Title: First Contact

Author: Logan220

E-mail: logan220@bellsouth.net

URL: http://www.geocities.com/stormcaller2323/

Date: 04/20/02

Pairing: Archer/Tucker

Disclaimer: I own nothing, all Star Trek, TNG, DS9, Voyager, and Enterprise, are owned by their respective companies, etc. No money was made from this writing…I write simply as therapy. No copyright infringement is intended!

Jonathan Archer pressed the comm button and spoke into the grill.

"Archer to Tucker."

"Tucker here, what can I do for you Captain?"

"I thought that we could forego the usual dinner in the Captain's dining room, perhaps you'd be so kind to join me in my quarters?"

"Dee-lighted, the usual time?"

"Let's make it 1930 instead."

"Sounds good, anything I can bring?" "Yes, as a matter of fact a deck of cards. That is if you feel like playing a few hands."

"Of course, I'll see you at 1930."

"Archer out." The Captain pressed the button, closing the comm channel.


"Come here boy." Archer reached down and petted his Porthos. He'd taken a lot of flack bringing his dog on this mission. Fortunately, he'd endured it all and stuck to the fact that he was the captain and he would have his best friend on his ship.

He scratched the delicate ears of the beloved animal. Porthos groaned in delight.

"Thank all the holies I've got you, buddy. Otherwise I'd be ready to jump out the nearest airlock from loneliness."

Porthos put his paws on his beloved master's chest and licked him on the chin. It was almost as though the little animal understood his master's words.

Time seemed to stand still for Jonathan Archer. He gave his quarters a quick cleaning, not that they needed it. He placed the dinner order with Chef, who assured him that it would be delivered right on time.

As the clock finally showed 1900, Jonathan stepped into the shower. He stood under the spray as hot as the water would come. The environmental system in his room worked overtime clearing out the steam.

As the time neared for Trip to arrive, Jonathan pulled on a fresh uniform. The door chime sounded as he finished taming the wild mop of hair into something more presentable.

Jonathan opened the door; it was the order from Chef. He stepped aside to allow the crewman to wheel the cart inside.

"Enjoy your dinner, Captain."

"Thank you, Mr. Hensley. I certainly will."

The crewman exited his quarters, closing the door behind him.

Jonathan took a deep breath, and exhaled in the form of a sigh. He stepped over to the cart and lifted first one then the other of the domes. The steaks looked absolutely perfect, as did the rest of the meal.

The chime rang again. Jonathan opened the door. Trip was standing there with his typical grin.

"Come on in Trip, dinner was just delivered. I hope I wasn't being too presumptuous by ordering for you."

"As long as we've known each other? You probably know what I like better than I do."

Trip strode in on those long legs of his and waited for Jonathan to join him. When his friend motioned for him to take his seat he hesitated only for a moment.

"So, how are things in Engineering?" Jonathan asked as he seated himself.

"Oh, the usual, the night shift is scheduled to begin a level 2 systems check. I'll probably be right there in the middle of everything."

"You really should let their supervisor handle it Trip, you're going to stretch yourself too thin one of these days."

"What else do I have to do? It's not like there's much in the way of recreation on this ship. I tell you what; sometimes I'd kill for one of those holographic environments on board this ship."

"Well, you could have stayed on the Xyrillian ship and given birth to your offspring." Jonathan said fighting back a grin.

"No thanks! Kids are fine, as long as they're someone else's. And even if they were mine as long as I didn't have to give birth to them. This is terrific by the way. Is there any tea?"

"No I thought that since we're both off duty that we could indulge a little." Jonathan stood and walked over to a cabinet. He brought out two wine glasses, and an ice bucket containing a bottle of excellent wine. He poured wine into both of the glasses and handed one to Trip.

"To exploration, may we go where no man has gone before?" They touched glasses and drank.

"Excellent vintage, Cap."

"Trip, please we're in private."

"Sorry Jon, just force of habit."

Jonathan smiled at his friend. They finished their steaks in silence, enjoying the meal and each other's company.

Jon was about to take the last bite of his steak when a low pitiful whine sounded. Porthos was lying on the bed, staring at his master longingly.

Jonathan smiled and shook his head as he pulled the piece of meat from his fork and tossed it to his dog.

Porthos lifted his head and easily caught the special treat.

"You know human food isn't good for him."

"It's cheddar that he can't eat, Trip. He's never had a problem with re-sequenced protein."

Trip's final bite was halfway to his lips when another of the whimpers sounded. He rolled his eyes and likewise threw the bite to the little beagle.

"That is one spoiled dog."

"What else am I going to do with my time? Are you ready for dessert?"

"What is it?"

"Chef made a pecan pie, and homemade ice cream."

"What flavor?"

"Coffee ice cream, would you like one the other or both?"

"Al a mode would be super."

"Just how in the hell do you stay so lanky eating like that all the time?"

"I don't eat like this all the time. Besides, I have a super high metabolism."

Trip tore into his dessert, obviously relishing every bite. Jon just picked at his plain slice of pie.

"You're not eating."

"Just thinking, Trip."

"About what?"

"Oh, ah. Nothing in particular, really. Just wondering what I'd be doing tonight if I was still on Earth."

"You'd be plotting to steal this ship. You know as well as I do that you'd never be happy being Earthbound."

"I don't know, maybe you're right."

"I know I'm right. Now tell me what's wrong."

"Maybe later, old buddy. Now did you bring those cards?"

"I did, but I'll tell you what, I win you tell me what's wrong, you win and you get to ask me any question and I'll answer."

"Trip, I really don't want to talk about it."

"Alright, that is if you're too chicken."

"Deal the cards, I'll show you chicken."

Trip smiled and began to shuffle the deck, once, twice and a third time. He tossed out the cards one at a time to each of them.

The two men took turns exchanging cards. The hand quickly played out. Jon fanned out his cards showing a full house.

"Pretty good, but not good enough."

Trip then laid down his cards showing a royal flush.

"Now, what in the hell is bothering you?"


Jonathan was interrupted by the signal from the comm panel. He strode over to the wall and pressed the button.

"Archer here."

"Captain, your presence is needed on the bridge."

"What is it T'Pol?"

"We have detected an alien vessel on long range sensors. They are approaching us rapidly."

"Understood, Archer out."

The Captain turned to face his Chief Engineer. This would have to wait.


"Say no more Cap, it'll keep. I'll just get to Engineering."

Trip excused himself and left the Captain's quarters. Archer made a quick survey of the room, grabbed a handheld and was out the door. He paused and leaned back in.

"Porthos, you be a good boy."

The little beagle stood up and wagged his tail rapidly.


Archer closed the door and quickly navigated his way through the corridors and lifts to the Bridge.

He entered the bridge and took his place in the command chair. The room was a flurry of activity. The Tactical Officer was reporting the results of his scans.

"The approaching ship is heavily armed; sensors detect energy signatures from some type of energy weapon, antimatter torpedoes. Defensive capabilities far outweigh ours; they have force shields surrounding their ship. Our torpedoes won't penetrate, perhaps not even the particle cannons."

"What is their speed of approach?"

"Warp 8.2" T'Pol answered.

"We're out gunned and retreat appears out of the question. Alright, perhaps they're friendly. Yoshi, try hailing."

The young woman's fingers flew across her control board as though it was a piano keyboard, and she a concert pianist.

"I've tried all frequencies and known translations algorithms. So far no response."

"Open a channel and broadcast ship to ship."

"Channel open, Sir."

"This is Jonathan Archer, Captain of the Federation Starship Enterprise. We are on a peaceful mission of exploration, and discovery. Please explain why you are on an intercept course with our ship." Archer motioned to the Communications Officer.

"Sending, all frequencies all known languages."

There was a long pause. Yoshi stared at her board, holding the earpiece tightly to her left ear.

"Captain, there's a response, audio and visual."

"On screen,"

The main view switched from the open expanse of space to show an elaborate starship bridge.

The person who was addressing them was humanoid, with a bald head. The uniform, if it were a uniform was designed for aesthetics as well as comfort. The blouse was made of a shimmering material with long flowing sleeves, the collar raised up past the ears in the back and tapered down into a plunging v neckline in the front.

"Greeting, Captain Jonathan Archer. I am Illandra; I am Proctor of the Deltan Luxury Liner, Pacquin. We located your ship on our scanners and were eager to meet with you. We have no ship such as yours on file in our database. I apologize if we have given you cause for alarm; we Deltans are a curious race. We wish to welcome you to our space."

"That's quite alright, I assure you. Would you give us the honor of meeting with us, either onboard the Enterprise, or your ship with ever you are more comfortable with?"

"We will be ready to receive you shortly; we will contact you when our preparations are complete."

"We look forward to the chance to meet with you and your crew face to face."

"As do we." The comely woman answered with a formal bow.

With those words the contact was severed. The viewer reverted back to the scene of open space.

Archer pressed the comm button on his chair. He addressed the speaker grill.

"Archer to Tucker."

There was a momentary paused then that customary greeting.

"Tucker here, what can I do for you Cap's?"

"Trip, I need a shuttle pod prepped."

"Aye, Cap'n I'll get right on it."

"No, I think that you had better get your assistant on it. You I need with me. Be ready to depart with that pod."

"Yes, Sir! Tucker out."

Jon knew that he had just made one of Trip's fondest wishes come true. He would be in on a first contact scenario. He'd made first contact by himself once, but only because his engineering expertise was needed. This time he would be going with Jon in a diplomatic role.

"Captain, I need to speak with you. In private if possible."

"Alright, T'Pol in my office."

They both moved the few steps into the cramped office. Jonathan seated himself at his desk.

"So, what's the problem?"

"There is no problem Captain; however I believe that I should warn you that the Deltans are known to the Vulcan High Command."

"Are they a threat?"

"On the contrary, they are a people dedicated to the pursuit of pleasures; they have no interest in power plays of any type."

"So what's the problem?"

"The Deltan culture is one of sensuality. I just wanted to be sure that you were prepared for whatever awaits you onboard their ship."

"Thank you, T'Pol. I appreciate your warning."

The Vulcan woman inclined her head, turned on her heel and exited the office.

As his door closed, Jonathan smiled to himself and shook his head in barely controlled mirth. The sight of T'Pol's obvious discomfort had almost been too much for him.

How could he have ever thought that Vulcans were an emotionless, sterile people? Once he'd gotten to know T'Pol he could tell that it was a conscious effort on their part to hide their emotional reactions. The nuances of even a raised eyebrow could speak volumes.

Jonathan flipped a switch on his desk, triggering his personal log.

"Captain's log. (Enter a date). We have made contact with new species, the Deltans. They detected the Enterprise on long range sensors and flew out to greet us. I am awaiting their signal and will shortly make face to face contact. It is my hope that they will be amenable to entering an application into the United Federation of Planets. They possess technology rivaling that of the Vulcan's. I hope that an exchange of ideas begins. To this end I am to be escorted to their ship by Commander Tucker."

Jonathan closed his Captain's log.

"Captain, your presence is needed on the bridge."

"On my way." He answered T'Pol over the intercom.

He quickly returned to his command chair.

"Captain, the Deltans are hailing us." Yoshi informed him.

"On viewer."

The lovely bald woman was again on the big screen. She bowed formally then spoke.

"Captain Archer, we are ready to receive you. How many will be in your party?"

"Thank you Proctor Illandra, there are only two at the moment."

"Please Captain Archer, call me Illandra. If I may be presumptuous, our Science Officer has detected the presence of a Kanid onboard your ship."

"Kanid?" Archer asked.

"Porthos." T'Pol answered matter-of-factly.

"Oh, you mean my dog, Porthos?"

"Your dog, this is an animal companion, correct?"

"Yes, a quadruped, long ears, cold wet nose, likes to bark and lick people's faces."

"Yes, that is what we call a Kanid. We would also welcome your dog. We have a large arboretum that would be at his disposal as well as many other Kanids aboard. We have a saying on Delta; know a man by his Kanid."

"In that case, I'll be happy to bring Porthos along."

"Splendid! Now I am transmitting our coordinates, we await you're beam in."

"Beam in?"

"You do possess a matter transporter device?"

"We do, however it is mainly for cargo, we usually make due with one of our shuttle pods."

"Oh, we have no landing bay. All crew and guest on the Pacquin are beamed in via matter transporters. If you will gather your party and contact us we will bring you across using our device. I assure you that it is completely safe."

"Give us a few moments and we'll be ready."

"We await your signal."

Jonathan toggled the comm, "Archer to Tucker."

"Yes, Cap'n"

"Stop by my quarters and collect Porthos, it seems that he's invited to the festivities. We'll meet in the Cargo bay."

"The shuttle pod's ready, I just received word."

"We won't need it."


"I'll explain shortly, Archer out."

"Captain, I have a couple of subcutaneous transponders. The devices are meant for emergency matter transport. Should I have Dr. Phlox rendezvous with you and Commander Tucker to insert the devices?"

"No Malcolm, I don't want to give any appearance of mistrust. It is possible to keep a pattern lock on individual life signs. Program the transporter to monitor Commander Tucker, Porthos and myself and be ready for an emergency beam out."

"It may be possible for the Deltans to detect such a lock. It would be less controversial if I maintained a low level scan on your life signs. Such a scan is often standard procedure when a landing party is dispatched into an unknown situation."

"Alright, belay the pattern-lock. T'Pol, you will keep us on your scanners. However, I'll signal if there is a problem. Do not just beam us out. I don't really trust that wretched machine."

"Understood sir."

"Now if you'll excuse me. T'Pol you have the Bridge."

Jonathan moved to the lift and touched the appropriate level. Within minutes he strode into the cargo bay. Trip was waiting, along with Porthos.

"I thought that it might be a good idea to have him on a leash."

"Take it off and put it in your pocket, there's no way we're going to give these people the impression that he's mistreated. In fact, throw it over in the corner."

"Yes sir." Trip tossed the leather lead into the corner and then waited for the explanation that Jon had promised.

"Archer to Bridge."

"Go ahead Captain."

"Patch us through to the Deltan ship."

There was a momentary paused, then that melodious voice sounded over the comm.

"Captain Archer, we have your coordinates, please standby for transport."

Trip's eyes bugged out, transport? They couldn't mean matter transport.

Just then he felt a tingly sensation. There was a flash of golden light. One moment he was in the Enterprise cargo bay. The next he was on standing on a dais looking down at four bald figures.

Jon had Porthos in is arms, the dog was looking scared out of his wits. Trip knew the feeling.

"Captain Archer, my apologies. Had I been thinking I would have sent over one of these first. May I? Feel free to scan it with your device. It is an all natural supplement. We give them to all our Kanids their first couple of transports."

Archer ran his scanner over the morsel. Re-sequenced protein, soybean meal, and catnip? Looks like you can handle it boy."

Archer set the little beagle down and the exotic woman offered the "treat."

Porthos sniffed it, and then looked up.

"It's alright; it will help ease your discomfort."

Porthos immediately took the treat and chewed. He quickly swallowed.


"You're welcome little one."

"You act as though you understand him."

"Don't you?"

Jonathan was stunned by the question. "No, we can't."

"We Deltans have telepathic gifts that enable us to commune with our Kanids. We assumed that you also would posses this ability. Otherwise how would you know what your friend requires?"

"We Terrans have for centuries enjoyed the companionship of our dogs. As for know what they require, we learn to anticipate they're wants and needs. We developed a special bond with our dogs, it's almost as though our communication is deeper than words."

"How different we are, however, your Porthos does have much to say. It seems that he has been quite lonely onboard the Enterprise. He tells me that he is the only Kanid there."

"Yes, unfortunately he is. It almost took an act of mutiny to get his passage approved by Star Fleet."

"You are truly loyal to your companion. I would like to present you with a small token if I may?"

"Thank you; however I have nothing for you."

"Reciprocation was not expected, in truth it could be looked on as an insult, however since you are not acquainted with out culture we will take no offense.

The Deltan woman turned to a young man wearing a longer version of the "uniform".

"Targu, go and procure one of the devices from Master-at-arms."

"Yes, Illandra."

The young man strode off quickly to see to the order.

"Now let's introduce Porthos to our ship's agrodome. Captain Archer, Mr. Tucker if you'll follow me."

"I don't remember being introduced."

"Mr. Tucker, Porthos did the honors, I apologize, and I am not accustomed to being in the company of those who cannot understand Kanid."

"He hasn't made a sound, how does he speak?"

"Kanid language has little to do with vocalizing; mainly it is a matter of TP, telepathy. There are also nuances of body language."

The procession continued until the group reached a massive metal door. Illandra placed her palm on a clear panel. There was a glowing light indicating a scan for identity.

The door opened and the group all entered. What awaited them inside was spectacular. Trip and Jon both were stunned. The agrodome was so large that the back wall of the chamber was not visible from their vantage point.

The ground was covered in a thick carpet of grass; there was a small stream as well a copse of trees. There were people scattered throughout the dome each was in the company of a Kanid.

"As you can see we take the comfort of our companions very seriously. Porthos, you are free to play here with the other Kanids for as long as you wish."

There was a pause while she "listened" to the excited beagle.

Her laugh was almost musical in its intonations. She smiled and spoke.

"No little Porthos, no newspapers, just ask one of the other Kanids, they will explain."

Porthos ran off yapping at the top of his lungs.

Several other dogs ran out of the woods to evidently greet him. They sniffed in the manner that dogs will upon meeting a new friend then the pack took off into the woods.

Evidently, Jon had a concerned look on his face. Illandra addressed him with a gently tone.

"He'll be perfectly fine here, our Kanids are as interested in meeting an off-worlder as we are."

"I just hope that he still wants to come home when it's time."

"Have no worries, he has already told us of the depth of his love and friendship for you, and for Mr. Tucker."

"Thank you for the reassurance."

Targu had entered the agrodome; he approached and offered a small crystalline box to Illandra.

She opened the box and lifted out a ring, the ring was gold with a red stone.

"Place this ring upon your hand, Jonathan."

Jon took the ring as did as she instructed. It was a perfect fit for his ring-finger.

"Now, if you'll excuse me for a moment."

Illandra turned and strode toward the stream.

"Cassia, would you be so kind as to help us tune a translator?"

Illandra returned and with her was a small white puffball of a dog.

"Jon, this is Cassia."

"Hello, Cassia. My you're a beautiful one." Jonathan said to the little Kanid.

There was a distant laugh; he looked up at Illandra, questioningly.

Turn the stone on the ring until you can hear her.

Jonathan turned the stone slowly until he was rewarded with clear sound.

*Can you hear me now?*

"Yes, I can."

*Good, I have been happy to help you with the translator. I hope that it opens up new paths for you and the little one. Heaven knows he hasn't shut up since he got here.*

"Thank you Cassia."

The little white powder puff bowed her graceful head then turned and strode away regally.

"I hope that you'll forgive Cassia, she's always been a bit full of herself. I believe she fancies herself as royalty or some such nonsense."

"That was incredible! Trip did you hear that?"

"No, I didn't hear anything. All I saw was that little white dog come over and stare at you a few moments then bow her head and leave."

"Ah, Mr. Tucker, Captain Archer if you will, the festivities that we have planned await. I will escort you to guest chambers where you can refresh yourselves."

"Thank you Illandra."

"It is no more than you deserve. Now if you'll follow me."

The young woman led the two men quickly back through the ship into an area that they had not seen before. They stopped outside a set of double doors.

"Inside you will find a sitting room; it attaches two sets of guest chambers. There are bathing facilities as well as closets of clothing, if you both will do us the honor of wearing traditional Deltan clothing."

"Thank you again, Illandra. Will you come in for a moment?"

"Oh no, it is not allowed that a woman enters into the chambers of…"

"Thank you Targu, that will be enough, I am sorry Gentlemen; however I have my duties to attend to as well as final preparations for the party. I hope you understand."

"Of course, we've taken up too much of your time already."

Jon and Trip entered the portal into their assigned chamber. What awaited them on the other side of the door was more than the two men could ever have expected.

The sitting room was palatial; the center of the room was dominated by three large overstuffed sofas that had been placed at 90 degree angles forming a conversation pit. The floor was covered in white plush carpets. There were examples of Deltan sculpture and art of all mediums, and many that defied description.

The two men walked around with their mouths open staring at first one object then another that would draw their attention away.

"Can you believe this place?" Trip asked in the softest of whispers. It was as though he were afraid that his voice would shatter the crystalline sculpture that had captured his eye.

"T'Pol said that they were pleasure seekers. If this is their guest quarters I'd like to see what their crew quarters are like."

The quiet exchange of words was interrupted by the sound of the door opening. Porthos entered the room.

"Hey there buddy, did you enjoy the park?" Jon asked his dog.

*Yeah! It was so nice to feel grass under my paws, and the other dogs! They were so nice! And ya know what? They gave me cheddar!*

"Porthos! You know you can't eat dairy!"

"Ah, if you two will excuse me I think I'll catch a nap before the party."

"Of course, I'll see you later."

Trip nodded to his friend and the Porthos then entered an adjoining suite of rooms.

"Now Porthos, as I was saying. You can't eat dairy products!"

*It's alright their Kanidist or vet or whatever he is, gave me and shot, he said that now I can have cheddar whenever I want it! *

"Well Dr. Phlox will have to check you out first. If their remedy isn't temporary then we'll see."

*Oh no! Jon we'll see always means no.*

"Not always Porthos."

*Yeah it does! This stinks worse than a targ!*

"You watch your mouth, little friend or you'll be on survival rations for a month."

*No not a month of Kennel Raton! That's cruel and unusual punishment!*

"Just keep a civil tongue in your head and it won't come to that."

Porthos was sitting there looking a Jon with his tongue hanging out of his mouth. When he heard Jon he quickly retracted the pink tongue and closed his mouth.

*Is this better?*

"You know what I mean. Now I'm thirsty would you like a drink as well?"

*Sure how about something fizzy?*

"No soda, it's bad for your teeth. I was thinking about some water."

*Shucks, can't blame a pup for trying.*

Jon walked over to what looked to be a bar in the corner; he looked within the cabinets and found what he was looking for. He opened a bottle of water and poured it into a dish. This he offered to Porthos who immediately began to drink greedily.

*Strawberry! This is good!*

"I'm not such a bad friend am I Porthos?"

*No, now if our new friends the Deltans could just fix you. It breaks my heart when you talk about how lonely you get on the Enterprise. I wonder if they could set you up with Trippy?*

Jon had just taken a swallow of the flavored water, when he heard Porthos' idea he spewed it across the room.

"Porthos, what are you saying?"

*Come on, Jon! You know as well as I do that you would like more out of your relationship with Trip.*

"I'm just glad he can't hear you. The whole point in telling your dog is that you know that the secret won't go any further."

*Times change, things change, and people sometimes have to change too.* "For a little mutt that wants me to start lobbing cheddar wedges his way you are acting a bit cheeky."

*Well, that's not fair! Yet if it means that you're the better for it I'll do without the fardling cheddar thank you very much.*

The little beagle had evidently had his feelings wounded for he turned his back on Jonathan. He sat down and made a point of not looking at his companion.

"Porthos. Porthos are you ignoring me?"


The reply was short sweet and to the point. Jon was taken aback, until today he had never thought that he and the little animal would ever carry on a true conversation, much less that he would insult his best friend.

"Porthos I'm sorry. You're right that crack was completely unfair. You're just worried about me and I got all bent out of shape. Can you forgive me?"

The answer was immediate. Porthos spun around and bounded into Jon's arms. The little rascal butted his nose against that of his companion and he began licking the strong jaw line.

"So I take it I'm forgiven?"

*I never could stay mad at you! Between those puppy dog eyes and that catch at the end of your voice when you're sorry, it's simply impossible.*

"You're my best friend, Porthos. I hope that you know that."

*You're mine too, Jon. I just want you to be happy.*

"Well, what would make me most happy probably is for Tripster to see me as I see him. Unfortunately, he's not like me."

*What does that mean? He's not as smart as you? As tall as you? As handsome as you?*

"No Porthos, he's never been interested in men. I mean you probably don't understand."

*Let's see, so he's not a switch hitter? Not gay? No I wouldn't understand. Not at all, Jon my Uncle Triton was gay. When I was still at Davie's Puppy Farm, I would spend every second with him. He was so special. He would let me pull his ears and nip at his tail. He never snapped at me, or any of my littermates. See it's like this, homosexuality is a natural occurrence in all species.*

"What happened to your Uncle?"

*Just before you came to the Farm, one day the door was left open to the barn. I was curious from birth and I wanted to see the outside. I darted out right into the path of tractor. I froze, Uncle Triton had seen me slip away and followed, and he ran in front of the tractor and knocked me clear. It hit him, they were able to save him but he lost his back leg. A little boy came to the farm. He had lost a leg too and he adopted Uncle Triton. The last time I saw him he was excited to be going to his new home.*

"You miss him, huh little buddy?"

*Yep, sometimes I just wish that I could talk to him just one more time, to be sure that he knows just how much he meant to me.*

Jon lifted the little dog and held him to his chest. He gently patted the furred head and scratched the long ears.

"Now that I know little friend, we'll see if we can find Triton when we return to Earth."

Porthos didn't communicate with words; he simply began to lick Jon's face.


Trip had removed his clothing down to the blue regulation skivvies. He was lying across the huge bed. An actual bed not a cramped bunk.

His eyes were closed, and his hand massaged the bulge in his shorts. His thoughts were about someone very special. Just as his hand began to slip beneath the waistband of the shorts, his communicator sounded.

"T'Pol to Tucker."

He fumbled for the device cursing silently. He retrieved his uniform trousers and extracted the device from the pocket.

"Tucker here."

"Commander, I suggest that you refrain from any, stimulating activity. It is quite possible that you will need all your available energy reserves for the welcome banquet that Captain Archer has committed you to this evening."

"T'Pol, what in the blazes are you talking about?"

"I simply thought that you might want to be up to the occasion. However, I apologize if I interrupted anything important."

The channel was closed.

"Damn Vulcans always so smug and sticking their noses where they don't belong. It's a wonder their noses aren't as pointed and their ears!"

There was a beep from a nearby console. A green touchpad began to flash.

"Damn it! Now what?"

Trip strode over to the panel and pressed the pad. In the air over the comm panel there was a 3D image of Illandra.

"I hope that I am not intruding."

"No, of course not. To what do I owe the pleasure of this contact?"

"The festivities have been planned for 2100. I simply wanted to inform you and Captain Archer."

"Thank you, Illandra; I'll see to it that he knows."

"I will arrange an escort for you. Please be ready a few minutes before. Proper vestments have been provided in the cabinets by your beds."

"Thank you again."

"It is our pleasure. Mr. Tucker, blue really is your color." The contact was severed.

Trip looked down and realized he was still in his underwear. He cursed loudly.


Jon was just getting out of the shower when the door chime sounded.

"Who is it?"


Porthos was curled up on the bed however his sense of smell was just as keen whether he was on guard or at rest.

Jonathan smiled, "Can you trigger the door, Porthos?"

*Sure! I'll get it!*

Trip stepped in as the door retracted. He looked around and smiled down at the little dog. He knelt down and patted the little animal.

"Did you hear me? I'll have to get used to the idea that you understand people."

*Huh! I'll have to get accustomed to the idea that you could possible understand each other much less canine!*

"Porthos, you be nice!"

"What did he say?"

"You don't want to know." Jon said as he stepped into the room wrapped in a large fluffy towel.

Trip turned still kneeling and almost put his face in Jon's crotch. He immediately spun away and rose to his feet.

"Sorry about that, Jon."

Jon was almost disappointed; he had almost hoped that Jon would pull his towel down with those straight white teeth.

*Would you care to lend that ring to Trippy?*

"No, I wouldn't."

"Wouldn't what Jon?"

"Sorry, Porthos I was talking to Porthos again."

"Oh I see. Illandra contacted me concerning the party. We are to be ready at 2100. She said that we would honor her people by wearing the provided clothes. They're in the cabinet over there." Trip gestured to the tall free standing unit by the large bed.

"Well, have you taken a look yet?"

"Not yet. I thought that it would be best to inform you about the time, since we've only about 30 minutes before the escort is to be here."

"Well, I supposed you had better get dressed and so should I. Get changed and I'll meet you in the sitting room outside."

"Will do!" Trip said with a big grin then strode off to get ready.


John looked in the mirror. The look on his face was one of utter horror! The long flowing robe with the strange collar was open in the front from the waist down to the floor. He was relieved that a pair of underwear was among the clothing, however brief. Unfortunately the tiny skives were transparent.

"This has to be a joke!"

*Nope! It all the rage on Delta, according to what Cassia has told me.*

"I can't go out there, I can't face Trip!"

*I keep forgetting that you can't hear as well as I do, he's cussing and fussing about how his outfit. It seems that he is lower ranked than you so he gets less covering.*

"Oh, that's all I need! One look and I'll get a woody and he'll see it! I'm not going out there!"

*Yes you are, our hosts have gone to a lot of trouble to setup this little orgy and you're going to not only attend but have a good time! Or I'll bite you on your bare booty!*

Porthos moved to the door and triggered the opening device in the floor.

*Now! Suck it up and get out there! You wanted to make first contact with new species, this is your chance!*

Jonathan steeled himself, he glanced out, there was no one in the sitting room. He walked out and looked over at the door to Trip's quarters. Porthos seated himself nonchalantly on a cushion by the outer door.

*Now, you go get Trippy! The escort is coming, I can hear them down the hall.*

"Are you coming to the party?"

Porthos just looked at him.

"Oh well in for a penny in for a pound," Jon said to himself.

He walked over to the door and pressed the chime.

"Go away!"

"Trip come on out it can't be any worse than mine!"

"I will not go anywhere like this! It's not dignified!"

"Commander please don't make me order you to open this door. Just think of it as a uniform for a diplomatic mission."

"You've got to be kidding!" Trip said as he opened the door.

There he stood in all his glory. He wore a simple cape of gold lame, and a pair of transparent briefs. Jon felt the blood flowing to his groin.

"You laugh and I swear commanding officer or not I'll throttle you."

*Look ladies, you both look gorgeous. Stop acting so human about your bodies!*

"Porthos! I thought that this was one of those translator rings."


"Porthos! Don't you dare say a word!" Jon warned.

"Don't say a word about what Jon?"

At that moment the door opened.

*You silly humans, that both of you are in love with each other! Honestly, I don't know why Illandra decided to get involved in this.*

*Cassia, you weren't supposed to say anything!*

*Porthos, deceit is for felines, we are Kanids. Now Jonathan, Trip I suppose that I should explain. We were following our usual route for the cruise when Illandra and I picked up Porthos' mental call. She and Porthos conversed at length and devised a ruse to get the two of you together. It was a deception but Illandra felt that it was necessary to help Porthos, he was so lonely. Honestly, I don't see why your Kanids have allowed such a relationship to exist. Couldn't at least one other Kanid have been brought onboard to keep Porthos company?*

"Cassia, it was an oversight on my part. I thought that the bonds that he and I share would outweigh the only Kanid onboard. I see now that I was unutterably at fault and I hope that Porthos can forgive my ignorance."

"He is well spoken for a human, Porthos. What say you?"

"There is nothing to forgive; I would rather be with him than with all the Kanids in the galaxy. However I want him happy, he has suffered loneliness far greater than mine. He and Trippy were meant to be together."

"Jon, forgive the intrusion please, Porthos. Jon why by all the holies didn't you tell me how you felt about me?"

"You've never been interested in a member of the same sex. I was afraid that you would turn away from me. I couldn't have dealt with that, I would rather be your friend and love you in my heart than lose all contact with you."

"I was in a relationship."

"With a woman named Samantha."

"No with a man named Sam. It didn't work out, because I kept comparing him to you. I have loved you since we first met in the service. I didn't want to drive you away because I thought that you were straight."

"Humans! I will inform Illandra that we must reschedule the festivities. You two have some things to take care of. Porthos, you are welcome to accompany me to the park. There is a young female there that I believe you will want to meet. Perhaps if my matchmaking abilities are true to form you will have a companion of your own.*

The two dogs and their entourage of humans filed out of the sitting room. Jon and Trip were left alone. They simply held each others hands for a moment then Jon led Trip back to the luxurious bed chamber that had been appointed to him.

Jon seated Trip on the bed, and then moved to sit by him.

"Trip," Jon started.

Trip put a finger to the fell formed sensual mouth.

"No words, Jon."

None were needed. The two men moved closer as though their lips were magnetized. They met in a slow passionate kiss. Jon's arms enfolded the younger muscular body, pulling Trip closer. Trip returned the embrace and molded his body into the firmness that had always held for him a special attraction. Jon moved sliding off those sweet lips, blazing a trail down the column of the masculine neck to the sweet hollow where the shoulder joined it.

A soft, breathy sigh escaped from Trip as Jon's tender loving ministrations to his body sent his blood to ringing, with a song more beautiful than that of the angels. His hand moved down the broad shoulders to the muscular back. They played over the strong muscles, moving lower to cup the tight butt.

Jon moved to face him, smiling. He kissed those lips, those soft firm lips. His hands working at the fastenings of the cape. Likewise Trip was laboring with the fastenings of the robe that his soon to be lover was wearing. Both items were tossed to the floor. Trip laid back pulling Jon on top of him.

"Do what you want with me."

Jon moved to again capture the mouth, this time he parted his lips, inviting Trip within. The invitation was accepted without hesitation as the welcome visitor entered and began to explore the secret recesses within. Jon then retraced his earlier path down Trip's neck; moving to first one nipple then the other, bringing both to sharp peaks.

His hands moved down to those marvelous transparent briefs. He paused a moment to feel the barely hidden treasures within, then slid them down the long, lean, muscular legs.

His hot moist mouth followed the contours of the muscular torso, going steadily south. He paused to tease the belly button with his tongue, tasting the spiciness within.

Trip's sharp intake of breath, spurred Jon to further action. He put behind him the last of his doubt and plunged downward. He came to rest staring at the root of his desire. Trip's cock was large both in length and girth. Jon lifted the engorged organ to his lips. He stretched his mouth, and was able to engulf the corona. He quickly decided that he would never be able to take it all in. Jon worked up a mouthful of saliva and allowed it to flow from his mouth; he coated Trip's cock with it. He then hollowed his cheeks and began to bob his head, moving his hands over the huge tool in a matching rhythm.

"Oh, Jon that's nice." Trip said his voice almost a purr.

Jon continued his movements, trying to take more of Trip into his mouth each time. Finally he had managed to get a few inches of the shaft into his mouth; he gagged and had to pull off.

"Ah, Trip, I'm…"

Trip pulled Jon up until they were face to face. His face was filled with understanding and concern.

"It's alright, Jon. I know it's too much. I love that you tried." Trip kissed him deeply, while he was distracted the younger man managed to flip him over. He held Jon's arms over his head by the wrists as that talented tongue tortured his mouth with pleasure. The man sent Jon's blood into a vibration that would put his warp engines to shame.

Trip moved down to Jon's chest, licking and gently biting at the dusky peaks. He gave each nipple a final hard nip then slid down to the side to lick the hairy valley under Jon's arm.

"Oh shit, Trip that feels so kinky!"

Trip didn't say a word just moved to the twin valley on the other side. He redoubled his efforts, sending the nerve endings in that delicate skin into overload. Jon's body was covered in goose flesh; his entire being seemed to become a million times more sensitive. Each touch, every caress lifted him up higher and higher on an immeasurable wave of ecstasy.

Trip had released his wrists. Jon's hands roamed over the broad back, reveling in the firmness of the muscles there. As his lover moved love his hands came to rest in the mass of brown hair. He neither tried to guide nor coerce. He allowed his hands simply to cradle the beautiful man's head as he bestowed his gift of love on Jon's eager body.

Trip took Jon's cock deeply within him, swallowing it. He hollowed his cheeks and began to plunge the organ as deeply down his throat as he could. When he had grown fatigued from his efforts he simply held Jon down inside and began a gentle hum, in the base of his throat. It was over; the last of Jon's control was gone. He erupted in Trip's mouth. Waves of pleasure broke over him as the eager mouth milked him of every drop he had to give.

Trip roll on to his side and gathered his lover into his strong arms. He cradled the now relaxed body to him. It was just as he had always dreamed, they fit together. Jon's head was under his chin; the two of them held each other for a moment or was it an hour, or perhaps an eternity. It was Jon who broke the comfortable silence.

"Trip, I want you."

"You got me."

"I mean inside me."

"Jon, it's too big. I don't want to hurt you."

"I want it Trip, please just try if it's too much we can stop."

Trip acquiesced, "Alright, but we need some lube, a lot of lube in fact."

He stood up and began to rummage through a nearby drawer, much to his surprise it was filled not only with a variety of lubricants but a number of toys as well. These would come in handy later. He turned to Jon.

"There's a couple here that smell like they have numbing properties."

"No, I don't want to be numb. I want to feel everything."

Trip nodded and grabbed a container of lubricant. He removed the lid and set it on a nearby table. Jon looked at him expectantly.

"Patience Lover, patience."

Jon groaned, "I've been patience for years, I want it now!"

"What the man wants he gets."

Trip maneuvered his partner's legs up in the air. He began to lap at the delicate pucker between those perfect mounds of Jon's ass.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Jon exclaimed as he threw his head back in response.

"Yeah, I think he likes it."

"Hell yeah!"

Trip returned to his labors, using his talented tongue to loosen the tight guardian ring of muscle. He was rewarded for his efforts when his tongue slid inside, he began to plunge his tongue inside. Each motion drove fueled Jon's ardor, sending him back into a frenzy of wanton.

Trip reached for the container of lube, he began by spreading the gel over Jon's tight hole, and then he coated his first two fingers. He began with one finger; it slid easily in past the first knuckle. He used a gentle thrusting motion to loosen Jon up more. He when he was able to slid all the way inside he added a second finger.


"Too much?"

"No it doesn't hurt, I just feel full."

Trip reached further in and massaged the tiny gland hidden within. He felt the convulsion of pleasure flow through Jon's body. He slipped a third finger inside. Jon didn't even flinch.

"Trip give me your cock, I'm ready."

"Alright, but this will be easier on you if you're on all fours."

Jon moved onto his hands and knees. He lowered his upper body, offering himself to Trip.

Trip liberally coated his cock with the gel then pressed it against the tight entrance. He tried for several moments but wasn't able to penetrate.

"I can't I don't want to hurt you."

"Please Trip, just get the head in."

"Alright I'll try but just the head."

Trip pushed with more force; finally he resorted to basically funneling his way in with his fingers. As the massive head slipped in Jon yelped in pain.

"Oh my gods!" He started to pull away.

Trip wrapped his arms around Jon's waist.

"Wait baby, it'll get easier, I promise."

"Trip, oh shit, alright, I trust you but it hurts."

"Just relax, I'll go slowly."

Trip began to gently push forward. He slid in millimeter by millimeter until his cock was buried halfway inside Jon's tight ass.

"Oh, Jon it's so good, so tight." He moaned as he slowly flexed his flanks.

Tears of agony were rolling down Jon's face. Still he would not be denied this, he wanted it. Needed it, needed to be filled by this man that he had longed for, had ached for.

Trip continued his slow methodical thrusts, Jon felt himself loosening to accommodate the welcome invader. Each thrust brought Trip's massive cock deeper inside him.

Jon actually didn't realize when it happened but somewhere deep within him the pain ended, a dawning of something had begun, the next downward thrust released within his body the greatest pleasure that the had ever experienced.

"Oh my gods!" He exclaimed as he pushed back, meeting Trip on his downward thrust, bringing him deeper within.

"Trip please fuck me! Don't hold back!"

As though he had been waiting for Jon's permission, Trip began to pound into him. Each hard thrust punctuated by a thump as their bodies met with the force of the collision. Jon's eyes were screwed shut, he matched Trip's rhythm thrusting back to meet each oncoming thrust.

Trip reached around his waist, engulfing Jon's cock in his big hand. He mirrored the rhythm of their primordial dance, each movement bringing Jon closer and closer to a blinding orgasm.

Jon felt the orgasm building, he tried to hold off. To make this last a long as humanely possible, but to no avail. Within a few moments the torrent erupted. As he exploded he screamed out.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh! Myyyyyyyyyyy! Gooooooooooddddddddddssssssssss! Tripppppppppppppp! I'mmmmmmmmmmm."

It was impossible to form more words, his body was wracked with the pleasure of it all, he felt his channel tighten up on Trip. He felt Trip slap his ass hard; it added an edge of pain to the torrent of ecstasy that he was caught in. He felt Trip's orgasm; the pulsating cock deep within him fired blast after blast of hot semen into his trembling body, scalding him deep within the most secret recesses of his body.

Jon collapsed forward in a heap as both of the lovers pleasure ebbed away. He felt Trip gently withdraw from his abused yet blissful body. He softly whimpered at the loss.

Trip stood and walked to the small bathroom. Jon heard water running. A moment later Trip was cleansing his body.

When he was cleaned and the towel had been disposed of, Trip curled his long body around that of his new love.

"That was so intense; I don't think I can keep my eyes open."

"You just rest, Jon. I'll be here when you wake up."

Jon allowed his eyelids to drop. Almost immediately he was engulfed in a peaceful sleep.

Trip lay there holding this precious man. He had never thought that he and Jon would ever be together, had planned on hiding his deep feelings for the rest of his life. He was thankful now that he hadn't refused the position of the Enterprise as he had started to. If not for the Deltans and Porthos' new found voice he and Jon would never have known how the other felt.

"I love you, Cap'n." He said quietly and softly kissed the smooth forehead.

There was a slight twitch before the "sleeping" for answered.

"I love you too, TRIPPY."

Trip's mouth dropped he hadn't meant to say those words to Jon yet. It was too soon and he didn't want to send the man scurrying away. However if he had heard and returned them, perhaps it wasn't too soon. Perhaps it was the perfect time.

Trip closed his eyes welcoming the sweet oblivion of sleep. ~E~

The next thing that the two men knew there was a bounce as a small body bounded onto the bed.

*Wake up you two! It's time to go! Illandra regrets that the party has to be cancelled but the ship has just received an emergency recall!*

"Emergency? Is there anything that we can do? Can the Enterprise be of assistance?"

*I don't think so, her husband just went into labor.*

"Her husband went into what?" Trip asked.

*Like you should be surprised, Mr. first interspecies pregnancy.*

"Don't remind me about that Porthos, but why would the entire ship be recalled?"

*Because silly, Illandra is the Sovereign of Delta. She simply took her yacht out with a number of the Nobles as a diversion. Her husband has gone into labor prematurely, Now get up before they beam us back to Enterprise, that is unless you want your bare booties shining in front of the other members of the crew.*

"Oh shit! Trip give me my clothes."

The two men struggled to quickly get back into their uniforms. There was a little confusion.

"Those are my boots!"

"Give me my socks!"

*For the love of Pete, get the lead out you two! Their ready to depart!*

"Attention all passengers, we are preparing to get underway for Delta. "

There was a beep from the nearby communications panel. Trip moved over to it and accepted the transmission.

"Commander, I apologize for the way that our meeting is ending. I would like to take this opportunity to invite you and your Captain to visit our world."

"Thank you, Illandra. We would be delighted to visit. If you'd be so kind as to transmit your coordinates to the Enterprise."

"Already sent, Commander. Ah Captain, I trust that everything went well?"

Jon fought back a blush as he answered, "Yes, thank you Illandra for everything."

"Porthos, my little friend, I count myself lucky to have stumbled upon your voice in the darkness of space. I trust that things have worked out to your liking?"

*Yes Illandra, Jon now has his soul's mate, his loneliness is no more. When my bond mate is happy so am I. It is the way of our kind.*

*However, your loneliness still blackens your spirit.*

*I do not matter in the scheme of things.*

*Yes, my Porthos you do. I ask that I be allowed to accompany you.*

*You would leave all that you have ever known behind? For me?*

*Yes, I see in you a fine Kanid. I could make you a fine mate, if you'll have me?*

Porthos looked over at Jon and Trip, a questioning glint in his eye.

"It's your decision, both of you. Cassia if you want to come with Porthos you are welcome."

*Thank you.*

*Cassia let's go. Illandra can't wait around forever.*

Cassia moved to stand in front of Trip, Porthos stepped to her and licked her cheek. He and Cassia sniffed noses.

*Jonathan is your bond mate, does that mean that Trip is to be mine?*

"I think that can be arranged, Cassia I always wanted a dog, ah Kanid companion."

"Good luck to you all my new friends, until we meet again on Delta. Initiate Transport."

The group was surrounded by myriad of electric sparks one moment, the next they were back onboard the Enterprise. Cassia looked around, wide eyed.

*This will take some getting accustomed to. I always did want to roam the service passages on the yacht but was never allowed.*

*Just wait until later, we'll slip out after Jon and Trip go to bed and visit Chef. He's got cheddar!*

*Porthos, I believe you're all stomach! Don't you ever do anything besides eat?*

*Aye, that's for later my love!*

T'Pol had stepped up to greet the Captain and Commander. Evidently by the look on her face she thought that they had lost their minds when the two new lovers burst into peels of laughter.

"Shall I send for the Doctor?"

"That won't be necessary, T'Pol. I promise I'll explain, however it will be a long story. In the meantime, Trip would you care to begin relocation of your personal items?"

"Dee-lighted and perhaps enlarging our quarters?"

T'Pol's eyebrow shot straight up is surprise.

"I look forward to hearing your report Captain. In the meantime, shall I have us resume our previous course?"

"Yes, oh and be sure to have the home planet of Delta added to our list of possible shore leave locations."

"I would like to go on record as opposed to shore leave on the world."

"Noted. Carry on."

The Vulcan turned and quickly left.

Jon took Trip's hand and together the two men and their 'Kanid companions' walked out into the ship proper to face the rest of their lives.

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