Title: Missing Scene for Civilization

Primary Author Name: Looneywoif

Email: loonywoif@juno.com

Website: http://www.writingonthewall.slashcity.net/sunsinger/

Date: 11/19/01

Category: Slash

Rating: PG

Pairing: Archer/Reed, Tucker/Phlox

Spoilers: Civilization

(Setting: Inside the sickbay, Tucker is sitting on an examination table while Phlox attaches the applications to make him Akalii.

T: Why are you angry at me?

P: Who said I was, my Kee?

T: You don't have to say it for me to hear it. (Trip reached up and caressed his beloved's face.) You are angry at me. I've done something…and I don't know what!

P: Kee, you are an engineer. Every away mission you have gone on, you have gotten hurt. So every time another away mission comes up, you are the first to volunteer to go. You forget, when my Kee gets hurt, I have to fix him and one day I may not be able to. It almost makes me long for the days, when we kept our mates locked up. Perhaps that is the only way to keep you from almost killing yourself. The applications are dry, send in the Captain. (Phlox turns away and busies himself setting up for the Captain's turn.)

T: Lox…I just…

P: Please Kee, send in the captain, we will talk if you come back again.

T: Lox, I'll send him in. I know you worry about me, that means you love me. As I love you.

(Setting: In sickbay, Phlox is watching what is happening on the bridge.)

P: (shaking head) Trip do you ever listen to me? Do you believe in her so little?

(A shockwave rocks the ship and Phlox prepares in case any unfortunate crewman was walking down the stairs.)

(Setting: Inside the Captain's quarters. Archer is lying on his bed with his eyes closed, Porthos is laying next to him, head on Archer's stomach. Archer is rubbing Porthos' head.)

A: Personal Log, July 31st. Something happened on the planet. I kissed Riann, the first two times, it was to distract her from my translator malfunctioning. Then before I left, I just had to kiss her again, if only to prove- (the sound of the door closing behind him startles him, since he didn't hear it open. Rolling over he saw Reed's back disappearing)—prove that Reed's the only one for me.

(Rolling over on his back, he stared at the stars.)

(Setting: Sickbay.)

T: Lox? Lox? (Tucker searches sickbay and walks out and head over to his quarters.) Lox?

P: Yes, Trip.

T: I came back, and unhurt.

P: Yes, I know, Trip.

T: But you're still angry at me.

P: I'm not angry with you, just upset. You don't understand, Trip. One day you may but you don't understand how much it hurts do you? My people are very attached to each other…is it so easy for you to leave me? You will say you know I am safe on the ship. You will say, the only real risk is to you. I love you, for us it's a total commitment. If you should die without me near, I would never believe you to be dead…if I never felt your soul leave…do you care?

T: Yes. I can't say anything except, I'm sorry. It's not doing either of us any good for me to say that but what else can I say.

P: I know. Right now…can I be alone?

T: Yeah, I'll go play with my engines…hey! (Tucker turns Phlox's head around and tilts Phlox's head up.) I am in love with you, ya hear? (kissing his lover, he goes turns and leaves.)

(Phlox smiles as his Kee leaves and goes into the bedroom, sitting on the bed they share, he stares at the swift moving stars. So many stars.)

(Setting: In his own quarters, Reed is lying on his bed, sleeping. If his eyes were open they'd be red and irritated. A soft ringing asks for admittance, it keeps on for almost an hour. Outside a large patch of blue stars pass by, Reed's favorites. Sleeping, he notices nothing.)

(Setting: Tucker is leaning against the railing in engineering.)

T: For once, everything is alright. Damn.

(Moving off, he walked the decks. Up and down, he walks the corridors of the ship. Stopping in front of a porthole, Tucker watched a silver river of stars flow past.)

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