Title: Missing Scene for Shuttlepod One

Author: Loonywoif

E-mail: loonywoif@juno.com

URL: http://www.writingonthewall.slashcity.net/sunsinger/

Date: 03/07/02

Pairings: Trip/Phlox, minor Archer/Reed

Rating: PG 13?

Archive: Just tell me where.

Warnings: ummm no

Disclaimer: Not Mine.

Notes: Ehhh.. Sorry it took so long…i'm almost caught up and eventually i will see fusion Also all previous missing scenes can be found on my site

(Setting: In the captain's quarters. Archer is watching Reed get dressed.)

R: But with Commander Tucker?

A: Yes. I want you comfortable with him. Why?

R: Nothing, Jonathan.

A: Now I know something is wrong. What is it Mal?

R: Nothing, truly. He's just so…perky.

A: Yeah he is, but after a while you won't mind. Besides, we aren't leaving you alone for too long. Just try. (Archer kisses Reed.) For me.


(Setting: Inside Shuttle Pod One. Reed and Tucker have discovered the debris from the ship and have come to the conclusion that Enterprise has been destroyed. Reed is staring at the debris.)

R: (whispers) Oh Jon, I wish I had been there.

T: Huh? You say something Reed?

R: No.

R: Why are you always such an optimist, they're dead. And we'll never see them again. T: I have to be. Look I don't know what you believe of an afterlife but I gotta believe there's something else. Look Reed. Don't know if you know but me and Phlox, we are…were getting serious. I don't know if we'll live much longer or not but I have to think that if he's dead, he's watching over me, and I can't let him see me give up. I can't ever let him see me give up. He loves me, he loves me more that I love me. And he never once gave up on me, even when he was angrier than a wet rooster. I love him. He may be gone but I still love him and I won't let him down. I can't.

R: Oh. Well, I can say that I didn't know…remember when I said they were like family to me. There's someone or was someone special. He…he loves me. I'm not quite sure what love is, I don't know if I can be said to be in love with him. I just know that when we are together, when he holds me or when we ummm…

T: I get it.

R: Well yes, when we are doing that, I just don't feel I need to look at the stars anymore, everything I want to explore is here. Is that being in love?

T: Malcolm, is all this doomsaying because without them, you don't find the stars very interesting any more?

R: I…I…They're beautiful but they aren't warm.

T: You're in love. Right now thought I wish you weren't cause if you feel even a quarter as bad as I do…well I wouldn't wish this pain on anyone, not even the pointy eared bastards. Enough of this, getting ourselves depressed ain't gonna help.

R: You really are bloody annoying.

T: Malcolm, you record damned letter and I'll blow it up myself!

R: Look just cause you persist in eternal optimism doesn't mean I have to and I won't.

T: And being depressed will help?

R: Didn't we do this before?!

T: Yeah. But when we fight, I get hot and I hate being cold.

R: (laughs) Sorry. (Reed reaches for the bottle of liquor.) This is a bad idea you know.

T: We'll at least we'll go out happy, right?

R: Optimist.

T: I hate to say it, but that was cold, Reed. Holding a phase pistol on me.

R: Puns…we are reduced to puns now?

T: Mr. Reed! You should not hold a pistol on your commanding officer.

R: Well you shouldn't have been so damned stubborn! And you got more to live for. You have Phlox. He's so in love with you.

T: Well you got your guy too. Don't you?

R: We ummm have intercourse. I think Jon can live without me though.

T: Could you live without him.

R: Shut up and drink your whiskey.

T: Bourbon.


(Setting: Inside Sickbay. Tucker is sitting on his bed, looking at Reed. Reed is sleeping.)

T: I misjudged you. Wonder if I call you Malcolm, if you will call me Trip. Rest up. I didn't miss how happy Arch was to see you. He loves you, ya pessimistic idiot. Phlox?

P: Yes, my Kee?

T: I think you're right. All our away missions are cursed.

P: (laughing) You are supposed to rest, my Kee.

T: I know, ÔLox but I'll rest better in our quarters, in your arms. Come to bed. Please. I need you.

Phlox wraps on arm around Tucker's waist and gently walks him to their quarters. Lowering Tucker to the bed, he climbs in on the other side. Tucker looks out at the stars and shudders. Silently he turns back into Phlox's arms, burying his face in Phlox's chest, pulling the blanket over his shoulders.

P: Let me tell you how my people believed the stars began. In the beginning space was empty and dark, and cold, without form or shape until…

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