Title: Memoria

Author: Kaitlin the GothGeekGirl

E-mail: goth_geek_girl_666@yahoo.com

Date: 02/02/02

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Reed/Archer

Disclaimer: Paramount owns Enterprise, and they will probrably never portray Archer and Reed's relationship the way it's depicted here. But if they do…you heard it here first!

Summary: Reed severs old ties and strenghtens new ones.

Author's Notes: Thanks for the title, Faceless.

Dedicated to: my parents, for being nothing like Reed's

Lieutenant-Commander Malcolm Reed gazed at the blank viewscreen, thinking. He was about to make his first contact with his parents since the mission had begun. He had near-death experiances many times over the course of his mission, met aliens that changed his perception of life itself and accomplished things he never would have attributed to the shy, reserved man who first boarded this ship 7 years ago. But only now did he ever have news he felt his parents needed to hear. He switched the 'screen on, and entered in his parents comm code. His parents' living room shimmered into view. They looked older than he remembered. Reed cleared his throat.

" Hello Dad, Mum. It's…it's good to see you. "

His mother smiled her usual nervous, unsure smile, but his father's glare remained where it was.

" So you're finally moved to call your own parents. What monumentous occurance sparked this historic event? "

Red alert klaxons went off in Reed's mind. This was starting badly. Struggling to keep up his cheery demeanor, he replied, " I'm sorry I haven't exactly stayed in touch. Bit tricky, lots of spots where we couldn't get the communication arrays up, then we went out too far for our messages to come through…". Reed had an unfortunate tendancy to babble when nervous. " I've been promoted to Lieutenant-Commander, now, thought you'd like to know and er…" his voice faltered as he looked at his father's impatient face. " Anyway…something's happened to me, something rather special, and I wanted to share it with you. "

His father said nothing, but arched his eyebrows and nodded slightly, silently giving Malcolm leave to continue.

" I…I've met someone on the ship, someone I'm quite willing to spend the rest of my life with, and…I'd like to invite you to our wedding. We're planning on getting married when we get back to Earth. "

" Oh, that's lovely, son! What's her name? " his mother chirped happily.

" He, actually. I'm getting married to Captain Jonathan Archer. I…I think you spoke to him? "

His father was quiet for a long time, although his grim, shocked appearance gave Malcolm a clue to the general direction of his thoughts. When he finally spoke, Malcolm's fears were confirmed.

" So. That's the way it works in Starfleet, is it? You sleep your way to the top. No wonder you're a Lieutenant-Commander now, you're whoring yourself out to your captain! "

Malcolm closed his eyes. His father went on for awhile, and Malcolm simply let the angry words wash over him in all too familiar waves. He heard his mother occasionally make some timid-rabbit attempts to calm her husband down, and his father brushing them off. The usual spiel about dishonoring the family and spitting on the Reed family traditions, with some new bits about being a despicable little slut. Once he felt his father was winding down, he opened his eyes and said quietly, " Goodbye, Mum and Dad ", and switched off the view-screen.

Malcolm took a few deep breaths, and left his quarters to return the ones he far more often occupied, and was far happier in.

" Come ", Jonathan said as Malcolm rang the doorchime. Turning around and looking at his lover's face, Jonathan immediatly said, " Oh. It didn't go well, did it? "

Malcom felt his body begin to shake, and wrapped his arms around his lover. He felt Jonathan's hands run through his hair, and heard soothing words whispered. Memories ran through Reed's mind—memories of a cold, lonely childhood, being shunted from boarding school to boarding school, never feeling loved or accepted. Then, better ones—boarding the Enterprise. His first time firing a phase cannon. Meeting alien races…His mind turned to Jonathan. Their first kiss, their first night together. The day they revealed their relationship to the crew. He smiled, remembering the initial shock, and the acceptance and congradulations only seconds after. How their friends had all offered to help them celebrate their love when they made their wedding announcement just days before. When the tremors stopped, he looked up and gazed into Jonathan's eyes.

" It doesn't matter anymore. You're all the family I need ", and lifted his head to claim the captain's mouth, and his heart.

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