Title: Missing Scene for The Andorian Incident

Primary Author Name: Looneywoif

Email: loonywoif@juno.com

Website: http://www.writingonthewall.slashcity.net/sunsinger/

Date: 11/01/01

Category: Slash

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Archer/Reed, Tucker/Phlox

Spoilers: Andorian Incident

(Setting: Mess Hall. T'Pol has just left and Phlox is thinking over their conversation.)

P: I rather enjoy diversity. On can not be more diverse than Trip.

(Setting: Inside the room at the Vulcan monastery. Twilight is coloring the light in the small room. Trip is sitting on the floor, after getting back from examining the transmitter. He sits with his back to the wall. Staring at the patterns the light makes on the floor. For the first time since he was a young man forced to do it, he placed his hands palm to palm and twined his fingers. Silently he talks to the deity he was raised with.)

Vulcan: What are you doing?

T: This here is a monastery right?

V: Yes.

T: Then what I'm is praying.

V: I see to which deity?

T: Well to the one I was raised with. My parents believed in the Oversoul. I, personally, don't know what's out there. That's why we are out here. Haven't prayed in years but if the Oversoul is all that I was told then it should be able help me. But as my friend tells me, "The gods help those who help themselves, that doesn't mean they don't like being asked for things."

V: I see. Do all humans believe as you?

T: Nope. Don't right know what Arch believes in, wasn't ever necessary.

V: If it is not too intrusive may I ask what you were asking the…Oversoul(?) for?

T: Just that we get out of here before the Paranoid Andors kill us.

(Andorian overhears Trip's comment.)

An: I can kill you now, if you want.

T: No thanks, you do that and the Oversoul sure won't help me?

An: Who is this Oversoul? Is that the name of your sensor array?

T: Nope, it's a deity. Just discussing religious differences.

An: I'll be listening for codes.

T: No codes! Just thinking, talking about diversity, and praying.

(Andorian walks off after glaring at Trip and the Vulcan)

V: Sorry about that.

T: You didn't tell them to come. As for what I'm praying for…just that I get back to the ship. I have someone waiting for me up there. (Sees the Andorian coming back over and turns) My mate. My lover is waiting up there for me, no big bad spooky spy, just the one I love. Y'all do have love right?

An: We do, but Vulcan believe that it's unnecessary.

T: Yeah, well that's one reason I don't always trust them but T'Pol does her job.

An: You can't trust Vulcans.

T: Maybe not, but that one we do. Go away, I wanna just sit here and think of my Phlox. (Laying head back against the wall, he thought of his lover's eyes.)

(Setting: Inside Sickbay. Phlox is reorganizing his files again. He doesn't notice when Reed comes in. Reed sits down and watches him. Finally Phlox turns around and is surprised to see Reed.)

P: Ahhh Mr. Reed is something wrong?

R: Not really. I'm worried about them on the ground and thought I should see how you were doing?

P: Mr. Mayweather threw you off the bridge. I'm…fine.

R: Bullocks, you're not fine and neither am i. I don't like her you know. The fact that our guys are stuck on P'Jem with her and those bloody bastard Andorians is enough to make me want to just swarm them over and…do something. I don't like this. I can't even use my guns!

P: Would it help if I joined you in your…agitation?

R: Yes!

P: (smiling) I see…I am very worried about him, I know of the Andorians and I really wish that he…(stops)

R: He?

P: That he would stop getting into trouble. Trip is a good man. I love my Kee but so far he has been shot at on a space station by the Suliban, attacked by pyschotropic vegetation, gotten pregnant, and now held hostage by Andorians! He is an engineer…why doesn't he stay with his engines?

R: Cause he's an explorer too, we all are. I promise you, Phlox…I will bring Trip back to you. Promise.

(Reed walks out smilling.)

(Setting: Corridor. Reed has commed up and asked Phlox to meet them at the transporter pad. Phlox enters the transporter room and nods towards the rating at the controls. The hum announces the arrival of the seven people from the surface.) P: Captain! (Looking at Trip, he notices a few scratches, smiling he turned back to Archer.) I see the Andorians questioned you.

A: Questioned?

P: Yes, sir. If they had interrogated you, you would be dead. Andorians love to use their fists. Anyone else injured.

T'P: Just the Captain.

P: Very well, come with me Captain. (Looking up at Trip.) Kee?

T: Coming, Lox.

(Trip follows Lox and Archer out the room, he barely notices Reed behind him.)

(Setting: Later that night. In Phlox and Trip's quarters. Trip is sitting on the couch, head laid back, closed eyes staring at the ceiling. His long fingers carding through Lox's sable hair. He hums low in his throat, happy to be back on the enterprise and with his man. Lying in his lap, Phlox's brilliant blue eyes are closed. One of Phlox's hands is holding the free hand of his beloved. They sit in the dark as the Enterprise moves out of orbit and head off through the sea of stars.)

(Setting: Inside Archer's cabin. Archer is lying in his bed, stroking the soft dark brown hair of his best friend.)

R: I'm not bloody Porthos.

A: No, you are my best friend. Thank you.

R: For what?

A: Coming after us. Saving us.

R: Jon…I love you. I'll always come after you. I'll always save you.

A: I know.

(Archer wraps his arms around his lover and holds him. As Reed falls asleep, Archers looks at the stars moving past his window.)

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