Title: Missing Scene for Shadows of P'Jem

Author: Loonywoif

E-mail: loonywoif@juno.com

URL: http://www.writingonthewall.slashcity.net/sunsinger/

Date: 02/26/02

Pairings: Trip/Phlox, minor Archer/Reed

Rating: PG 13?

Archive: Just tell me where.

Warnings: ummm no

Disclaimer: Not Mine.

Spoilers: Shadows of P'Jem

Notes: Ehhh.. I hate being sick. Sorry yall, i got a killer flu bug at the same time my job was taken over by a new company. If i haven't been catching up on laundry, writing, or working, i've been asleep. I'm about 3 weeks behind now which is good…i was 5! So i'm very very very sorry this is late real late ::rolling eyes:: i'll do better promise ::Shrug:: Enjoy. Also all previous missing scenes can be found on my site.

(Setting: Outside in the corridor, after Archer has just talked to Admiral Forest.)

T: Arch, somethingÕs wrong. And you arenÕt tell me…I think you should.

A: ItÕs not…important, Trip.

(Tucker turns to face Archer and shakes his head. Draping an arm around ArcherÕs shoulder, they walk off

T: WeÕll talk about it later, Arch.

(Setting: Inside sick bay. Tucker is sitting on a bio bed, watching Phlox.)

P: Is there a reason you are here, kee?"

T: I like to watch you?

P: (laughing) I see, any other reason? Such as the matter of…T'PolÕs transfer?

T: Guess ya heard then, huh?

P: Yes. I know you woill miss her…

T: I didnÕt say that!

P: (Looks at Tucker) I see. Well I know the Captain will miss her as will Hoshi.

T: True, sheÕs not as bad as she was when she first came on board.

P: (smiles as he turns away.) As you say, kee.

(Setting: walking to the bridge, before the ChancellorÕs call.)

R: Well shouldnÕt theyÕve called by now?

T: Yeah but you know Arch, heÕs probably having the time of his life down…

(They enter the Bridge.)

H: Incoming Message from the Chancellor.

(Setting: Inside the Armory.)

R: Tucker?

T: Yeah?

R: Remember when you told NÕVar that you had an assault team standing by?

T: Yep.

R: I donÕt think this is what he thought you meant was that I am "the assault team" or that my standing close to you was what you meant by "standing by"

T: DonÕt worry, Reed. I have faith in you.

R: Wonderful and if we get killed?

T: We donÕt, trust me.

R: Damn.

(Reed stops in front of an arms locker and hands Tucker a phaser.)

R: LetÕs go.

(Setting: Tucker and Reed are on their way to the prisoner camp with the Andorians.)

R: I donÕt trust them.

T: We donÕt have to trust them. Just let them help us. They owe the Captain.

R: We are going to die.

(Setting: After Reed, Tucker, Archer, and T'Pol make it back to the ship. Archer has been treated and released. T'Pol is in a natural sleep.)

T: You…are sneaky,…tricky,…and I love that.

P: Really, kee?

T: Yep. ArchÕs that T'PolÕs gonna stay. IÕm holding you. IÕm happy.

P: Kee. (Phlox stares at his beloved.) Yes, the Captain and T'Pol are good friends but I believe he was happier to see Reed.

T: Yeah, I guess he was happier to be rescued.

P: (looking at Trip before shaking his head) Yes, since we are talking about rescues…you again recklessly endangered your life.

T: Yeah, I did. I owe Arch, otherwise IÕd open my helmet to space and died. I wouldnÕt have been there for you to heal and I wouldnÕt be right here, right now wanting to take you in my arms and back to our quarters. I wouldnÕt be here right now, wanting to take the next step. To kiss and lick you. To hold you and touch you. I want to see what you look like when you come. I wanna see your face as I drive you mad. I want to make love to you, ŌLox

P: TÕkeyna Keeani. KÕhal bifan TÕehl. (I love you. You bear my soul.)

(Setting: Inside Captain QuarterÕs. Reed is holding Archer in bed.)

R: Jon…

A: Thanks for the rescue, Mal.

R: Rather you didnÕt need rescuing but if you did, glad it was me.

A: Me too. (Archer hugs Reed tight.)

(Setting: Inside T'PolÕs quarters. T'Pol is sitting on a couch staring out at the stars. A lamp is lit on table. All the lights are off. Taking a deep breath T'Pol prepares to meditate.)

T: No matter what happens, the stars continue to be born and die and they pass silently through the void.

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