Title: The Initiative of a Dream

Author: Travie

Email: trequinn@yahoo.com

Date: 12/03/01

Fandom: Enterprise

Pairings: Mayweather/Tucker

Type: Slash M/M

Rating: PG-13 maybe R

Status: Part 1

Disclaimer: FYI, none of the Enterprise characters belong to me. I am just 'borrowing' them. They are owned by Paramount.

Warning: If two men getting it on ain't yo' thang, you might need to skip this.

Travis walked down the corridor heading towards the bridge, but he had the funniest feeling that someone was watching him. He quickly stopped and looked behind him. No one was there.

"Get a hold of yourself Mayweather." He whispered to himself.

He closed his eyes and turned around. A second later, Travis bumped into something hard and warm. He quickly opened his eyes.

"Trip!" He half gasped and half sighed "You scared me." Travis said as he eyed the engineer. He couldn't place it, but something seemed strange about the man today.

"Where are you going Travis?" Trip asked in a voice dripping in sexual overtones.

The tone in Trip's voice made Travis' skin flush with blood and his member twitch.

"Th-The Bridge." He finally stammered out while keeping his eyes directly on the older man.

"Well, are you sure you would not want to stay with me?" Trip asked with a child like voice.

The man was making Travis feel uncomfortable and it finally crept into his voice.

"Look Commander! I have too—" Travis started but was cut off by a push to the wall from Trip.

Travis looked up with fear in his eyes as Trip started to place his hands on the helmsman supple buttock. But Travis could also feel his member pushing against the fabric of his suit.

"Just sit back and relax." Trip said as he bit Travis' neck.


Travis quickly struggled around in the zero-g environment. He noticed he had been sweating as a small puddle was beneath him. His member was shooting straight out of his boxes. Travis was disturbed by this dream. He had been having it for two weeks now. It was getting embarrassing. Every time he saw the engineer, Travis would think back to that dream and get himself excited.

He glanced at the chronometer and saw that it was near his time to get up. Ordering the computer to increase the gravity in increments, he planned his itinerary for the day. He quickly showered and dressed, he also knew in his mind that he would be talking to Trip about his dream.


While on the bridge, Travis could swear that Trip was eyeing him from time to time. And the dream in the back of his mind didn't make anything better. He constantly had shift himself to accommodate his growing erection. At one point, Capt. Archer took notice.

"Ensign, is something the matter?" he asked in an annoyed tone.

"No sir, I just can't seem to get comfortable." Travis replied.

"Well, I suggest you do."

"Yes sir." He replied while looking back at the Captain, to find that Trip was looking at him.

This is never going to stop! He said to himself as he returned to flying the ship.


At the end of his duty shift, he headed directly for the chief engineer's quarters. He had to conquer his nightmare or dream.

Travis ringed the door chime and waited for the door to be answered. Trip did a few seconds later and seemed shocked to see Travis standing at his door. In fact he voiced that shock.

"Travis?! What are you doing here?!"

"I need to speak to you about something…Charles. May I come in?" Mayweather asked softly.


Travis slipped pass and brushed his hand across Trip's. Both of them felt goose bumps run across their skin. Travis took a seat and Trip went and got them a drink. A few seconds later, he returned and handed a drink to Travis.

"So what's up?" Trip asked with a Southern Hospitably quality to it. Travis sat silent for a while before answering, "Well, I have been having this dream about us and.." He trailed off from fright.

Trip could tell whatever it was, that it was bothering him. The helmsman seemed to be trying to find something to do besides telling him about the dream. Trip did his best to put on an assuring smile.

"Travis, what ever it is, you can tell me, okay?" Trip said with a feel of a fatherly tone to it.

The tone worked, Travis came to ease and looked Trip straight into the eye. "The dreams that I have are sexual, Charles." The words came out of his mouth with no emotion. They were as cold as the vacuum called space.

Trip himself felt like the ship had hit maximum warp without inertia dampeners. Was he hearing Travis right? Did Travis just say that he had dreams about them doing things that were done behind close doors? Yeah he did. Trip felt that he might as well tell him about his too.

"Umm…Travis…You've had wet dreams about us?." He stammered while putting on a weak smile.

"Yes Charles, look, if you can't understand from where I'm coming for, I'll leave." Travis said quickly, heading for the door.

"Stop!" Trip half-shouted. His stomach felt as though it were full of butterflies. The young man, this phine young man had came clean with him. Travis turned around at the sound of his voice.

Trip looked up at the ceiling and deeply exhaled. "You are not the only one having dreams of that nature. I have also had dreams of being with you."

"I doubt they were anything like mine." Travis said smiling back.

"Oh, trust me. I felt so scared to tell you about them, but I was afraid to tell you. I was afraid that I might push you away." Still, smiling weakly.

"Is that why you were eyeing me on the bridge today?" Travis said while getting up and sitting beside Trip.

"Yeah." He replied. "Is that why you were fidgeting in your chair on the bridge?" Smiling a toothy grin.

"Yeah." Travis replied, placing his hand on Trip's hand. The smile on his face took on a seductive look. "Kiss me." He commanded.

Trip followed Travis. Their lips felt like velvet against the other's. Their tongues danced in their mouths sending pleasure all throughout their body. Their members bulged against their suits, screaming for release. Filling with an uncontrollable lust, Travis climbed on top of Trip and started to grind their crotches together. Trip quickly stopped him.

"What's wrong?" he asked with puppy dog eyes.

"Travis, I want to take this slow all right, I want to make this a little old fashion. Do you get my drift?"

"You want to court me. You want a relationship?" Travis replied with a twinkle in his eye.

Trip smiled a little and replied. "Yeah."

Travis gave Trip a gentle kiss and then climbed off of him. "Then let's talk."

The pair got up laid down in Trip's bed. There they talked about everything from childhood crushes to what they thought about each other when they first met. After conversation, Trip walked Travis back to his quarters.

"Travis, I will pick you up tomorrow at 1700 hours all right."

"I will be here Charles…waiting for you." Travis said smiling.

His doors hissed shut and Trip walked away happy as a little boy on Christmas.

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