TITLE: Missing Scene for Cold Front

AUTHOR: Loonywoif

E-mail: loonywoif@juno.com

URL: http://www.writingonthewall.slashcity.net/sunsinger/

DATE: 12/02/01

PAIRINGS: Trip/Phlox

TYPE: Slash



DISCLAIMER: we know it doesn't belong for me


Spoilers: Cold Front

(Setting: Inside the mess hall.)

T: You are looking rather happy.

P: Yes, Trip. There are so many new species here. Hopefully I can learn some more. All of them belong to the religious sect of Agosorians but it travels across species boundaries. ItÕs very intriguing.

T: Well then, IÕll remember everything they tell me on the tour later, so I can tell you ok?

P: IÕd appreciate it.

(Archer waves to call Trip over.)

T: Ah, Arch wants me. See you tonight?

P: Yes of course.


(Setting: Archer and Trip are walking down a corridor.)

A: (Chuckling) So you and Phlox are getting on better?

T: Yeah, Arch. I donÕt really understand what got to him. He thinks I risk my life unreasonably. That I take away missions for the thrill.

A: You mean you donÕt? Trip, how did you feel when we were on the *Fortunate Son* and we were cast off in the cargo pod?

T: Not a thing. Knew you werenÕt going to let him get hurt.

A: And after you found out there was a hole there?

T: Furious at you. For letting him get in trouble. Scared cause I could have lost him and not known it. So damn happy he was there. IÕm in love with him, Jon. IÕm so happy and in love with him. DonÕt know how else to put it.

A: Now imagine you are him and every time an away mission comes around, you lover signs up for it. He doesnÕt ask what itÕs about. Just signs up. Then you are stuck on this ship and you donÕt know whatÕs happening or if heÕs hurt. You donÕt know anything. All you know is he left you…again.

T: I donÕt mean it like that, Jon. If thatÕs what he thinks…what am I gonna do?

A: DonÕt know. You can think it over tonight. Since heÕs spending time with the Agosorians overnight, you can plan something sweet.

T: Overnight?

A: Ye- I shouldnÕt have said anything should I? TRIP!

(Trip turns and runs back to their quarters. Opening the door, he enters to see Phlox packing things in a small bag.)

P: Ahhh, Trip. I was just getting ready for my overnight with the Agosoroians.

T: I see…(gasping) when were you going to tell me? After you left?

P: Of course not, Trip. After I packed, yes, but that was only because you were in conference with the Captain. Trip…Charles, I would never leave without telling you and IÕm coming back. ItÕs only overnight. IÕll be home in the morning. (Phlox stands up and places his hand on TripÕs chest.) Now, I thought you had to meet with the Captain?

T: I do, I just…

P: Yes?

T: I love you! I know I say it a lot but I donÕt have the words like you. I donÕt know how to say it any better! All I know is I wanna spend the rest of my life holding you and being held by you. I wanna hear you call me ŌKeeÕ again. I wanna know that when I go to sleep, IÕm not alone. I donÕt know how to say it. Poetry isnÕt my style. Help me.

P: (kissing him deeply) Poetry is you. Every move you make, every word you have said, is more beautiful and poetic to me than anything else you have done. TÕkeyna sta traleo maniz Keeani. TÕervan traleo ake cedol BÕKee K ti. (I love you more than the stars. I would give up all the stars for you.)

T: I donÕt know what that means but I know how it was meant. (Hugging Phlox.) Tell me when you get back?

P: Of course, my Kee. (Phlox picks up the bag and walks around Trip.)


(Setting: Inside their quarters)

T: Welcome home, ŌLox.

P: You missed me?

T: Anytime you are gone, I miss you, even if itÕs only for a night…

P: TÕkeyna Keeani. (I love you, my beloved.)

T: Come on, made dinner. (Trip leads Phlox further in to a table set with slender golden candle. In the center of the table sat a platter with roast beef.) I got my momÕs recipe. Hope that is ok with you.

P: Yes, Kee, it is.

(Behind them the stars flowed as they traveled through the stellar nursery; neither of them noticed.)

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