Title: Missing Scene for Dear Doctor

Author: Loonywoif

Author's email: loonywoif@juno.com

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Date: 01/29/02

Pairings: Trip/Phlox minor Archer/Reed

Rating: PG-13?

Archive: Just tell me where.

Warnings: ummm no

Summary: Alex attends the 23rd Annual Bad Guy (tm) Convention

Disclaimer: Not Mine.

Notes: Ehhh.. ahhh well this one is a bit more racy than previous. I finished it just in time though. This was actually going to be longer since i couldn't get them to shut up but it was already too long…::Shrug:: Enjoy. Also all previous missing scenes can be found on my site, in Loonywoif's Woods

(Setting: Inside Tucker and Phlox's room. Trip rolls over and snuggles up to Phlox, pulling him closer. Phlox jumps a bit, then turns to face Trip.)

P: I'm trying,

T: I know, 'Lox. Soon you will be so used to my touch, you'll never jump again.

P: Your are my mate or you will be so as soon as we wed.

T: Oh…(Trailing his fingers over Phlox's eye rides.) Are these…sensitive? Or do they dull feeling? Can you feel me when I kiss (Tucker lay sweet light kisses over the ridges) them? (Calmly he moves over Phlox, pressing him into the bed, wrapping his hands around Phlox's wrists…He licks, laps, and kisses his mate's eyeridges, moving over to the other side.) Do you feel my lips on your skin, your soft, luscious, beautiful skin?

P: (growls) Yes!! (Flipping Tucker over, Phlox , he licks and kisses down Tucker's neck and chest. Licking and nipping those wide cafe-colored nipples. Running fingers down Tucker's ribs. Feeling the engineer shudder and tremble under his hands, he sucked and bit until he had a love mark, high on his throat. Sliding up he whispered into Tucker's ear.) When we wed…I will give you such…joy!

(Setting: Phlox is sitting on the bed. Tucker has already left for engineering. Phlox is recording a letter.)

Dear Jeremy,

Today I surprised the man who is soon to be my mate aboard the Enterprise. He decided to tease me. I ended up flipping him over and tasting him. I stopped before I actually had intercourse with him. He seemed disappointed but I thought that was odd because from what I have seen elsewhere most humans prefer that sex with a serious marriageable partner was considered improper. I don't think I'll ever understand human mating behavior.

Another interesting thing that happened today was that a young crewman asked me if I would be interested in a courtship. Finally I interpreted some signal correctly, however I am concerned with how my promised mate will react. He knows about my three wives and their other husbands, I am unsure if he would take offense at another started courtship. When I mentioned the crewman's behavior, he reacted with anger and some depression. I do know that one should complete one courtship before being another. Any advice you have, shall be appreciated.

(Setting: Archer and Reed are getting dressed for their shifts. Jon is sneaking Porthos some cheese. Reed is looking for his tunic.)

R: Jon, what did Phlox tell you about giving Porthos cheese?

A: But her loves it, Mal. You know how big a sucker I am for my guys. (Archer mumbles around a piece of toast.)

R: It's not good for him (Walking over he fixes Archer's tunic and grabs his from the bed behind Jon. Ducking under Archer's outstretched arm, he grabs the toast.

(Porthos whines and throws up. Reed looks at Archer and points to the vomit.)

R: Take him to Phlox. (Reed heads out and starts for the armory. As he heads down the hall, Trip comes up behind him.)

T: Hey Malcolm! Your our tac officer. Tell me something. If some fresh little minx was sniffing around Arch, how would you fox her?

R: Umm? T: Yeah. Going to the bridge?

R: No, the Armory.

T: Ah…maybe I should come with you, maybe I can find something to use on that utter…skank.

R: I see. (Reed looks at the agitated Tucker.) Well what is she doing that upset you so much?

T: She's spraying around Phlox like a bitch in heat. (Tucker stops sand leans against the wall. Angrily he slams a fist into the wall. Three crew passing by look up and then away quickly.) She wants my 'Lox.

R: Yes, but he's in love with you. He won't cheat on you.

T: 'Cept he doesn't see it as cheating. He has 3 wives and each wife has two more husbands. Denobulians believe in multiple marriages. He won't understand that I have to share him with his wives and co-husbands but I'm not willing to share him anymore than that. She will not be in the picture at all. She can do one thing I can't, and I'll hate her for it. He got so upset when Ah'len knocked me up. She can give him kids, I can't. Ever.

R: I doubt he would hold it against you, it's a biological fact. However I do understand how you can feel threatened by her…much like I did when Jon was with Riann.

T: Ah…Maybe we can force her into an airlock and cycle it? While in warp, no one will find her body.

R: (looks at Tucker.) Come on. I think you need to head off to the gym to work some of this anger off. Perhaps we can think of another way to deal with her, without killing.

(Setting: Crewman Cutler is carrying a tray of food. She sits down with two other crewmen, Crewman Sam and Kay)

K: Sooo…what happened with the doc?

C: Well…he's married with three wives and each on has two other husbands other than Phlox.

S: Well, he's not human so he might not be sure. Step it up so that knows you are available. Share more movies.

(A purposefully cleared throat behind them cause them to turn. Lieutenant Reed stood there with his food. Sitting down, he spread his napkin in his lap.)

R: Crewman Cutler, I couldn't help but overhearing your conversation, while I normally would not, but I must tell you that Dr. Phlox is already involved with someone on board. Phlox may not be human but his lover is. Now I know that if you were in his place you would feel threatened by you.

C: But Phlox isn't threatened by me.

R: His male lover is. And since you and he must at times work together, I am asking you to be respectful and not pursue Phlox any more.

C: Too bad. If he can't hold onto Phlox, so be it. Besides Phlox needs to be learn that not all human

R: (Icily) I see. I can not order you to stop seeing Phlox, nor can I appeal to your better nature but you have none. (Reed stood up, pushing his chair back loudly. People stared at him, shocked. Reed picked up his tray and started to walk off.) I should have let him into the armory.

(Setting: Archer and Phlox are in sickbay. Phlox has determined that Porthos upset stomach is a dairy allergy.)

P: Captain, I told you not to give him anymore dairy.

A: Yeah, I know but I can't help it. I love to give my guys what they want.

P: I take it that you and Reed are doing well?

A: Yeah, what about you and Trip?

P: That is problematic. I seem to have angered him a bit. I told him of a crewman who seemed interested in me. We resolved to be friends but from what I understand she is hoping for more. As a Denobulian we have multiple marriages. So to have more than one lover is not odd. Humans usually don't.

A: True…Phlox, I know Trip. Known him for years. When you treated him at Heinlein base for narcosis, he wanted you. Now years after that he knows you and is still very much in love with you. He doesn't like to share, I know he has to share you with your family back home but he won't share you with another human and definitely not a woman. Let her down easy or let him go.

(Archer picks up Porthos and looks at Phlox. He leaves without speaking. Phlox stands thinking.)

(Setting: Engineering. Reed enters enginnering and spots Tucker. Climbing up to Tucker, he squats beside him.)

R: (Leans over and speaks into Tucker's ear.) Now do you want the pulse cannon or sleep gas. We can knock her out and put her in the lock, we'll open it as soon as we can.

T: (Turning and grinning at Reed.) Oh? What changed your mind?

R: Without revealing your name, I asked her to step away. She chooses not to, so I suggest you have a talk with her. Now.

T: (Looks at Reed.) I will.

(Tucker walks over to a communicator on the wall and calls for Cutler to meet him in engineering. She arrives several minutes later. Tucker escorts her to a secluded corner.)

T: I wanted to talk to you for a moment. You have no problems with me do you?

C: No sir. Why would I?

T: Well I think you will soon. Phlox is my lover and I don't intend to let him go. If he wants to go so be it but I doubt he will want to. You can offer him many things, even children but Denobulians and humans can't have kids together so you would have to give him all human kids, just like me. Now, I'm not threatening you or trying to scare you but I will tell you that I love him, more than you know and I'm not gonna just release him. Denobulians fight for their mates, often, long, and hard. I would disrespect him if I did any less and I'd never do that. As for Real Love…I've been in love with him for years. (Tucker walks away.)

(Setting: The hallway outside Sickbay. Cutler stands there staring at the door before pressing the entrance pad and walking in. She walks up to Phlox and laying her hands on the sides of his face, kisses him. Phlox pushes her back. Tucker enters and growls at her. Eyes blazing he steps forward and raises his hands, ready to choke her. Yelping, she flees out the Sickbay door.)

T: I told you he's mine. (Tucker takes Phlox's hand and pulls him out of Sickbay. He pulls him down the hall until they reach their quarters.)

P: You…fought for me. (Phlox smiles and steps closer.)

T: I always will. I am in love with you, don't intend to let anyone take you from me.

(Growling softly, Phlox pushes Tucker onto the bed and leans down.)

(Setting: Next shift on the bridge. Tucker is talking to Archer. On screen a river of stars pass, their light highlights two large love marks places on Tucker's neck.)

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