Title: Dreams to Reality

Author: Sajin

E-mail Address: AZ1BJ2@rogers.com

Date: 07/02/02

Fandom: Enterprise

Pairing: Archer/Trip

Rating: NC-17

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"Man, I wish we had a holo suite like the Xyrillian's." mused Trip while relaxing in bed. It would make shore leave and off time so much more fun. Trip was just hitting the hay for a night of rest. He as, always, slept in the nude. With the covers just coming up to his knees in bed, so that his chest and upper body could be open to the night.

As he began to drift off, Trip began remembering the shore leave with Jonathan, where they were camping beside a lake with a waterfall.

In the morning, when they woke up from sleeping under the stars. They both got up neither of them had as usual any clothes on. They kissed each other with morning passion.

"TripÉ TripÉ Commander Tucker are you awake? You are needed in Engineering immediately." Announced T'Pol over the com unit beside his bed. Thank goodness Trip remembered to put on the filter to make only vocal commands come through or T'Pol would have had a great surprise on the very big bridge view screen.

"I am awake now, what is the damn emergency? I am not supposed to be on duty for another six hours," an exasperated Trip moaned as he got up and got dressed.

"Captain Archer wants to see you in Engineering right now—he has some visitors that are asking for you." Ordered T'Pol over the com unit.

"What visitors and when did they come aboard?" asked Trip

"All will be explained when you get to Engineering." said T'Pol

"Tell the captain I am on my way right now. Tucker Out." Yelled Trip as he ran to Engineering.

"What the hell was going onÉ What is Archer up to in the middle of the night with visitors to the shipÉ and what were they doing in Engineering?" Thought Trip as he made a beeline to Engineering.

Trip ran there and saw to his great surprise Archer talking to the Xyrillian ambassador.

"Captain, Ambassador," smiled Trip as he caught his breath.

"It is an honor, Sir," answered Trip as he shook the hand of the Xyrillian.

"Trip, sorry to wake you" smiled Archer. "But I think what the ambassador will have to tell you will make up for any lack of sleep, you will have in the near future."

"What do you mean?" questioned Trip as he looked at the smiling Archer and the ambassador.

"Well Commander Tucker I wanted show my gratitude to you for all the help you gave the crew of the damaged vessel and also to give you something to show our appreciation to you for having the courage to carry the youngling as long as you did." murmured the Ambassador.

"Sir, honestly," I was glad to help the crew with the repairs to the ship and I am sorry if there was any problems about the baby, as well" answered Trip very red in the face from the memory of finding out he was pregnant.

"No explanations are needed, and all is forgiven," cheerfully smiled the alien dignitary,

"and as a measure of our gratitude to you, we have brought you and your crew a gift that Captain Archer has gratefully accepted on all your behalf." Announced the Ambassador.

"Sir, thank you for your gift," said Trip with joy in his voice because he thought that he knew what it might be.

Archer gave Trip a hand module and pointed to the large boxes in the corner of Engineering.

"Captain, that isn't what I think it is, is it?" exclaimed Trip excitedly.

"Yes Trip, it is your holo suite, generator that you have been bragging about for so long. Now you, with the help of the Xyrillian crew that will be beaming over soon. will have fun putting it into motion for the enjoyment of all our own crew." Said Archer with a smile as big as his face would allow.

Trip jumped for joy and hugged both Archer and the ambassador with more than a little apparent glee "Thank you so much, you don't know what kind of morale booster this will be for the crew. Thank you Captain and Ambassador." Exclaimed Trip while he was shaking hands with tears of excitement in his eyes.

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