Title: Happy Birthday Cap'n

Author: Tim Ruben

E-mail: timruben@writeme.com

URL: http://enterpriseslash.tripod.com/

Date: 08/22/02

Pairing: Archer/Tucker


Rating: NC-17 For m/m sexual contact

Paramount owns Enterprise, and all of the characters. I'm just borrowing them for awhile.

Summary: It's Archer's birthday and he's anything but happy. But when he and Trip walk down memory lane a secret is reveled that will add a little passion to the captain's day.

Archive: Yes Please

Author's Notes: Ok first off, thanks to everyone one who wrote me about The Virus series, I really appreciate that and I hope I managed to e-ail each of you privately. Second I wrote this story in one day at 10 p.m. to about 4 am, so I am not sure how good this is. Please do send feedback and finally thanks to my beta for all her hard work and words of encouragement.

Enterprise's mess hall was filled with the sounds of chatter and laughter as a number of the crew gathered to celebrate the first anniversary since their departure from Earth. Captain Jonathan Archer smiled to himself as he looked around the room. This is just what his crew needed, a chance to lay back and have some fun. Even T'Pol seemed to be enjoying herself, well maybe enjoying is too strong a word, but she did seem interested in all the activity taking place around her. At the far end of the room he could make out Commander Charles Tucker. Like at any party he ever attended Tucker had to be the center of attention, and a good number of the crew had gathered around him to listen while he told them some story about his heroic actions, or something close to that.

"Great party isn't it, Captain." Hoshi stood next to Archer sipping a glass of champagne.

"It sure is. Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves."

"Especially Crewmen Kelly and Cutler."


"Didn't you hear? Apparently they both had a few too many. Malcolm caught them in the kitchen in a…um…compromising position."

Archer laughed. "I would have loved to see the look on Malcolm's face."

"I think Kelly and Cutler took your order's to relax and have a good time a little too far."

Jon smiled then looked at Hoshi. She was wearing a simple white oxford shirt with a long flowing silver dress. "Hoshi, no offense but shouldn't you be out there having fun, instead of hanging around your old captain?"

"Well the truth is you looked a little bored sir, so I thought I'd try and spice things up…" Hoshi stopped mid-sentence. "That didn't sound right, what I meant to say is…"

"I think I know what you're saying." He took a sip of champagne. "I'm fine Hoshi, go on and have some fun." He could see Lt. Reed standing a few meters away. "Why don't you go dance with Malcolm?"

Hoshi smiled, thanked the captain, then left to join Reed. Truth be known Archer wasn't bored, he was depressed. Today was more then just the anniversary of Enterprise's launch, today was his birthday. Normally he enjoyed his birthday. Back on Earth he and Trip would get together and hit the town, but since they were so far from home he had nothing to do, which was making him think. Where the hell had time gone? It seemed like yesterday he was a cadet able to go where he wanted when he wanted. Now that he was older he was bound by so many rules and regulations. Not to mention all the pressure he was under. He was the first starship captain leading his crew across unknown space, day after day. The demographic of the crew made him feel out of place. They were so young. T'Pol was clearly older, but Vulcan's age so damn slow that she looked like a woman who was only in her twenties. He felt old, unwanted, used up.

Jon put down his glass and headed towards the exit. Before he could get out Ensign Mayweather stopped him. "Hey, Captain, where you off to?"

"My quarters. I think the champagne is getting to me."

"It's a little early. The party's just getting into full swing, sir."

"I know Travis, but I am really tired."

"Well, you've got to at least try some of Chef's cake before you leave."

Archer was hungry. "Oh, alright."

The two men walked over to the food table. Jon looked around but couldn't see a cake. "Travis, where…"

Before he could finish the room was suddenly quiet. He turned around to see Trip carry a large cake covered with candles. Suddenly the crew began to sing, all except T'Pol of course. "Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Captain, happy birthday to you." The room burst into applause.

Hoshi and Travis stood at either side of Trip. Hoshi was beaming. "Come on captain, blow out the candles."

Trip laughed. "That is if he has the lung power." Archer forced a smile on his face and blew out the candles with one breath. "Well Cap'n, not bad for an old fart."

Jon tried his best to ignore the statement. "Who's idea was this?"

Trip smiled. "That would be me. But I couldn't have done it without everyone. This crew can actually keep a secret when it needs to."

"I should have known." Archer turned to face his officer. "Thank you everyone."

"So, Captain." Reed began, joining the group. "How old are you?"

"You said that you were thirty when the Vulcan's first landed on Earth." Trip said.

"My Trip, you actually managed to stay awake during history class. I'm impressed."

Hoshi laughed. "Ouch, put down."

"Very funny, Cap'n." Trip put the cake down on the table and handed Archer a knife. "Well, cut the cake already I'm starving and with those old hands it's going to take you a couple of days to cut through that much cake."

The crew laughed. Archer faked another smile. It was clear that Trip was slightly drunk and he probably didn't mean to insult Jon, but he was just about to smack him. Archer cut the cake and put the first piece on Trip's plate. "There you go."

"Thanks Cap'n and happy birthday."

"Thanks Trip." Jon handed the knife to Reed, allowing him to finish cutting the cake. He walked to the far corner of the room and sat down watching his crew party. For last year he had felt this way, close yet distant from them. He knew as captain he had to keep an emotional distance from his crew, but it was hard. He rubbed his eyes, it was taking everything he had to stay awake.

Sub-Commander T'Pol calmly moved away from the group, heading for the captain.

Archer smiled. "T'Pol."

"Good evening, Captain."

She sat down next to him. "Captain, this is most illogical."

"What is?"

"Your birthday celebration. On Vulcan we do not celebrate such things."

Archer laughed. "I wish I was on Vulcan right now."

T'Pol raised a brow. "I thought you would be enjoying this."

"I should be." He paused. "I guess at a certain point in a man's life, he isn't in the mood to celebrate the fact he is getting older." Why was he telling T'Pol this. "Vulcan's consider aging a normal part of life. In fact the elderly play an important part in Vulcan society."

"I'm not elderly T'Pol, I only feel that way."

"I did not mean to imply that you were, sir."

"I know, I'm sorry. Look, I'm really tired. I think I'm going to hit the sac. Good night, T'Pol."


The corridors were empty. Most of the crew were either at the party or on duty. Jon sighed. He remembered the time when he was able to stay out all night and report for duty by oh-six-hundred, not needing any sleep. Now if he wasn't in bed by twenty-three-hundred, he couldn't function the next day. "Snap out of it." He was only forty- five, sure a hundred years ago that was considered middle aged but not anymore, yet that fact wasn't helping.

"Jon!" 'Shit!' Archer thought as he turned to see Trip standing behind him. "Where ya goin'?"

"Oh, I thought I'd try and get some sleep."

"Party pooper!"

"Trip, I'm not in the mood."

"Oh come on!" He paused allowing a smile to form on his face. "There are gifts."

"I don't want any gifts and if you don't mind I'd like to go to my quarters where it's quiet."

"What the fuck is your problem?" Trip grabbed Archer's arm before he had a chance to move away. "You've been moody all day."

"I'm just not in the mood to celebrate." Jon freed himself and headed for the turbolift.

"That's it, just walk away. Forget about all the people who busted their asses off to give you a party to remember." Tucker ran to caught up with his captain. "You know it's your duty to keep the troop's morale up…"

"I know my duties Trip. The crew is having a great time in there without me. Now, I really want to be alone."

"You want to spend your birthday alone in your quarters with Porthos? I don't think so. Come back to the party."

"No! Now just leave me alone!" Archer stormed into the turbolift, closing the doors before Trip had a chance to enter.


Porthos jumped off the bed as his master entered the room. Archer petted the little dog, then collapsed on his bed. Just as he closed his eyes there was a knock that the door followed by, "Jon, I know you're in there!"

Jon sighed. Doesn't Trip ever give up? He got up from the bed and opened the door. Tucker walked in the room. "You're acting less mature then my six year old niece, Cap'n"

"Trip, I don't want to hear it right now."

"Well what the fuck do you want, Cap'n?"

Jon smiled. "For you to go away!"

Trip sat at the foot of the bed. "Jon, what's really botherin' you?"


"I know you better then that. Now, come on what's wrong?"

Archer took a seat next to Tucker. "It's just this damn birthday, I just…never mind."

"Jon! Just tell me."

"I feel old and useless."

"My God Jon, you sound like my Daddy." Jon laughed. "Now he's old, you're still young and you're far from useless. You're the captain of the first starship for Christ's sake, I wouldn't call that useless."

"I know and I've been telling myself that all, but it doesn't stick."

Trip smiled, lightly punching Archer's arm. "Well, make it stick, Cap'n." He paused looking into his commanding officer's eyes. "I'm sorry I said those things about you back in the mess hall. I was just joking around."

"I know, Trip. I guess the fact we're so far away from home has given me a hell of a lot of time to think."

"Think about what?"

"About how much I've changed." Archer lay down on the bed and stared up at the ceiling. Trip joined him. "Remember back on Earth how wild we used to be?"

Trip laughed. "I think we hit every bar in San Francisco at least twenty times."

"And as I recall you used to leave each bar with a black eye."

"And you used to leave with some dumb blonde on your arm, and I am guessing on your dick later."

Archer blushed. "I wish!"

"Oh, come on Jon, you were the biggest ladies man at Starfleet. You just had to smile at some chick and she was all over you. I was always jealous of that."

"You picked up quite a few women."

"Yeah but they all turned out to be freaks. I slept with this one girl who sat on my face and kept fartin'." Jon rolled with laughter. Trip always knew how to cheer him up. Over the last year he had found if you wanted to have intelligent conversation, talk with Reed or Hoshi, but if you wanted to laugh and forget your troubles talk to Trip.

"Well, there's no need to be jealous, I've dated my share of losers."

Trip rolled closer to Jon. He couldn't believe what he was about to say. It was a secret he had kept for nearly five years and promised he would never tell Jon. Maybe all the drinks he earlier in the mess hall were starting to impair his judgment. "I didn't say I was jealous of you." Jon looked at him puzzled. "I was jealous of them."


"'Cause, they got to be with you in away that I never did."

Archer raised his brow. "I don't understand."

"Don't play stupid Jon, you know what I mean. They were intimate with you."

Jon paused, his mind soaking in the information. "You're saying you wanted to sleep with me?" Maybe it was the champagne but he had a hard time wrapping his mind around what Trip was trying to tell him.

Trip chuckled. "That's part of what mean."

"I don't…" Jon stopped, was Trip telling him what he thought Trip was telling him. "You mean your feelings go beyond friendship."

"Bingo we have a winner." Trip sat back up, petting Porthos who was now lying at his feet. There was silence between the two men for several minutes. Jon got up and started to pace the room.

"Why did you wait so long to tell me?"

"Because I know you don't feel the same way and I didn't want to ruin our friendship, which I think I might have just done."

Jon stopped and sat back down next to the engineer. "No you didn't ruin our friendship. I just wish you would have told me earlier. You shouldn't keep stuff like that bottled up."

"You should talk Mr. 'I'm so old and useless'."

Jon laughed. "Oh, shut-up."

"Make me, Cap'n!" The two men began to play fight. Jon knew this was immature, but at the same time it was making him feel like a kid again, which he needed today of all days. Without warning Trip's fist flew threw the air and hit Jon right were it counts. Sending him to the floor in massive pain. "Oh shit, Jon!" Trip yelled as he bent down over the captain. "I didn't mean to do that. Does it hurt?" Jon gave him a cold look. "I'll take that as a yes." Jon's stern look was suddenly replaced by laughter. Trip joined in as he lay on top of Jon.

Tears rolled down their faces as they continued to laugh non stop. It wasn't until Jon calmed down that he noticed his engineer was still lying on top of him. He looked into the younger man's deep blue eyes, they made him look so innocent. Trip's hot breath caused the hairs on Jon's neck to stand up.

Trip looked down at Archer. God, he was so attractive. He slowly brushed away a lock of hair off of the captain's forehead. Jon sighed. The two men stared at each other, their breathing becoming heavy. Tucker lightly brushed his lips against Jon's forehead.

Jon stared up at Trip, his eyes full of confusion. Tucker avoided Jon's gaze. "I think I should go, Cap'n." He moved to get up, but Jon held him down. Archer pulled him closer allowing his erect manhood to quickly rub against Trip's inner thigh.

Trip moved his lips to Archer's, kissing him lightly. For a moment, Jon resisted. Then kissed him fiercely, as if he were starving for the taste of Trip's mouth. He rolled Tucker to the ground as they continued to kiss passionately.

Wrapping his arms around Jon's neck, Trip clung to him as if he were the only solid thing in the universe. "Don't stop," Trip whispered when Jon broke off the kiss.

"Even if I wanted to, I don't think I have the will power." Jon confessed, then kissed Trip again with increasing hunger, as he fumbled for the buttons on the front of Trip's shirt.

Trip could hardly believe Jon was here in his arms, that he was free to touch him how and when he pleased. He pushed Jon's hands out of his way and pulled the captain to his feet, ripping the shirt over Jon's head, then he reached down undoing Archer's buckle, allowing the pants to fall to the floor.

Trip's hungry gaze feasted on the body of his commanding officer, to see he was every bit as attractive as he'd imagined. Large muscular chest, lightly covered with hair, his nipples already hard with anticipation. He had hard abs, with sculptured thighs and between his legs, and Jon's large erection pointed north. Trip felt as though his hard cock was going to burst through his pants and he yanked them down with one swift movement.

Their eyes became locked together, hypnotized with lust. Trip managed a few words, "I can stop if you don't want to do this."

Jon pulled him in very close so they were sharing the same air. "I don't think so," he managed to force out between breaths, before he kissed the younger man, taking as much of Trip's tongue into his mouth as he could. He moved his hands over Trip's ass and squeezed it lightly.

Trip forced Jon back onto the floor and mounted him. His lips closed around one nipple, and Jon gasped as he suckled. Never had Archer known such pleasure. Trip's lips nibbled, gently, greedily claiming Jon.

Trip mouth came back to Jon's. Readily Archer's lips parted. Hungrily Trip kissed the captain, his tongue probing Archer's mouth. A few moments later Archer broke of the kiss and began to unbutton the engineer's shirt, kissing each inch of bare skin as it became exposed. Then his mouth was everywhere, nibbling at Trip's shoulder, teasing the corner of his lips, thrusting his tongue deep in side his mouth, suckling his nipples. Trip began to moan as Archer slowly followed the trail of hair that ran from his chest to his crotch, with his tongue.

Trip pulled Jon back up and lead him to the bed. Suddenly, Tucker tripped and was flung down hard on the bed. Jon landed on top of him, his erection right in Trip's face. Tucker smiled to himself then slowly ran his tongue down the length of the stiff shaft. Archer moaned. Trip moved his tongue in circles over the head of Archer's cock, causing the captain to moan uncontrollably as sweat began to flow down his body. Tucker's cock was throbbing for release as he opened his mouth wide enough to allow the hard cock in front of him to enter. His sucked with all his might, using his tongue to probe every inch of Jon's penis. Jon lost control as he came closer to the edge, while Trip's mouth was coated with the salty taste of pre-cum.

Archer was breathing very heavy now as a tingling feeling came over his entire body. His muscles tightened and his balls ascended towards Trip's chin as his cock head expanded rubbing against the roof of Trip's mouth. A throbbing moved up from his toes, up his legs filling his entire groin area. The muscles in his penis began to contract faster and faster, as his heart began to beat faster. He became light headed, the room felt as if it was spinning out of control. Beads of sweat poured down his face, stinging his eyes. He thrust himself in and out of Trip's mouth faster and faster, all while Tucker sucked harder and faster, allowing the captain's cock to be deep throated. Jon grabbed Trip by the hair and pulled him up and down, keeping in time with his thrusting.

Then Archer lost it. His moans became so loud the Trip feared security might arrive. Archer suddenly stopped moving as a large load of hot, salty cum flowed into Trip's mouth. Tucker could feel some of it running down his chin onto his exposed chest. Trip released Jon from his mouth and kissed him. Archer's cum flowed between their two mouths as the kissed. The taste of his own cum mixed with Trip's saliva, turned Jon on.

After they had stopped kissed Trip asked, "Jon, you got any lube?"

Jon was breathing heavily still but managed to answer the engineer. "There's some on the top self in the bathroom."

Within a few second's Trip was back. He rolled Archer onto his stomach and spreading his ass cheeks open. He squeezed some lube, and without warning thrust himself up Jon's tight asshole. Archer gasped at the mixture of pain and pleasure. Trip thrust his manhood in out of Archer at a rapid pace, his dick slamming into Jon' sensitive prostate. Trip moans began to drown out Archer's as he moved closer to the edge. His heart was racing, sweat flowed down his back. Jon erection formed again as his crotch was thrust into the bed's hard mattress by Trip's weight.

Trip's whole body tensed up as his cock forcefully blew out his cum. At that same moment Archer came again, his cum flying threw the air. Both men moaned loudly then stopped moving as they finished riding the waves of pleasure that flowed throughout their bodies.


Jon's alarm clock buzzed forcing himself and Trip to wake up from a long slumber. Trip yelled. "Make the thing shut-up, Jon!"

Jon slammed his fist into the off button. He rolled over and ran his hand through Trip's hair. "Morning."

Trip gently kissed Jon forehead. "Mornin', Cap'n."

Jon laughed. "You know I've always loved the way you say captain."

Trip winked at him. "I know that's why I say it so often." They laughed.

Archer got up from bed heading for the dresser to get out his uniform, Trip didn't move. "Move it Trip, you got to be on duty in thirty minutes."

"I was thinkin' of taking a sick day."

"Why? You not feeling good."

I'm fine, but someone I know didn't celebrate their birthday properly and I was thinkin' that he needs to do that, with my help of course."

Jon smiled, moving back to Trip. He moved his hand to Tucker's naked chest, playing with Trip's chest hair. "I can't take a day off, I need…"

"Have T'Pol do it, she's your first officer and I think it's time she gets more command responsibilities." Trip ran his tongue over Jon's ear, then nibbled on his ear lobe.

Jon moaned. "Well, I guess one day won't hurt."

Trip whispered in Archer's ear, "Happy Birthday, Cap'n."

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