Title: Honey, I'm Home

Author: Nixxie

E-mail: nix@nixxie.co.uk

Date: 03/11/02

Fandom: Enterprise

Pairing: Archer/Reed

Category: gratuitous sex, romance

Rating: NC17

Archive: Anywhere that asks nice!

Series/Sequel: not at the moment!

Disclaimers: the Jar of honey is mine, everything else belongs to some executive blokes making way too much money!

Brief Summary: Archer, Reed, A jar of honey…need I say more?

Warnings: Male on Male hot sticky sex scene follows, if you don't like the idea don't read any further, if like me however you have a dirty mind then read on…

Spoilers: nope

Beta reader: nope

Anything else you'd like to add: well, this did start out as a PWP but the darn thing kept growing on me! So be warned, there may be some plot lurking in between the sex n stuff!

~ Honey…I'm home! ~

Archer let himself into his quarters and sat down on the bed with a sigh "Why do some days just wear you out so much?" He asked Porthos who just sat on the floor wagging his little tail and panting. "Well, you're just no good at sympathy huh!" to which Porthos wandered over to his empty food bowl, licked it then looked back over at Archer.

"I guess that means it's dinner time." Archer moved over to the cupboard, leaned in and went to grab the dog meal, as he did so he half knocked a jar out of the cupboard, he just managed to grab it in time before it smashed to the floor. He looked at the label, 'Honey' "Hmm, I know a certain weapons officer who has a sweet tooth, I wonder if he'd like a try of this?" His mind started to drift into plan mode when he got a shock from a wet dogs tongue being pressed against his ankle. "Eeew, Porthos! Okay buddy, here's your food." He leaned over and half-heartedly filled the little bowl, Porthos sniffed at it and began to munch it down.

Archer's mind was on other things, he sat in his chair idly tossing the jar from one hand to the other, this plan of his would need thinking out a bit more.

-An hour later-

"Lieutenant Reed to the Captain"

"Archer here"

"Captain, I'd like to report a serious security breach"

"Really" Archer replied attempting to keep the sound of his grinning mood from his tone of voice

"Yes sir, something just got beamed into my quarters sir, umm, a jar of what looks like honey sir!" Malcolm sounded quite intrigued

"Honey? Was there any indication of where this jar came from?"

" I don't know sir…I thought I'd better report it first, I'll take a closer inspection"

"You do that"

"Sir, it's got a label on it…it says 'Home is where the Honey is' ?"

"Which is right here" Archer replied as the doors to Malcolm's quarters opened to reveal a very horny looking captain grinning from ear to ear.

Whilst Malc stood still jaw dropping to the floor Archer walked in waited for the door to close behind him then put a security lock on it. He strolled over to stand face to face with Malcolm put a hand on each side of his face, pushed his groin into the other mans and kissed him firmly on the lips. He pulled back to see Malcolm still reeling in shock

"Happy two month anniversary Honey" he said lovingly


"But nothing…no arguing, just kissing."

"But Jonathon, I mean using the transporters, geeze that's no way to keep this thing private now is it?"

"Maybe I don't want to keep this thing private anymore! Maybe I've had enough of skulking around and hiding my love for you from the rest of the crew, maybe I just wanna fuck you senseless…" Jon came to a stop, looked Malc fully in the eyes and said, "Maybe…I love you…"


"You don't have to say it back you know" Jon said looking away, slightly hurt

Malc took his jaw in one hand pulled it back till they were eye to eye again

"I love you more than anything I've ever loved before, more than my first love, more than my first pet, geeze, I even love you more than my first gun and that's saying something…" Malc grinned stupidly "You complete me you know, with you I'm not the shy, nervous weapons officer everyone else sees, with you I feel like I could shout it from the rooftops…I love you Jon!" he finished dramatically picking up the honey jar "You are my home too"

Jon pulled him into a fierce kiss both trying to suck the others tongue out, their groins grinding against each other, Jon's hands run through Malc's hair, Malc went to put the jar down but Jon stopped him he grabbed the jar from his hand, lead the grinning weapons officer over to the bunk. "I'm sure I can put this to excellent use!" he put the jar down on the bedside table and pulled Malcolm's top off over his head, he was glad they were both in civvies which were a lot easier to get out of than those damn boiler suits. He quickly got rid of his top and slipped out of his trousers as Malcolm slipped his shoes off and followed suit.

Once they were both completely naked Jon firmly pushed Malcolm onto the bed. He kissed his face and then each lip in turn, sucking gently on the bottom one. Then he inched down the bed further and kissed first under his chin, then his throat…working his way across his chest before lightly blowing onto one nipple.

Whilst Malc was recovering from the kissing assault Jon reached over and picked up the honey jar, unscrewed the top and stuck a finger in. just as Malcolm was wondering why the lovely kissing had stopped he drizzled small amounts of the gloopy stuff over Malc's chest. He made eye contact with the weapons officer then bent his head down and voraciously sucked the honey from the nearest nipple, licked right across to the other side and gave the same treatment to the other one.

He put his finger back again into the jar but this time he drizzled the honey over Malc's stomach, he licked this off with much vigour. The next fingerfull was drizzled all over Malc's straining cock, Jon bent his head down to lick and suck it all off and Malc let out a strangled cry. Realising they were both in such a state he'd better move quickly or this would be over much sooner than he hoped. He turned Malc over, putting a pillow under his hips so he could get a better angle. He knelt between Malc's legs and picked up the honey again.

Jon pushed his fingers into the jar and let them get fully coated in the sticky substance, with his other hand he held Malcolm's cheeks apart, by this time Reed was trembling with anticipation. "Smoothly does it" Jon quipped as his dripping fingers touched Malc's anus, he spread the goey honey all over the hole and waited as Malc relaxed his muscles.

He pushed one finger gently into the hole and waited again as the tight muscles relaxed and let him in. Malcolm hissed slightly as Jon's finger went in fully; he pushed his bum up slightly towards Jon's hand and was rewarded with the finger fully penetrating him. Jon chuckled to himself "Easy now! Just relax" Malcolm let himself relax all over and just feel the sensation of Jon's finger rubbing in and out, the honey making him slick.

Jon added another finger, slowly making the muscles relax, then added a third, by this time Malc was drooling into his pillow and he turned his head to the side "Please Jon, I need more" Jon felt that Malc's muscles were open enough. He pushed Malc's legs open more and knelt between them, his cock was hard and dripping pre-cum from it's tip. Jon fingers were still coated in honey and he spread this over his cock, trying not to make too much contact as he wanted to last as long as possible for Malcolm. Jon quickly rubbed the rest of the honey onto the edge of the sheet to clean his fingers off, he placed one hand on each side of Malc's upturned butt cheeks.

Jon lent forward till the tip of his cock gently touched Malc's arse, he used one hand to pull the cheeks open giving him full access to Malc's hole. He took a deep breath and pushed gently in, forcing the hole open till his head was fully inside. He waited for a second as he felt Malc's muscles relax totally, then pushed himself in up to the root.

"God that feels good!" Malc cried out

"It's just about to get better" Jon grunted as he pulled out and slammed back in again.

"Yes!" Malc felt it was time for Jon to let go off all his pent up frustration, and what better place to put all that energy to good use. He turned his head over his shoulder and cried out "Fuck me Jon, Fuck me hard"

Jon needed this more than he thought, his usual lovemaking with Malc was tender and loving, but right now he felt in need of something a bit more raw.

He pushed back inside of Malc, pulled out again and slammed in again and again and again, he didn't know how long he could keep up this pace but it felt so good. He could feel Malc under him forcing his butt upwards with every down stroke, Malc needed this too. Jon knew Malcolm was getting more than enough friction from the pillow under his dick, he felt heat building up inside of his balls and spreading through his cock, Malc exploded with a fierce cry just as Jon reached his peak and slammed one more time into him, his cock spilling it's seed deep into Malcolm just as everything caught up with him and he lost consciousness.

He came round a few minutes later still inside Malcolm, he pulled out gently just as Malc regained consciousness. He turned Malc onto his side a lay down beside him.

"Isn't this the bit where you kiss me goodnight and creep back to you own quarters?" Malcolm asked

"I told you, I'm fed up with that, I love you and I don't care if everyone from here to the Vulcan embassy knows!"

"So what happens in the morning?" Malc asked curiously

Jon lovingly stroked Malc's face "We wake up together, shower, eat breakfast…and stroll onto the bridge hand in hand" He ended jokingly "No, seriously, we take it a step at a time, but if tomorrow or the day after that the whole crew find out then I don't care! All I care is that I'm here…with you…my home!"

"Hmm, 'Home is where the Honey is' " Malc quoted from the label on the jar as he snuggled further into Jon's arms "Honey…I'm home!"

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