chance to romance you? Can we start by letting me hold you? I need to know, that you are here and this isn't a dream. That I ain't on that damn planet hallucinating.

P: Yes.

Tucker wraps his arms around Phlox and lays his head in the crook of Phlox's neck. Outside the stars pass.

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