TITLE: Missing Scene for Fortunate Son

AUTHOR: Loonywoif

Email: loonywoif@juno.com

Website: http://www.writingonthewall.slashcity.net/sunsinger/

PAIRINGS: Trip/Phlox a/r

Date: 11/23/01

TYPE: Slash



DISCLAIMER: we know it doesn't belong for me


(Setting: Inside the sickbay.)

T: Hey.

P: (looking up for his packing) Ahh, Trip, what can I help you with today?

T: Nothing. (Walking over to Phlox and wrapping arms around him.)

P: Are you sure? (Standing still in TripÕs arms.)

T: Just…I donÕt have a great feeling about this ship. I…

P: Feel as I felt every time you went on an away mission, how unlike you, I have a reason to go. The Fortunate has survived a Nausciaan attack. There is likely to be injured on board.

T: I know. I know! I love you. I donÕt know IÕve ever said to anyone as much as I have to you, except maybe my parents.

P: I know Trip, I will be fine. Trust me, unlike some I can name, I do not have any desire to pursue the most dangerous course of action at all times. (Phlox moves away and finishes packing. He walks away without looking back.

(Setting: The "Sweet Spot" a.k.a. Cargo Bay 32. Travis Mayweather is sitting in the "Sweet Spot". Reed wanders in and unaware that Travis is in there with him, he starts to catalogue the crates.)

M: I thought you were off duty.

R: (jumps) Bloody Hell, what are you doing over there?

M: ItÕs the EnterpriseÕs "Sweet spot". You know, the one place where itÕs totally null G and everything turns end over end. Reminds me bit of home. I come here to think.

R: I would have thought you had a better reminder of home floating next to us…Sorry that was b ad tempered.

M: Yeah, you and the Captain. WhatÕs wrong with the two of you?

R: Nothing.

M: I know about the two of you. You are or were lovers and you were happy. Look, I donÕt know how you planet bounder folk feel about this but us boomers donÕt mind. We know a hull breach can kill us fast. We know a slight percent off in the hydroponics can kill us slow. We spend a lot of time doing nothing except so ummm recreational activities, so itÕs hard not to notice. Especially in tight quarters.

R: It would be improper…

M: No more than my cousin Hanley and his Captain.

R: Boomer ships are different

M: Not that much, you may think they are. They arenÕt. I mean letÕs take the Captain as ÔdadÕ and that would make you dadÕs lover. IÕve opted on as a son. You didnÕt, you are the same level as the Captain. With boomers there are family ships, those are nothing but one family. Every so often the family gets too big and a couple, maybe three get together and start a new ship or someone starts out and collects a lot of singles. More guys are singles than ladies, so itÕs not too surprising to see 2 or 3 guys to every woman.

R: I see…do you see us as one of your ships?

M: Well the Captain said, just because a human is born off Earth doesnÕt make them any less human. Just cause you may have been born on it doesnÕt mean you arenÕt like us. Boomer live, love, fight, and play on their ships. What are we doing if not that? People will fall in and out of love on this ship, that canÕt be changed.

R: I see…where does Trip, TÕpol, Hoshi, and Phlox fit in?

M: TÕpol is the Captain best advisor and in a way his friend. So she would be an aunt. So would Hoshi. Trip is definitely the CaptainÕs younger brother and Phlox is an uncle. Trip and Phlox are good together. I hope they solve their fight.

R: This is the most IÕve ever heard you speak, Travis.

M: ItÕs the "sweet spot", it makes me think.

(Setting: In engineering after the second away mission. Reed asks a rating where Trip is. The rating points to a pair of feet sticking out from under an engine. Reed walks over and waits. Tired of waiting, he slams his hand on the engine causing Trip to bolt out from under it with his hands over his ears.)

T: Why the sam hell did you do that, Reed?

R: Because you are an idiot!

T: What did I do to you?

R: Not me, Phlox.

T: Well thatÕs between him and me.

R: And the rest of crew. I had an enlightening talk with Mr. Mayweather. He had an interesting take of the crew. He likened us to a boomer crew. A family.

T: And?

R: And some of them are dead. They died mostly alone. And I didnÕt want the same to happen to you. I suggest whatever you two are fighting about it, fix it. Ryan almost shot him today. Ryan did hole the hull in the cargo pod. If our communicators hadnÕt been working, or if Hoshi had not seen us. Phlox would be gone. I at least would have died with Jonathan.

T: (Grabbing a railing) He didnÕt tell me. I asked what had happened in there and he didnÕt tell me that.

R: Well, he deferred to my expertise and ducked. Made me think of something though.

T: What?

R: For a minute, I forgot it was him. He was acting an awful like you.

(Setting: ReedÕs quarters. Reed walks in and starts to strip. On his desk is PADD, sitting on top of it is a bouquet of red roses, purple verbena, purple hyacinth, and peony. Wrapped around with raspberry vine.)

R: Purple hyacinth: I am truly sorry, purple verbena: regret, peony: shame, red roses: I love you, all wrapped up in raspberry: remorse. I think you did your research, Jonathan. (moving the bouquet, he uncovers a picture. It is of a bazooka launcher. Turning it over he reads the back.)

I would have put it in your room but I was afraid you would love it so much, you wouldnÕt read the logs. I could only get two live rounds. Apparently the clerk at StarFleet said something about making sure Enterprise returned in one piece. I never wanted to stay with her. The only thing that intrigued me about that kiss is that it had no effect on me. I love you, Jon. P.S. Porthos misses you and asks when are you coming home.

(Setting: In Quarters. Trip is standing next to the door. A small finger of light caresses the covers near PhloxÕs hand. Phlox is lying in bed asleep.) T: (Walks over and kneels next to the bed.) [Whispers] I talked to Malcolm. He told me what happened. I…duck next time someone is shooting at you. I almost lost you. (Carefully climbing on top of Phlox.) IÕm sorry, IÕm so sorry ÔLox…

(After he quiets, Phlox opens his eyes and strokes his hair)

P: My Kee.

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