Title: Traditions

Author: Timberwolf

Email: timberwolfcanada@hotmail.com

Date: 12/17/01

Category: Slash

Rating: G

Pairing: Archer/Reed

Submission Method: Website

Summary: This is a drabble I wrote for the December Quickie challenge on the Challenge the Muses list, but in the spirit of Christmas, I'm sharing it here too.

"What's this?" Dr. Phlox asked, glancing around the mess hall at the bright red and green decorations.

"It's a tradition from Earth. Christmas. A time for sharing gifts and celebrating friendship and peace. " Archer answered.

"And decking the halls," Trip added with a grin.

"And this?" Phlox pointed.

"Mistletoe." Trip grinned knowingly.

"It's purpose?" Phlox asked.

"Allow me to demonstrate," Archer grinned. Pulling a startled Lt. Reed from his seat, Archer lowered his head, brushing his lips in a soft caress against Malcolm's. Eyes twinkling with mischief, Archer murmured, "Merry Christmas, Lt. Reed."

"Very interesting," Phlox grinned, eyeing Trip.

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