Title: Missing Scene for Sleeping Dogs

Author: Loonywoif

E-mail: loonywoif@juno.com

URL: http://www.writingonthewall.slashcity.net/sunsinger/

Date: 02/26/02

Pairings: Trip/Phlox, minor Archer/Reed

Rating: PG 13

Archive: Just tell me where.

Warnings: ummm no

Disclaimer: Not Mine.

Notes: Ehhh.. I hate being sick. Sorry yall, i got a killer flu bug at the same time my job was taken over by a new company. If i haven't been catching up on laundry, writing, or working, i've been asleep. I'm about 3 weeks behind now which is good…i was 5! So i'm very very very sorry this is late real late ::rolling eyes:: i'll do better promise ::Shrug:: Enjoy. ::Shrug:: Enjoy. Also all previous missing scenes can be found on my site, in Loonywoif's Woods

(Setting: In Archer and Reed's quarters. Reed is sniffling and laying on the back. Archer sits on the bed and looks at his suffering lover. Laying a hand on Reed's forever, he leans over and gives Reed a small kiss."

R: Don't do that, Jonathan. I'll make you sick. It's only a cold but we don't need you coming down with it too.

A: True…why don't you go see Phlox. Maybe he can do something for you.

R: I doubt it. It's just a cold. And he'll tell me that then he'll ask me to describe it, how does it feel when I cough, how does it feel when I close my eyes, can I tell if I have a fever?

A: He won't, he's not that bad, Malcolm.

R: (Turns to look at Archer before rolling his eyes and snorting.) Yes he is.

A: (Sighs) Look just go. If you go see Phlox and he tells you a cold, OK.

R: I'll be fine.

A: If he says it a cold, I'll take care of you. (Archer smiles and starts tracing a finger over Reed's stomach.) Real good care…promise.

R: You'll do that anyway. (Reed laughs and rolls over, wrapping one leg over Archer's.) I'll make you a bet. If he says it's a cold and he can't do anything for it, I get a favor from you. If he says it is something he can do something for, I owe you a favor. Deal? A: Deal.

(Setting: In the corridor walking away from the Bridge.)

A: No

R: Please. Please, Jonathan. I did win the bet. (Reed stopped and blocked the passageway forward.)

A: Why? What good is an Armory Officer going to be on board that ship?

R: Well, maybe all the Klingons aren't dead.

A: Then I definitely shouldn't let you go! You have a cold. Sorry. (Archer gently pushed Reed out of the way and walked off.)

R: Jonathan. If I'm too sick for the mission, I guess I'm too sick for…other things?

A: (Archer stops and turns.) That's just cruel. Fine I'll send you and T'Pol. Who else? Trip?

R: (Making a face.) Hmmm perhaps not the chief engineer. I mean we aren't going to fix it. What about Hoshi, she can read Klingon, right?

A: Yeah, OK. (Archer opens his arms and hugs his lover.) Now I just have to tell her.

(Reed sneezes.)

(Setting: On board the Klingon ship. Reed is trying to fix the plasma coils.)

R: Damnit! Jonathan when we get back, I'm gonna let you take care of me like you wanted to. I admit it, you win. I shouldn't have gone on this mission. I shouldn't have tricked you into this. And why do we still go on away missions. We never have a good away mission. We always get attacked, or almost killed, or…ARGGGGGH!!

(Reed through the tool in his hand against the wall and slumps back.)

R: I wanna go home. (Walking over he picks up the tool and starts working again.)

(Setting: Outside the sickbay. Tucker and Phlox are talking.)

T: Looks like it worked out. Not happy about the Captain being all alone on the shuttle with Bucky.

P: Her name is Bu'Kah. And he will be find. Tell me, Charles, is there any non-human race, other than of course Denoubluians, that you feel comfortable with?

T: Yeah, sure! Dog, cats, Horses. They ain't human…(laughing) Okay. I'm sorry. Klingons…just can't trust them. I know that there never will be a Klingon in StarFleet. Ever.

P: You never know, ‘Kee.

(Tucker smiles and goes off to check the shuttle again.)

(Setting: On board the Klingon ship. Reed is trying to fix the plasma coils. He hears a sound behind him. He turns around.)

R: Jon! (Reed hugs Archers. Kisses him.) I love you. I missed you. I'm sick of this place. I'm sick of this dirt and grime. I wanna fix this ship and go home and I expect you to take bloody good care of me.

A: Yes. First you need to fix those plasma coils.

R: I know, where's Trip?

A: I didn't bring him.

R: (Turns around and shakes his head.) Ok.

A: I brought Bu'Kah. She can help you.

R: So where is she?

B: I'm right here, Human.

(A tall Klingon walks past Reed and pushes him out of the way.)

(Setting: On Enterprise. Reed is in bed under the covers. Porthos is lying over his feet and Archer is sitting on the edge of the bed holding a cup of soup.) A: Feeling better?

R: No.

A: (putting the cup on the table and leaning over.) What's wrong?

R: (Pulling Archer closer.) You aren't in here. (Reed kisses Archer. Porthos looks out as the stars streak by.)

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