Title: Missing Scene for Silent Enemy

Author: Loonywoif

E-mail: mailto:loonywoif@juno.com

URL: http://www.writingonthewall.slashcity.net/sunsinger/

Date: 01/22/02

Pairing: Trip/Phlox a/r

Rating: PG-13

Notes: Yes, yes I know I said the Missing Scenes are for Trip/Phlox. And they are but since this was all about Malcolm episode, I felt I should start with him. Besides it's his birthday!

Disclaimer: If I owned them, they'd be happy

(Archer enters Reed's room. Reed is lying asleep on his bed, still in the same clothes he has been in for the past 60 hours. Archers walks in and sets the privacy lock. Kneeling beside the bed, he starts to undress Reed. Trying not to wake him., Archer slowly slips down his trousers and gently takes off his shirt. Running his hands over the undershirt, Archer kisses and sucks the nipple. One hand reaches up to stroke that pale neck. Reed wakens and covers Archer's hand with his.)

R: ummm I was about to take a shower.

A: You don't need to.

R: I do. I smell.

A: Yep, delicious.

R: (laughing) Jon…(Reed sits up and pushes Archer off.) Jon, I need a shower.

A: Can I come?

R: (laughing) If you wish. Jon…thank you.

A: Not a problem, love. Do you know what a hassle it was to find out your favorite food? I want you to give me a present today, Malcolm.

R: If I can.

A: Talk to me. Talk to me about you. I love what you've let me see so far. I want to know more about you. I do know that your favorite color is yellow. You love pineapples, in fact you love fruit. You eat meat but you prefer vegetables. Your parents don't know you at all. You are never demanding but I want you to be. Demand things of me. Demand I make you happy because unless I know I'm doing something wrong, I'm gonna keep doing things the same way. I want to spend the next 100 years making you happy Malcolm Ian Reed.

R: I—I—(kissing Archer) Come shower with me and stay the night.

(Grinning Archer kisses Reed as they go to take their shower.)


(Trip enters the quarters he shares with Phlox. Phlox is sitting on the bed reading a medical file. Trip flops face down on the bed.)

T: thanks (muffled by the sheet)

P: You're welcome. What for?

T: (turns over) For helping Hoshi with Malcolm. Do you know that I could tell you that Hoshi loves to try any new food at least once? Travis love simple home cooking, Arch likes to eat the same ten things over and over. You like tuna and macaroni salad. But until today if you asked me what he would like to eat, I didn't know. I don't know his type of music or what he likes to play. I don't know if he even likes us or just puts up with us cause he can't get rid of us. What kind of frined is that?! (Trip sits up and stares at Phlox.)

P: Well perhaps you can spend more time with him.

T: I'm gonna have to cause I really do think we could be friends if I could just get him to talk.

P: Well good. (Phlox moves closer and kisses Trip.) Hmmm T'keyna Keeani.

T: I love you too.

P: (pulling back) You received a message from your parents today.

T: Damn! I forgot to mail them today. (Turning to Phlox.) Want to hear something funny? Of course you have to promise not to get all jealousy and upset…

P: Hmmm, I promise that I will try to keep control of my jealousy.

T: That'll do. I got a letter from ummm my girlfriend on Earth. We agreed to try a long distance relationship but it obviously wasn't working out so after the last message, I decided to break it off…so what was the first message I got after we deployed the Echo Amplifier? A message telling me she had met someone else and was breaking it off. I have two letters sitting on my computer. One for my parents and one for her. I guess I have to change em a bit.

P: You got involved with me, when you were seeing another?

T: I decided I should go ahead and fall in love with you now, since I didn't have anyone waiting at home. And because I love you, ÔLox. Not just now, but forever, always, and beyond. (Trip leans over and kisses Phlox's chest.) T'keyna, T'keyna Phlox.

(Closeup of the stars passing by.)

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