Title: Who Needs Enemies 1: My Oh My, I'm Seeing the Potential

Author: TPau Silver

E-mail: TPauSilver@aol.com

URL: http://www.geocities.com/TPau_Silver

Date: 06/30/02

Fandom: Star Trek Enterprise

Category: Slash

Series: Who Needs Enemies

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Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Reed/Mayweather, of course

Archive: Sure, why not? If you want it, take it. But ask first.

Summary: Travis's roommate thinks Travis is dating a girl. He's not.

T'Pau's Note: This started of as a PWP but then I realised I have a plot in my mind I could neatly tag on so I decided to go for it. I didn't get the title from the cliche, well I did but indirectly. It's from the song, 'Who needs enemies' by the cooper temple caluse. Here are the lyrics…

My oh my, I'm seeing the potential
Lets just see what we can do
First we'll take you down back to the meathouse
And then you'll hold their hands again
I know tricks that you could only dream of
Looks like it's your lucky day
A killer key change
Is all you'll ever need

But who needs enemies
When you've got friends?
Now your hands are tied
And who needs accidents
When you've got me?
Now I'm on your side

Now lets try and teach you how to mingle
Then we'll teach you how to kill
Lies will always be your best of best friends
Never be alone again
A killer key change
Is all you'll ever need

But who needs enemies
When you've got friends?
Now your hands are tied
And who needs accidents
When you've got me?
Now I'm on your side

All these animals
That you call friends
Now they're on their knees
Man, you tricked 'em all
You played the fool
So damn easy to bleed

I made my name in function rooms
And drifting through the walls
Come on let me teach you boy
Teach you 'bout it all

But who needs enemies
When you've got friends?
Now your hands are tied
And who needs accidents
When you've got me?
Now I'm on your side

All these animals
That you call friends
Now they're on their knees
Man, you tricked 'em all
You played the fool
So damn easy to…

Without further ado, on with the story…

Malcolm sighed and put the PADD down. It was useless trying to work in these conditions. It was late in the evening and the mess hall was customarily quiet. In fact there was only one other person in the room. If it was any other crewmember he could have concentrated just fine. This wasn't just any crewmember however; this was Ensign Travis Mayweather, the object of his affections.

Travis was sat across the room drinking and staring out of the window. Malcolm had tracked Travis out of the corner of his eye since the younger man had entered the room. It made it quite impossible to concentrate.

Malcolm could still practically feel Travis' firm chest. It had only been that morning Malcolm had woken up in bed with Travis under him. In fact he had woken up this way for the past several mornings. Wrapped in warm arms with his head resting on Travis' chest, listening to the Ensign's steady heartbeat.

He couldn't take it any more. He picked up the PADD and walked quickly over to Travis' table. The younger man looked up at him and smiled. Malcolm lent over so his lips brushed the Ensign's ear.

"My quarters, now."

Travis grinned, then stumbled to his feet and followed Malcolm through the halls. Malcolm didn't look back. He just wanted to get somewhere private as quickly as possible.

As soon as they were both in his quarters and the door was safely closed and locked, Malcolm grabbed Travis' shoulders firmly and pushed him back against the wall, capturing he Ensign's mouth in a desperate kiss.

Travis didn't even get a word in as Malcolm reached up and pulled the zipper down the front of Travis' uniform. Still kissing the Ensign passionately Malcolm pulled Travis away from the wall and pushed the uniform over his shoulders letting it fall to his hips. Travis reached a hand down to get rid of the uniform before Malcolm caught his arms, effectively trapping Travis back against the wall.

He renewed his kissed, forcing his tongue into Travis' mouth. Travis faked resistance; he knew Malcolm like to get a little rough sometimes. Malcolm slipped his hand under Travis' shirt, taking a second to admire the firm muscles of the younger man's chest, then broke the kiss and yanked the shirt off.

Flipping them around so Malcolm was now pressed against the wall, Travis lent forward to kiss Malcolm again but the older man pushed him back. Malcolm stripped quickly, throwing his uniform across the room. Travis took the opportunity to remove the rest of his own clothes.

Before he could rise from the kneeling position he had fallen into so he could take his shoes off, Malcolm grabbed his shoulder and pulled him closer. Travis knew what to do.

He started by lightly licking up the underside of Malcolm's hardness. Malcolm moaned. Travis repeated the action again, watching Malcolm's penis swell from the stimulation. Travis sat back a little to admire his lover but Malcolm didn't give him a chance. He reached out, grabbing the younger man's shoulders and pulling him closer again.

Travis gentle blew on Malcolm's penis, causing the older man to shudder. He reached out and cupped Malcolm's balls. Malcolm's hands flew to the back to Travis head, trying to urge the Ensign on, but Travis had no intention of being rushed.

He carried on fondling Malcolm's balls and began to put his lips to work, kissing all around the base of Malcolm's hardness. He kissed his way up Malcolm's length, then kissed the tip. Malcolm arched his, moaning again. Travis took the tip of Malcolm's penis into his mouth pushed the older man's hips back against the wall.

Malcolm felt so damn good. It was hard to believe that merely weeks ago Travis had been a virgin. He had sucked someone off before but only a few times; the boy had a gift. Growing up on cargo ships didn't leave much room for sexual experimentation. Travis had told Malcolm he had been with a few people, guys and girls, in training but he'd never had a serious relationship.

All coherent thought was lost to Malcolm as Travis took more of him into his mouth. It felt so good. Travis worked down slowly until he had Malcolm's entire length in his mouth, then he pulled away, releasing him completely from his mouth as a tease.

Malcolm moaned at the loss of contact. He loved being in Travis' mouth, loved the warm wet feeling of Travis around him. Loved to look down and see this wonderful man sucking him of so excitedly, like he was the most important thing in the word.

Travis pulled Malcolm into his mouth again. He began to bob his head a little, still fondling Malcolm's balls. This was all it took to push Malcolm over the edge. He came with a small cry into Travis' mouth. Travis drank down every last drop, not wanting to miss any of the precious liquid. It didn't taste wonderful or anything like that, but it was Malcolm.

Malcolm's knees went weak and he dropped down to the floor. Travis wrapped his arms around his lover. Malcolm rested his head on the young man's chest. They just sat like this for a while. Travis tried to ignore his own erection. When he had been giving Malcolm a blowjob, it had been easy to concentrate on Malcolm's need and forget is own.

Malcolm wasn't going to forget his lover though. He pulled back and looked down at Travis, he beautiful, hard, naked body and his beautiful, hard, naked cock standing free. He felt his erection begin to return just by looking at the younger man.

"Bed, now," he ordered. Travis was only too happy to comply, practically running for the bed. Malcolm took a quick detour to the bathroom to retrieve the tube of lubricant they had left there that morning.

"Do you want to go on top?" he asked Travis softly. Travis looked up at him. The younger man had yet to go top in their lovemaking. He was more than a little afraid he might unintentionally hurt Malcolm. Malcolm was the more experienced of the two and always seemed to take the top.

"You don't have to," Malcolm told him softly. "I just thought maybe you wanted to?"

"Maybe another time?" Travis said softly. Malcolm nodded, grinning, then rolled Travis over onto his front.

Travis put a pillow under his hips and lay down slowly. Malcolm ran some of the lube onto his fingers, ready for the task to come.

As he knelt behind Travis he realized how awkward he would feel doing sometime like this with the Captain or Commander Tucker. Not that both of them weren't stunning in their own ways, it was a rank issue. Having been brought up in a strictly military family, Malcolm had always been instilled with a healthy respect for rank. He just didn't think he would be able to go on top with a superior. Not like Travis. His beautiful Travis.

He pushed one finger into his lover. Travis tensed a little then relaxed. The younger man was a lot looser than he had been when this relationship started, but he was still very tight.

Malcolm moved his finger a little, loosening Travis, then added another. Travis moaned deeply and Malcolm grew more turned on at the sound. He lent over Travis and pulled the younger man round for a passionate kiss, all the while moving his fingers slowly, slipping in a third finger.

"God Malcolm," Travis moaned. "Can't take much more. Please!"

Malcolm didn't need to be told twice. He rubbed a generous amount of the lubricant over his waiting erection and then pressed his tip against Travis' ass. Travis moaned and tried to push back against Malcolm but Malcolm pushed him firmly back down into the mattress. Travis whimpered but Malcolm was determined to make his young lover wait. After all, Travis had made him wait for release, and he intended to return the favour.

The plan was spoilt though when Travis turned and looked at him. One look at the younger man's eyes, so brimming over with need and lust, and Malcolm could deny him nothing. Rubbing a large blob of lubricant over his penis he slowly pushed his way in.

"Yes," the Ensign moaned. Malcolm silently agreed, but he wasn't used to vocalizing his feelings so he remained silent. He pushed into Travis slowly but the younger man whimpered and thrust back against him. As Travis pushed Malcolm all the way in and the older man found himself buried in Travis' tight, hot asshole, Malcolm lost all control.

He began to pump into Travis, faster and faster, rubbing over the young man's prostate. Travis rocked back against Malcolm's hips, wanting to push Malcolm further and further into him until he swallowed him up. Finally it grew too much for Travis. The younger man had less stamina than Malcolm and was already so aroused he came with a shudder. As Travis came he turned so Malcolm could watch. At the look of pure bliss that flickered across Travis' face and with the added stimulus of Travis' ass tightening around him, Malcolm came gasping his lover's name. He collapsed in a pile on Travis back, trying to catch his breath.

They just laid together for a while, unwilling to move. Finally Malcolm rolled away from Travis. Travis turned over so he was lying on his back and could see Malcolm more clearly. The younger man was tired. He hated to admit to wanting to fall asleep after only one time but it was late and Malcolm had kept him awake for several nights now. Not that he was complaining…

He felt his eyelids grow heavy. He wanted to talk to Malcolm, at the very least exchange pleasantries, but he was so exhausted. And now Malcolm's head was on his chest and he couldn't seem to stay awake.

Resting on Travis chest, Malcolm dozed lightly. It was so comforting to lay there. Most of his sexual encounters had been brief, a quick tumble, then a jog back to his quarters. This wasn't like that though. What he had with Travis was different. He wasn't sure yet just how different but he was certainly prepared to hang in there and see.


Travis crept back into his quarters at 7:30 the next morning. He had already showered in Malcolm's quarters. One of the many advantages to being a senior officer was that Malcolm got his own shower and toilet. Travis normally had to share, just like he had to share a room.

When he opened the door he was a little unhappy to find Glen sitting there on his bed. Glen looked up as Travis came in.

"Where have you been…for the 8th night running?" Glen teased, smiling.

"Just about," Travis lied. Damn it, he was a bad liar. He could feel Glen staring at him. He shuffled across the room and began to pull clothes out of his closet.

"It's a girl isn't it!" Glen exclaimed. Travis spun on his heels, totally shocked by Glen's outburst.

"No…" he stuttered. "It…It's not…"

"You make such an awful liar!" Glen told Travis, practically clapping his hands in joy. Travis just sighed. There was nothing he could do to fight it. Why would he want to? Let Glen think he had a girl. He didn't care. Malcolm wanted to keep them quiet anyway, so what better way to do that than to let people think he had a girlfriend.

"Just make sure you don't wear her out," Glen chuckled, disappearing off to the bathroom. Travis sighed and collapsed on his own bed. It could have been worse.

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