Art by Rien

Archer's Enterprise

March 2003 slash fan fiction

Title: Liquid Dreams [ 4 kb ]
by Doyle
Pairing: [none]; Rating: PG-13; Warning: None; Date: 03/07/03
Summary: Filk. "You've got the star of my liquid dreams."
Title: Reunion and Secrets [ 60 kb ]
by Tim Ruben
Pairing: Archer/Tucker; Rating: R; Warning: None; Date: 03/08/03
Summary: Trip meets up with an old friend, learning a secret of his past that could change one of his most important friendships.
Title: Eternity [ 1 kb ]
by Mareel
Pairing: Archer/Reed; Rating: PG; Warning: Deathfic; Date: 03/16/03
Summary: Sometime in the future, Jon and Malcolm confront love and death.
Title: No Particular Night or Morning [ 140 kb ]
by EntSTSlash Round Robin
Pairing: Archer/Reed, Sato/Cutler; Rating: NC-17; Warning: None; Date: 03/17/03
Summary: The ship is being haunted by a malevolent entity that threatens Archer and Reed's blooming relationship.
Title: The Truth The Dead Know [ 20 kb ]
by MJ
Pairing: Archer/Reed; Rating: PG; Warning: Deathfic; Date: 03/17/03
Summary: Reed is forced to deal with his father as their relationship evolves.
Title: Turning Pages [ 36 kb ]
by Qlara2002
Pairing: Tucker/Reed; Rating: NC-17; Warning: None; Date: 03/27/03
Summary: Malcolm talks to Hoshi; Trip talks to himself.
Title: Too Distracting [ 16 kb ]
by Kipli
Pairing: Archer/Tucker/Reed/Mayweather; Rating: NC-17; Warning: None; Date: 03/28/03
Summary: What happens when you put four men together in decon and ask them to rub each other down with gel.
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