Title: The Virus

Author: Tim Ruben

Author's e-mail: timruben@writeme.com

Author's URL: http://enterpriseslash.tripod.com/

Date: 07/19/02

Pairing: Archer/Tucker

Rating: NC-17 For m/m sexual contact

Paramount owns Enterprise, and all of the characters. I'm just borrowing them for awhile.

Summary: Captain Archer repressed attraction to Commander Tucker takes an interesting spin when he is affected with a virus.

Archive: Yes Please.

Author's Notes: First, thank you to all the readers who read my previous series Forbidden Passions and wrote me nothing but positive feedback. This story is loosely based on a challenge someone sent me.


Captain Jonathan Archer sat at his desk in the ready room, recording his daily log. He didn't know where to began. Perhaps he should start of by mentioning the surprise attack by the Klingons, or the strange creature that escaped from Dr. Phlox's lab and managed to corroded the computer circuits on D deck. No, he would deal with this in the morning when he was able to think clearly. As he got up heading for the turbolift entrance, Hoshi's voice came over the comm. "Bridge to Captain Archer."

Jon sighed, heading back to his desk. "Archer here, what is it Hoshi?"

"Sir, long range sensors have picked up a ship heading towards us at high warp."

"Is it the Klingons?"

"Negative. The vessel isn't listed in the Vulcan database."

"I'm on my way." Perhaps the day would end on a positive note. He loved first contacts, except when something went wrong. He exited the ready room, and walked onto the bridge. "Report."

"It appears to be a small vessel, Captain. There are six life signs aboard." T'Pol reported from the science station.

"Hail them, Ensign." Archer ordered, as he took his seat.

"They're responding, Captain."

"On screen."

The image of a green and purple skinned alien appeared on the viewer. He smiled at the crew and began to speak. "T'o'jk ov."

"Hoshi, patch in the U.T."

"Trying, sir."

"JK'ol vou!" The alien seemed to be frustrated.

"Ensign!" There was nothing Archer hated more then not understanding an alien, especially if they plan to attack.

"Got it!" Hoshi yelled.

"My name is To'jok, captain of the scout ship M'Lar."

"Captain Jonathan Archer of the Starship Enterprise."

Ah, Yes." The alien began. "We have been tracking your vessel for several days now." He paused. "I thought I was familiar with every vessel in the sector, but I've never seen anything like yours."

"We're not from around here. We come from a planet called Earth."

"Well then, on behalf of my people, welcome to Mackorian space."

"Thank you." Archer smiled. "Our mission is to explore space and make peaceful contact with other races. Would you care to dine with my officers tonight as our guest?"

To'jok looked around his bridge, then turned back to Archer. "We accept."

"Great, we'll make arrangements to have you beamed aboard in two hours."

"See you then."

To'jok vanished from the screen. Jon looked at his crew, who all seemed happy, except for T'Pol who seemed as cold as ever. "Alright, get out your Sunday finest." With that he exited. *** Commander Charles Tucker walked down the corridor, wearing his dress uniform. It had been along day for him. He had tried to find a way out of attending tonight's dinner, but the Captain insisted that all senior officers attend.

C Deck was full of crew members coming off duty heading to their quarters for some shut eye. Trip turned the corner and entered the Mess Hall. Ensigns Mayweather and Sato sat at the far end of the room, while Doctor. Phlox chatted with Chef . Trip noticed Lt. Reed was sitting by himself and decided to be nice and talk with him. The two we're exactly close since they often had different points of view, but since the shuttle accident a few months back, they were starting to develop a mutual respect for each other.. "May I have a seat?"

"Oh, Commander of course."

"I've told you a million times ta call me Trip."

"Sorry, Trip."

Tucker grinned as he took a seat across from Reed. "I hope this doesn't take too long, I really need some shut eye."

"I don't know, I rather like first contacts."

"I like them to." He paused as he tried his best to hold back a yawn. " Just not when they are at ten-thirty at night." Malcolm laughed. "I must be getting old. When I was a cadet, I'd go bed at three, be up by six and it never bothered me."

"I know the feeling."

Before Trip could say another word, Archer and T'Pol entered with Captain To'jok and several other Mackorians. The crew stood at attention as their guests were escorted to their seats. "At ease. Allow me to introduce my crew." Archer began. "Ensign Hoshi Sato, our comm officer, Ensign Travis Mayweather, our navigator, Doctor Phlox, our medical officer, Lt. Malcom Reed, our Chief of Security and Commander Charles Tucker, my chief engineer."


For the next several hours the crew talked with the Mackorians. Trip did his best to seem enthused, but he was struggling to stay awake. He had spent most of the night talking with an engineer named Ta'oak, who made T'Pol seem energetic. Ta'oak was a skinny and unusually tall compared with his ship Mates. Trip had developed a sore neck during their conversation since he has to look up for its entire duration. "Ta' oak, its been really nice talkin with you, but I think I should introduce myself to other members of your crew."

"Of course Commander." Trip held back from sprinting out of this mess hall.

He noticed Reed was free and headed over to him. "God, I can't keep awake."

"Tell me about it. I thought Vulcans were dull."

"Look, I can't take this anymore. If I don't go to bed soon, I'm goin to collapse. Is the Cap'n lookin?"

"No, he's still talking with To'jok."

"Good." Trip handed Reed his glass of wine and headed for the exit.

"Commander, where are you going?"

"Bed." Before Reed could object further, Trip was gone.

*** To'jok was chatting up a storm with Archer. He talked about warp theory, the Klingons, several local space anomalies, and even his planet's mating season. Archer was beginning to feel sick to his stomach, and he could feel beads of perspiration forming on his forehead. The room began to spin and he had a hard time keeping his balance. To'jok noticed. "Are you all right?"

Archer forced a smiled. "Yeah. I think the wine is getting to me."

"Perhaps it would be a good idea if my crew and I should return to our ship."

"If you follow me, I'll show you back to the transpoter room."

"I will show him sir." Archer noticed T'Pol standing next to him. "You seem ill, Captain."

"No, no, I' fine…I…I…" Before he could finish his sentence, Archer collapsed.

"Doctor Phlox." T'Pol called out, calmly.

The doctor ran over to the Captain. "Help me get him to sickbay."

*** Phlox moved his tricorder over Captain Archer's unconscious body. Lt. Reed and Sub-Commander T'Pol stood at the end of the biobed. Malcom was concerned, the Captain had lost all his color and sweat was pouring down his face. "What's wrong with him, Doctor?"

"The tricorder is having difficulty, but it seems to be a case of the flu. I'll give him some pain killers and a sedative to let him sleep."

"Very well. Please, keep us informed." T'Pol ordered and exited, followed by Reed.

Phlox administered the drugs, then dimmed the lights in the room. All the captain would need was a good night's sleep and he would be good as new in the morning. At least, he should be.

*** "I'm sorry Jon, but I couldn't take it anymore. That reception was so borin. I swear, I would have rather heard T'Pol read Vulcan poetry, then spend another minute with the Mackorians." Commander Tucker paced the length of Archer's ready room.

"Trip, our mission is to make peace…"

"Peaceful encounters with other species, I know, I know."

"So how do think it looks when my Chief Engineer, and second officer, sneaks out of a diplomatic function."

"I'm sorry. It'll never happen again."

"You're damn right it won't." Archer paused and tried to hide the grin forming on his face. "You do realize I'll have to punish you."

"I know. How about three days with no recreation privileges?"

Archer got up from his desk and stood next to Trip. "How about you turn around."


"I said turn around!"

"Jon, what the hell are…"

"TURN AROUND. THAT'S AN ORDER!!!!" Trip swallowed hard and did as he was told..

Jon moved directly behind the Commander. He raised his right hand and lowered it quickly until it smacked hard against Trip's ass. "Shit, Jon! What the hell are you doin?" But the only answer he got was another smack and another. Without warning, Archer flung him against the wall pinning him there. He moved his fingers slowly across the Commander's chest, pinching his nipples through his uniform.. "Jon!"

"Shut up!" Jon yelled, as he began to unbutton the younger man's uniform.

As his uniform dropped to the floor, Tucker yelled out. Jon paused, taking in the view of his best friend's naked body. He smiled then forcefully pressed his lips against Trip's. Just as his tongue began to enter his engineers mouth He heard a voice "Captain." suddenly he opened his eyes and saw…

*** Dr. Phlox stood over the bio-bed. "Captain, wake up!"

Jon flew up. "What…where am I?"

"You collapsed last night at the reception. We brought you here to rest."

Jon rubbed his eyes. He could feel the sweat flowing down his brow. He looked down to see a tent had formed in the crotch of his pants. He blushed. "Oh my."

Phlox smiled. "That'll be our secret. You can return to your quarters."

Archer stared at his erection. "If you don't mind doctor, I'd like to wait a few minutes before I leave."

"Of course."

Archer couldn't keep his mind of that dream he had. He'd had erotic dreams before, but nothing like this. He had raped Trip…violated his best friend and what scared him the most was the more he thought that dream, the more aroused he became.


Jonathan Archer stepped out of the turbolift and headed down the corridor towards his quarters. Before he left sickbay Dr. Phlox had assured him that he was suffering from a touch of the flu and stress. He was stressed that was for sure, he had spent the last two hours thinking about the dream. He raped Trip, the man who he had called best friend for years, his chief engineer and often the thorn in his side. Was he in love with Trip or was it just a random dream. Jon chuckled to himself, the only thing he felt for Trip was friendship, nothing more, but somehow he knew that wasn't the truth.

*** Commander Charles Tucker was nervous, he had been called to the Captain's ready room. He knew what this was about, Jon was pissed at him for leaving the reception early. What made it worse was Archer didn't call him personally, T'Pol did. Jon knew that despite of Tucker's loud mouth around the sub-commander, he was scared stiff of her.

When he walked onto the bridge he was surprised. Reed was over at the comm station talking with Hoshi. Malcolm never left his station unless something important was up. But he didn't have time to inquire, if Jon was pissed the worst thing for Trip to do would be to keep him waiting. But when he pressed the ready room buzzer it wasn't Archer who answered, it was T'Pol. "Oh shit," he muttered to himself before entering.

Sub-Commander T'Pol sat at Archer's desk. Trip was puzzled. "Where's the Cap'n?"

T'Pol raised an eye brow. "You did not hear?"

"Hear what?"

"The captain collapsed last night shortly after you left the Mackorian banquet."

"My God, is he all right?"

"Dr. Phlox seems to think it was a combination of stress and the flu. He was released from sickbay several hours ago."

"I have to see him."

"I do not believe that would be a good idea since he has been ordered to get at least forty-eight hours rest. I do not believe it would be a good idea for you to disturb him."

Tucker got up from his seat and headed for the exit. Before T'Pol could stop him, he was gone.

*** The warm water from the shower slowly flowed down Archer's naked body. It felt so nice to be able to spend the entire morning doing whatever he pleased. He had managed to get a few hours sleep which help reduce his temperature and got rid of some stress, however, he still felt uneasy. He couldn't describe it, all he knew was something was wrong with him. There were moments during the night when he felt as though there was someone in his quarters with him, but that was silly all his doors were locked and the hull plating was polarized so no one could beam in.


Archer turned around to see a figure standing at the bathroom door. "Trip?" Tucker walked into the bathroom and blushed. It took Jon several seconds to realize that he was standing in front of his engineer butt naked. "Shit!." He dashed to the closet, removed a towel and quickly wrapped it around his waist. "Trip, what the hell are you doing here?"

"I…I..um…well I came to check up on you."

Jon tried not to laugh. "Well you know you could of knocked."

Trip looked down at the ground. "Sorry."

Jon's wet hand touched the younger man's shoulder. "Don't worry about it." They headed into the living room. Trip sat on the couch as he waited for Jon to slip into some clothes. A few minutes later the captain emerged wearing a tank top and shorts.

"How are ya feelin?"

Archer smiled as he ran a towel through his soaked hair. "Better. I think I've been working too hard lately." Jon stared at Tucker. He had never noticed how attractive the younger man was. His eyes were so blue, his lips so plump and moist. Archer felt his pulse begin to race while his underwear became uncomfortably tight. "Um…Trip I think I better lay down."

"What's wrong?"

"Um…something has come up…I should try and get some sleep."

"Is there anything I can do for you?" Jon was flushed and his breathing was very heavy. Trip didn't know what to do. Was he having a heart attack? No he couldn't be, he was only in his forties. Men in their

forties don't have heart attacks. "I am callin the doc."

Archer managed to hide his erection by discreetly placing a pillow in between his legs. "No, that's…um…its all right…I just need to lie down for a few minutes."

"At least let me help you to your bed."

"NO! I can do it myself."

Trip couldn't take it, he knew Jon too well. "Something is wrong. Now either you come with me to sickbay or I will carry you there."

Archer let out a moan that surprised Trip. It didn't sound like a moan of pain, rather it almost sounded erotic. "Jon, what the hell is going on."

"I…oh GOD!…I don't know…"

Trip gently placed his hand on Archer's shoulder and smiled. "You seem to be enjoying yourself."

Archer looked down to see the pillow had been moved reveling the large tent in between his legs. "I…I can explain."

"Shh." Trip moved towards his commanding officer his fingers moved slowly up the older man's legs. "Don't talk." Without warning Tucker sat on Archer's lap moving his ass back and forth. Jon began to moan louder, he had lost control…

*** "Oh GOD! TRIP!!!!" Jon moaned.

"Jon, what's the hell is happening?" The captain was sweating like crazy, his breathing had become very heavy and it was clear he was aroused. Trip ran for the comm panel. "Tucker to sickbay, medical emergency

in the captain's quarters."

*** Archer laid on his stomach as his chief engineer finished dis-robing him. What the hell had happened? One second Trip was concerned about him and the next he was pouncing like a cat in heat. He could feel Tucker spreading his ass cheeks apart and thrusting his tongue in and out of his hole. He didn't care anymore this felt too good to complain about.

*** "Jon, the doc is on his way just try to calm down."

The captain was squeezing the pillow that once had hid his enormous erection from Tucker. To Trip it almost looked like he was having sex, but that was impossible there was one else in the room. He could see the muscles in Jon's penis contracting at a fast rate. If it weren't for the fact that Archer could be in danger, Trip would have found this a major turn on. He had known from the day he met Jon, back when he was a cadet and Jon a professor, that he was attracted to him, but didn't know how Jon felt.

*** Archer watched with unbearable pleasure as his penis was slowly engulfed by Trip's tight pink ass hole. He couldn't take it anymore something just wasn't right. "Trip, stop!"

Tucker clenched his butt muscles causing Jon to moan. "What did you say, Cap'n?'

"Don't…Don't make me come…"

Tucker clenched his muscles again and this time began to move up and down. "What's that?"

"Please, this isn't right I don't want to come…"

Trip moved faster and faster. "I'm sorry I can't hear you."


Tucker kept moving faster…"Too bad…"

*** Trip had tried everything to get his captain's attention, but he was not responding. Suddenly Jon tensed up letting out a unbelievably loud moan just as Tucker noticed cum stains forming on the captain's underwear. "Oh my…" Jon had orgasimed. ***

Archer felt his eyes roll back as his penis forcefully released his load. He felt weak, so weak he couldn't move. Trip just started at him as everything went blurry.

*** Sickbay was empty as Phlox and two nurses lifted Archer onto a bio-bed. "What's wrong with him doctor?" Tucker asked as he stared at the motionless body of the captain.

"He's in a coma and I don't know why. Besides increased blood flow and increased temperature there isn't anything wrong with him. What exactly happened?"

"We were talking then he just collapsed. He was moanin a lot, and…" Trip stopped. "I don't think its important."

"Commander, anything may be important. "

Trip sighed and in a low voice, "he came." Phlox stared at him blankly. Trip sighed. "He had an orgasm, he ejaculated, he…"

"I get the picture, Commander." Phlox turned to the nurses. "Let's run a cat scan and check his hormone levels."

"Yes, doctor."

"I'll keep you informed, Commander."


"I am sorry Mr.Tucker, but you…"

"Doctor!" One of the nurses yelled from a lab station. Phlox ran over to the panel.

"What the hell?'

Tucker joined him. "What's wrong."

"The tricorder picked up two brain wave patterns from the captain."

"So?" Tucker shrugged.

"So," Phlox began. "Either the captain has grown a second brain, or someone or something has invaded his brain."


Jonathan Archer ran as fast as he could down the dimly lit corridors on C deck. He had to get away but to where? Nothing was working and it appeared as though the crew had abandoned ship.

"Jonathan!" That voice was back it had been plaguing him for hours now. He didn't recognize it. He could tell that it was male, but it didn't belong to anyone he knew.

"What do you want?"


Archer turned the corner to find Sub-Commander T'Pol calmly standing in the middle of the corridor. He smiled with relief. "T'Pol thank God! Something is wrong. I think we have an intruder aboard."

T'Pol raised an eyebrow. "You can't run from me, Jonathan!"

"What the hell?" Before he could do anything, T'Pol swung her fist at him…then there was darkness.

*** Hoshi and Travis where the last of the senior staff to enter the situation room. The rest of the staff were gathered in groups trying to guess why Commander Tucker had called a staff meeting at oh-four hundred.

"Now that everyone is here," T'Pol began, "you may begin Mr. Tucker."

"Thanks. As you all know the captain is in a coma, however, Dr. Phlox has come across something unusual. Doctor why don't you explain."

"To make a long story short, it appears that someone or something has gained access to the captain's brain."

Reed gasped. "What? How is that possible?"

"We're not sure." Phlox answered. "When we scanned the captain we found two distinct brain waves." Phlox activated the computer screen which displayed both Archer's brain wave and the second wave.

Mayweather was puzzled. "Could someone have put an implant in his brain?"

"Doubtful, " Phlox responded. "The tricoder didn't pick up anything unusual."

"Maybe the tricorder can't detect it."

"Even so Mr. Mayweather, if anyone inserted a device in the captain's head there would still be scar tissue." Phlox paused.

Hoshi studied the second brain wave closely. She muttered to herself.

"What's that Ensign?" Tucker said as he moved next to her.

"That second brain wave pattern."

"What about it?"

"It looks familiar." She changed the display to show the latest communication logs.

Hoshi looked at her crew mates, her eyes wide with excitement. "Can't you see?"

"See what?" Reed asked.

"The sub-space background pattern that I have been detecting for the last two days is identical to the second brain wave pattern."

Phlox studied the logs. "You're right."

T'Pol raised and eyebrow. "It would stand to reason that this communication pattern is not random at all. It would appear that someone is deliberately transmitting this pattern to Enterprise."

"Wait," Tucker paced the room. "Are you sayin' that someone is using the comm system to get inside the cap'n's head. That's impossible."

T'Pol moved to Hoshi. "Not necessarily, Commander. I have encountered species that are able to transmit their telepathic thoughts through sub-space."

"So you are sayin that a telepath is transmitting their thoughts through sub-space right into the cap'n's brain?" Tucker chuckled. "That seems a little far fetched."

"You have something better, Commander?" Reed asked.

Travis shook his head. "Why would someone want to do this to the captain."

"Perhaps someone is planning an attack," Reed began. "The captain knows all of Enterprise's strengths and weaknesses."

"If we blocked the transmissions maybe that would wake the captain." Mayweather suggested.

"I'm not sure." Phlox began. "The two patterns are merging into one. If we just cut the second off suddenly, it would be like severing a pair of Siamese twins who are connected at the chest with only one heart. You couldn't do it without killing one of them." He sighed. "If only we knew what was going on inside that captain's head." "Perhaps there is away." T'Pol said. "I could try and perform an ancient Vulcan technique called the bridging of minds."

Tucker stared at her. "A bridging of what?"

"I would be used as a telepathic conduit between the captain's mind and one other."

"Isn't that risky?" Mayweather asked.

"I have performed the ritual twice before."

Reed chimed in. "Who would the other person be?"

"Since the bridging is usually highly intimate, family members are usually selected."

"Well hey, I am the closest thing the cap'n has to family on this ship."

Phlox interjected. "It's too risky. I can't authorize this."

"So what are you suggesting!" Trip yelled. "We just sit around and play with ourselves 'till the Cap'n dies?"

Phlox sighed. "Fine, but if anything goes wrong no matter how small, I'll cut the link."


*** "Jonathan!" The voice called him back from unconscious. "Jonathan!" He could tell from scanner on the ceiling that he was in sickbay. He tried to get up from the bio-bed, but he couldn't move, he was tied down. "Jonathan!"

There was that damned voice again. "What are you? What the hell do you want from me." He felt a breeze move across his body as he hear the familiar swish of the door opening. "Who's there?" *tap tap tap* Someone was slowly walking across the metal floor of sickbay. He looked to his side to see a figure standing there. "Who are you?"

"Don't try to move, sir."

"Mr. Reed?"

"Shh! We don't have much time."

"What are you talking about?"

"An unknown force has taken control of the ship. It's killed more then half the crew and it seems to have taken over T'Pol's body."

"T'Pol?" Then he remembered walking down the corridor when she suddenly attacked him. But why did she bring him here? Why didn't she just kill him? It didn't make any sense. "When did this force take control of this ship?"

"Several hours back." Reed began to untie him from the bed. "They fired some sort of weapon that knocked out most of the crew. Next thing I knew we we're being boarded."

"Who's in command?" Archer said as he got up from the bed and picked up a phase pistol from the sickbay locker.

"Commander Tucker, I think."

"You think?"

"Last time I saw him, he was fending off a group of intruders on G deck."

"Alright let's try to get to the bridge."

"Aye sir."

*** When Sub-Commander T'Pol and Commander Tucker entered sickbay they saw Dr. Phlox leaning over Archer's motionless body. He turned to a nurse. "It seems to be working. Increase to forty microwatts." "Yes, Doctor."

Tucker stood next to Phlox. "What's working, Doc?"

"I am using an em-pulse to try and separate the captain's brain wave from the intruder's. It appears to be working. There may be no need for your bridging of minds, Sub-Commander." "Perhaps. We shall remain here until the pulse has been totally effective."

"Suit yourself."

*** The bridge was badly damaged. The walls were covered with plasma burns and all of the computer screens were black and covered with ashes. Several support beams had collapsed and several crew members lay in puddles of their own blood including Mayweather and Hoshi. He turned to Reed who was obviously shaken at seeing his two friends lying dead. "We need to get power back. Lets try to…" He was cut of by a large bang. He turned to see the turbolift door slowly start to cave in. "Someone is trying to get access to the bridge. We'll have to come back later. Help me get the Jeffries tube hatch opened."

The two men pulled but the door wasn't budging. Reed pulled out his pistol and aimed it at the hatch. "Watch out." Before he could fire the turbolift door smashed down. Sub-Commander T'Pol exited pointing a phase pistol at the two men.

"Put your weapons down." Archer nodded and slowly put his gun down. Reed followed his commanding officer. "Good. Now that's done with…" She aimed for Reed and fired. Archer tried to push him out of the way and take the blow himself, but he wasn't fast enough. The orange beam hit Malcolm in the neck. The force sent his body falling to the ground, but his head flew across the room until it smashed into the view screen sending blood flying everywhere. It took all of Jon's strength not to vomit.

"Now," T'Pol began as she wiped some of Reed's blood of her forehead. "I won't kill you just yet, Jonathan. We need you." She fired at Archer, luckily this time her pistol was only on stun.

*** "Doctor!" Nurse Templeson looked with horror at the display above Archer's bed.

Phlox ran from his desk. "Damn. Get me a cortical stimulator!"

"What's happening doc?" Tucker asked.

"The em-pulse just collapsed. The brain waves are merging again."

T'Pol wasted no time. "Then I suggest we begin the bridging of minds."

Phlox sighed. " I don't think we have much of a choice."

*** His head was spinning and his vision was blurred. Jon was back in sickbay and again strapped to a bio-bed. He could make out two figures standing in front of him, but his vision was so blurred he couldn't make them out. "Who's there?" No one answered. He could hear them whispering to one another, but he couldn't make out what they were saying. One of the figures suddenly left the room, while the other slowly moved towards him.

"You feeling better, Jonathan?" The figure said.

"Who are you?"

"Who I am is not important."

"What do you want from me?"

The figure was now standing over him, but he still couldn't make out who it was. "We need you, Jonathan."

"Me?" The figure slowly began moving its hand up and down Archer's exposed chest. It wasn't until he looked down that he noticed he was totally naked. He tried to leap up and attack, but he couldn't move thanks to the restraints.

"Don't worry I won't hurt you. I haven't yet, have I."

"What are you talking about?"

"I've been here with you for two days now."

"Two days? You only attacked the ship several hours ago."

The figure laughed as it ran its fingers threw Archer's hair. "We never attacked your ship."

"Then why is half my crew dead."

"Your crew isn't dead. You're lying in a coma in sickbay on Enterprise. This is all in you mind."

"This doesn't feel like a dream."

"It's not a dream. I have telepathically accessed your brain wave pattern. In a sense we are living in your mind."

"This makes no sense. I just saw Reed and T'Pol."

"Your brain interprets us as people you know."

"Then why can't I see you?"

"As our minds merge further your mind will be able to see me. We are almost there, Jonathan." The figure began to trace Jon's hips with its fingers.

"Why are you doing this?"

"We need you to survive."

"I don't understand."

"My species lives off of energy."

"What sort of energy?"

"The sexual energy of others."

Archer gasped. "You mean the reason I've had those dreams about Trip…"

The figure finished the sentence. "was for me to extract your sexual energy."

"You bastard!"

"Temper, Temper. We accessed your personal thoughts and discovered your attraction to your chief engineer. I assumed his identity…did that not please you?"

"Please me…you son of bitch…you raped me!!" Jon tried to escape, but no matter how hard he tried he could free himself from the restraints.

"I did nothing of the sort. You were willing…"

"I thought you were someone else!!! This can't be real. If this is all in my mind then why did Reed say we were under attack and try and save me?"

"Your crew attempted to revive you. They used an em-pulse to try and separate us. Your brain interpreted it as Mr. Reed attempting to rescue you."

"My crew will stop you. I'll make sure you burn in hell!!"

"I'm sorry you feel that way, Captain. Sadly we have to finish what we started. This will be our last session together. By the time we finish you will die of what appears to be natural causes."

"There must be other places to get this energy."

"Sadly there is not. We've tried, but all of our attempts have failed. Ah, we are not a cruel species. We shall make your last session here very pleasurable."

*** "Lieutenant." Hoshi looked up from the science station towards Mr. Reed, who was in command. "I've found the source of that subspace transmission. It's a small vessel at bearing six-two-four-mark-six-six-eight."

"Helm set a course maximum warp. Ensign Sato inform the crew to go to battle stations."

*** "Are you ready yet." Tucker said staring at T'Pol.

"I believe so." She put her left hand over the captain, and put her right on Tucker. "Your mind to my mind…"

*** Sickbay faded away and Archer was suddenly clothed again. The room he was in now was filled with steam. He could make out what looked like a door. "Shit!" He muttered to himself when he saw a sign which read: 'Starfleet Academy Male Shower Room beta' He knew where he was and he knew what the intruder was trying to do. He didn't know if he could fight it.

"Commander?" a voice came from behind him. He turned to see Cadet Charles Tucker standing there. This was the day the two men had met!


"Commander are you lost or somethin'?"

Archer gulped as he stared at the nearly naked body of the twenty-one year old Cadet Tucker. This was exactly how Archer had remembered their meeting. He had just been assigned to teach at the Academy and was

trying to find his first class of the day, when he took a wrong turn and ended up here in the Men's Showers. No, this wasn't real it was all in his mind, but Trip looked so good in his white underwear. He cleared his throat. "Sorry, I think I took a wrong turn somewhere."

Tucker laughed. "You new here?"

"Yeah, it's may first day. They seemed to have moved everything around since my academy days."

"What room are you looking for?"

"Um," Archer looked down to see he was holding a schedule. "Room 1475."

"Oh, that's in the communications building across the street."

Archer laughed, forgetting this was all an illusion. "OOPS. Sorry about that. I better let you get back to your shower."

"Thanks. Oh, by the way my name is Tucker, Charles Tucker, but everyone calls me Trip."

"Oh, Jonathan Archer."

Tucker smiled. "It was nice to meet you, Commander."

Suddenly the shower-head above them activated as warm water began to spray on them. The water ran down Trip's exposed chest, down his rock hard abs, and over the fabric of his underwear which slowly became transparent. Jon could see Trip's cock was beginning to harden and so was his. God he looked so hot.

Tucker smiled as he ran his hand through his hair. "I think I must have hit the wrong button. I'm so sorry." He slowly walked to Jon. "Look at you, you're all wet." He put his hand on Archer's ass and lightly squeezed it. "I'll help dry you off."


"Hello?" Commander Charles Tucker walked down a dimly lit corridor. Where the hell was he? The last thing he remembered was T'Pol beginning the bridging of minds. "Is anybody there?"

He reached the end of the corridor and tried to enter the trubolift, but the door would not budge. What the hell was going on here? Where was Jon?


Lt. Reed sat in the captain's chair as he watched the tiny vessel appear on the viewer.

Hoshi sighed as she studied the read-out at the science station. "They're still blocking our scanners. I can't tell who they are or how many lifesigns are aboard that ship."

"Reed to Dr. Phlox, report."

"T'Pol has successfully begun the bridging of minds. We're keeping an eye on them, but so far so good."

"Keep me informed, Reed out. Hoshi hail that vessel."

"Aye sir." She worked her panel. "They're responding."

Reed got up from his chair positioning himself behind the helm. "On screen." The image of a green and purple skinned alien appeared on the viewer. "Captain To'jok!"

"um…Lt. Reed…wasn't it?"

"That's right."

"It's good to see you again!"

"I wish I could say the same. Your vessel has been sending out low level sub-space signals which have incapacitated our captain."

To'Jok frowned. "I am sorry to hear that. But how do you know that our vessel is responsible?"

"The signals coming from your ship match a brain wave pattern that has invaded the captain's mind. It would appear that someone on your crew is telepathically connected to our captain."

"Again I am sorry, but Mackorians don't have telepathic powers. I will review our sub-space logs, perhaps that will give us a clue as to what is happening to your captain. I'll get back to you."

"Captain To'jok," Reed interjected. "Until we solve this mystery, I'm afraid I can't let your vessel leave the area."

To'jok jumped up from his seat. "The last time I checked you were in Mackorian space. You can't make us do anything."

"With all do respect captain, I have six times the fire power you do. I could destroy your ship if necessary. Now, either you stay here or I open fire, it's your choice!"

"Very well."

"Oh, one other thing. I want you or a member of your crew to beam aboard so our doctor can verify that you're not telepathic."

To'jok sighed. "Very well. I will beam aboard in ten minutes."


Jon moaned slightly as Trip began to free him from his soaked uniform. He knew that if he gave in the alien would finish him off, but he couldn't help it, Trip was so damn hot. The steam had forced his hair to stick to his head and his tight underwear showed the large erection that was just calling to be freed.

"God your are so hot, Jon. I'm going to fuck you so hard." Jon bit his lip as his uniform fell to the floor. The water quickly covered his exposed flesh and caused his underwear to stick to his bulging manhood. Tucker smiled as he picked up a bar of soap off of the floor and began to create a lather across Archer's muscular chest.

He ran his fingers through the older man's chest hair making sure to teasingly pinch each nipple. "If only you could see how hot you look, Jon." He slid his hands up Jon thighs, grabbed his hips, pulling him closer. "I want you Jonathan." They stared at one another for several long seconds, until they leaned into each other, their hands and mouths began to explore the other.

Jon could feel his erection throbbing for release, and by the look of it Trip's was too. He moaned loudly as Tucker sucked on his left ear lobe. Then their lips met. They planted several tender kisses until Tucker forced his tongue into Archer's mouth and passionately explored it.

At the same time he moved his fingers down Archer's stomach and entered his briefs. His left hand grabbed the hard cock, which had been moistened by pre-cum, and began to pull. Jon moaned in Tucker's mouth. Then with all the strength he could muster, Jon grabbed Trip by the ass and pushed him down to the floor. Archer had just turned the corner of no return.


Where the hell was he? He knew he was in Jon's mind, but it was not what he had expected. He had to find Jon…or at least his consciousness, but where could he be? The doors that did open lead to another corridor, then to another. The most logical place, god he sounded like T'Pol, was the bridge since it is the nerve center of the entire ship. It would make sense for Jon consciousness to go there.

Then again he could be too weak to go anywhere, before T'Pol had begun the bridging of minds, Archer's vital signs had dropped by thirty-five percent. Tucker knew that Phlox could end the meld at any minute. Where the hell was Jon?


The transporter beam activated and To'jok appeared on the pad. Lt. Reed, who was surrounded by eight security guards, greeted the Mackorian Captain. "Welcome back, Captain. Please follow me to sickbay."

To'jok nodded and followed Malcolm to the trubolift. "How is your captain?"

Reed sighed. "Not well. Our doctor thinks that if he doesn't wake up within the next hour, he may never recover."

"I am sorry to hear that, Lieutenant. However, you must believe me when I say that I have nothing to do with this."

"That's what our doctor will determine."

"Mr. Reed do you not trust me?"

Malcolm smiled a little. "I guess I am not the trusting type."


Tucker forcefully rolled Archer on his stomach, moving his tongue down Jon's back until he reached his tight ass and lowered his tongue into the pink hole. Archer moaned uncontrollably. In response Tucker took as much of Jon's ass into his mouth as he could. "Trip!!!" Jon yelled.

He could barely keep his eyes open. His body, mind and soul had been overcome by unbelievable pleasure. Every muscle in his rock hard body began to tighten as he moaned uncontrollably. Trip continued to eat the older man's ass, his tongue exploring everything it came into contact with. "Oh, God!"

Trip removed his tongue and flipped the captain onto his back. He took Jon's testicles into his hand, slowly and gently moving them around the sac which contained them., as the muscles in Archer's massive cock began to contract. Trip bent over and moved his tongue along the length of the shaft, then he began to lick the penis like a child licking ice cream from a cone. It wouldn't be long now..


"Hold still." Phlox took out his tricorder and began to take a cat scan of To'jok's brain. Suddenly To'jok flung up from the bed, swinging his fist towards Phlox. Before Phlox could block it, he was flung into

a wall. Reed took out his phase pistol and aimed. To'jok stared at him feeding him negative thoughts. Reed screamed as he was overcome with intense pain. He fell to the deck as blood flowed down his face.

To'jok dodged the fire from several security guards and entered the corridor.

Phlox sprung to his feet. "Sickbay to bridge intruder alert."


Tucker could hear something coming from a room around the corner. It sounded like moaning. It had to be Jon. He must be in pain. He ran to the door, readying himself to be attacked upon entering.


Trip took Jon's cock into his mouth, moving his tongue over the over its head, sending jolts of pleasure through Archer's body. The build up to this orgasm was different then any other Jon had ever experienced. He felt like he would just explode, yet he was so weak he could hardly move. Archer felt a breeze move across his body. The room was still full of steam, but he could have swore he heard the door open. Just then he noticed a figure moving towards them, was it the figure he had spoken to minutes before, coming to watch him die?

"What the hell?"

That voice didn't belong to the alien it was, "Trip?"

Trip gasped when he saw his captain. All the color from his face faded away. What made things even more stunning was it appeared that a duplicate of himself was feasting on Jon's prick. "Jon, what the fuck is goin' on here?"

Before Archer could answer, the duplicate Trip jumped to his feet and slammed his fist right into the real Tucker's balls. Trip fell to the floor. "How the hell did you get in here?" The duplicate demanded.

"Who the hell are you?"

The duplicate raised his foot ramming it into Trip's stomach. Tucker yelled out in pain. "Answer me!" Trip said nothing. The duplicate swung his leg into Tucker's nose. There was a loud cracking sound upon impact. Trip could taste the blood that was flowed down from his nose to his mouth. Again the duplicate readied himself to strike, but stopped.

He bent down to Trip and smiled. "There's no need for me to hurt you anymore. I don't know how you got here, but you won't be leaving anytime soon. Your captain's nearly dead; when he dies he'll take you with you."

The duplicate sat on the floor and gently wiped away the blood on Trip's face. "Tell me Mr. Tucker, what did you feel when you saw yourself giving your commanding officer a blowjob?" Tucker just stared at the floor. The duplicate chuckled. "You can't hide anything from me, Trip, I can hear your thoughts. You've joined Jonathan's mind by using a Vulcan technique known as the bridging of minds." He paused. "You rather enjoyed seeing your captain being sucked off, didn't you."

"No I didn't."

The duplicate grabbed Trip's face, pulling it towards him. "You can't lie to me. You found it arousing didn't you? In fact you find everything about your commanding officer arousing. You like his smile and the way he laughs at your stupid jokes. You love the cologne he wears and the way he combs his hair. You love watching him lift weights in the ship's gym since it gives you a chance to admire his muscles."

The duplicate put his hand on Tucker's crotch and began to squeeze it lightly. Trip was breathing heavily as his dick began to come to life. "You once told a friend that you get hard every time you see his tight ass nestled in his uniform. You want to fuck him, don't you? You want to watch his face as he cums, screaming out your name. You want to feel his hard cock shoved up your ass and feel his sperm burst out of his penis, flowing through you. You're dying to taste his semen, aren't you. I bet it's very salty." Tucker moaned.

"Would you like to fuck him in the trubolift? On his desk…" The duplicate began to unzip Trip's fly. "Or maybe you want to do him on the bridge, right in his chair." Tucker's prick was free. The duplicate grasped it and began to pump. "You know Jonathan really wants you, Trip. He dreams about you all the time. He's wanted to fuck ever since you where a cadet. He gets hard every time he thinks of you wearing your cadet's uniform." Trip moaned loudly. He started to feel weak, what was happening?


Mayweather walked into Sickbay carrying a phase pistol. Malcolm sat on a bio bed while Phlox stitched up his wounds. "Report, Ensign."

"We've searched every deck, there is no sign of To'jok."

"He couldn't have just left the ship…" Before he could finish, the computer scanner above Commander Tucker's bio-bed began to signal trouble. "What's happening, Doctor?"

"I am losing Commander Tucker's lifesigns. We're going to have to break the meld."


The two Tuckers passionately explored each other bodies. The real Trip was more aroused then he had ever been. Not only was he was hearing about Jon deepest sexual fantasies, he was making love to himself, but something was wrong. He felt so weak, as if he was about to collapse. His muscles tightened, his testicles began to rise and his cock head began to swell, signaling that he was about to explode.

Suddenly there was a large smacking sound. Trip looked up to see Archer slamming the detachable medal shower head into his duplicates head. "Jon, what the…"

Jon gasped for breath as he tried to keep himself standing. "Get out of here, Trip."

"Not without you."

"I am finished. That thing is feeding off your sexual energy. If you don't go now, he'll kill you."

Trip slowly got on his feet. "I am not leavin' without you."

"Trip, I'm too weak. Go on without me, that's an order!"

"I am sorry…" Without warning he punched Jon in the back of the neck, knocking him out. Trip began to drag Jon out of the room.


"Doctor," Nurse Templeson began. "Commander Tucker's vital signs are stabilizing."

"Good. But just to be safe, let's end the meld."

"Bridge to Reed."

"Reed here."

"Sir," Hoshi began. "Shuttlepod Two has just been launched. It appears that To'Jok is at the controls.

"I'm on my way."


Trip dragged this commanding officer down the corridor. If the duplicate caught up to the them, they were goners. Jon moaned as he regained consciousness. "What the…I thought I told you to leave without me. I could charge you with mutiny."

Trip smiled. "Your welcome. Now, do you know how we can get out of here?"

"How the hell should I know?"

"Well it's your brain!." Trip turned to look up just as the duplicate smashed hit foot into Trip's back, sending him flying into the wall. Jon slowly moved away.

"Where do you think you are going? I'm not finished with you yet." He leaned over Jon, grabbing his cock. "Time to say good bye."

Trip threw himself at the duplicate. "Run, Jon!"

Archer got back on his feet and ran down the corridor. He wasn't about to leave Trip here but what could he do?


"Open a channel." Reed ordered.

Hoshi sighed. "I can't he's blocking our signals."

Reed faced the tactical officer. "Open fire, disable that shuttle."

Suddenly the room was jolted. Mayweather looked up from his station. "Sir, the Mackorian vessel has opened fire."

"Evasive action." He paused staring at the viewer. "Why is that shuttle still moving Ensign Harper?"

"I'm sorry sir. The shuttle is emitting some short of anti-proton field. I can't get a weapons lock."

"Then disable the Mackorian vessel."

"Aye sir."


Tucker was thrown head first into the metal wall. He could feel the blood pouring out of his forehead. He couldn't stand up anymore and fell to his feet. The duplicate smiled. "It was nice meeting you, Trip."

But before he could get to Trip he began to scream. Tucker looked to see Archer stabbing the duplicate in the back with an em-rod. The energy from the rod ran through the duplicate's body, he was being burned alive. Tucker gasped as he saw the duplicate's flesh being to dissolve. But for a second the image of Tucker disappered, replaced by To'jok. Then he disappeared.


"Sir, the shuttle has come to a dead stop, as has the Mackorian vessel." Mayweather reported.

"There are no lifesigns on either vessel." Hoshi said looking up from the science station. "They're all dead."

"Sickbay to Bridge." Phlox's voice came over the intercom. "The Captain has regained conscience as has T'Pol and Commander Tucker."

"Very well Doctor. Stand down from battle stations." Whatever had happened, it was over now.



Captain Jonathan Archer sat at his desk in his ready room. He had a lot of work to catch up on, but he couldn't bring himself to do it. Phlox had managed to run an autopsy on To'Jok and it appeared he and his crew had managed to access his mind. When he stabbed the duplicate it had overloaded To'Jok's and the rest of the Mackorian crew's minds, killing them instantly. He was a murderer. Then there was Trip, who now knew how he felt about him, how could he face him again? The door chimed. "Come in."

Sub-Commander T'Pol calmly entered. "I thought you would like to know that repairs are complete."

"Oh, thanks."

"Captain, its nearly the end of your shift. Perhaps you would like to leave early, Dr. Phlox did say you should rest."

"I guess you're right. I'll be in my quarters."


The turbolift moved down towards E deck. Jon stared at the floor trying not to make eye contact with the crew members who surrounded him. The doors opened on to C deck where all of the crew members exited. Jon looked up quickly to notice that Commander Tucker had entered the lift.

"Good afternoon, Cap'n."


They rode in silence until the lift stopped at Archer's destination. Tucker grabbed his arm before he could exit. "It wasn't your fault."

"Trip, I killed six people."

"Only in self defense. They would have killed you then me and god knows how many other members of this crew. You did what you had to."

Jon tried to smile but couldn't. "I'll see you around."

"Wait." Trip paused. "There is something I need to tell you."

"Look Trip, I'm really tired…" He was cut of when Trip kissed him lightly on the forehead. "What was that for?"

"For being you."

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