Title: Missing Scene for Fusion

Author: Loonywoif

Author's email: loonywoif@juno.com

Author's URL: http://www.writingonthewall.slashcity.net/sunsinger/

Date: 09/13/02

Pairings: Trip/Phlox; minor Archer/Reed

Rating: PG 13?

Archive: Just tell me where.

Warnings: ummm no

(Setting: Tucker is standing outside T'Pol's quarters. Taking a deep breath, he leans over and presses the call button.)

T'P: Enter.

(The door slides open and Tucker enters.)

T: Umm, Subcommander, may I talk to you for a few minutes?

T'P: That was the purpose for your coming here wasn't it?

T: Yeah. Ummm, earlier you helped me with some information about Denobulans…well I was wondering if you could help me again. I can't go into sickbay and just ask him for the information. I…I want to…ummm…

T'P: How to detect sexual stimulation in a Denobulan? I see.

(T'Pol stands up and moves to her console. She types briefly and stands up, handing Tucker a small disk.)

T'P: This contains specific information of Denobulan mating practices, as well as a copy of their most famous erotic work, J'san'kee Keeanthi, which translates to 'Loving your Lifemate'. Something similar to your human book, 'The Kama Sutra'.

T: Thank you.

(Tucker blushes and accepts the file. Turning he walks out. Behind him, a fractional smile crosses T'Pol's face.)

(Setting: Archer is sitting in his ready room. Reed enters and waits.)

A: Yes, Malcolm?

R: Sir, do you think we should let them roam free? Allow them unlimited access? A: Malcolm…they are Vulcans. We have nothing they don't know about. After all, it was the Vulcans who helped us get this far.

R: If I understand the Subcommander rightly, then these are not the Same type of Vulcans. Our Vulcans are a tad more…restrained.

A: Nothing will happen. Trust me.

R: I do, but I don't trust them. Mark my words…and when it does happen, I reserve the right to say 'I told you so.'

A: Very well…and when they don't…I get a forfeit.

R: (Laughs and leans over to kiss Archer) Very well, beloved.

(Setting: In a corridor outside the docking bay)

A: Trip, they need help with their engines. They are willing to send over a liaison…don't roll your eyes. [Question: what does Trip do that Archer tells him not to do it?] (Tucker rolls his eyes.)

T: (Tucker faces Archer with an innocent look) What? I didn't do anything. [NOTE: Trip may be southern and slur words, but he doesn't talk like an uneducated country hick.] Besides, don't the Vulcans know more than us…

A: (Shakes his head at Tucker's 'dumb hick' act) They don't appear to be your typical Vulcans. As you will see when you join us for work with them tonight. Be nice now, Trip.

(They walk into the bay and join T'Pol in waiting for the Vulcans to land.)

T: Thought they didn't do nice. [NOTE: That sounds very much like Trip!]

(Setting: In the Mess Hall. Tucker and Reed are eating dinner.)

T: Did you see them when they came onboard?

R: Watched them on the monitor. I still don't like the idea of letting them roam free.

T: Don't get your knickers in a twist. I doubt that they do anything, but I bet that Tolaris will be trouble.

R: Tolaris, which one is he?

T: The younger one; he was staring at T'Pol. He's as slimy as a catfish in muck.

R: (laughs) Colorful. So you think he'll do something?

T: Yep.

R: Ok, I'll bet you it won't be Tolaris; someone else from that ship will do something.

T: You're gonna bet me. Well then, get ready to pay up. What are the terms…

R: If I win, I want the entire season of St. Timothy's Cricket Club and the Edinburgh Rugby Team.

T: Tall order but I can get it. If I win, then you have to go up Against 'The Weed Whacker'. I want flowers every week for the next eight weeks for Phlox. Try for some purple ones.

R: Deal.

(They shake on it and finish their dinner.)

(Setting: In Archer's quarters. He and Reed are preparing to sleep. Archer is on the bed. Reed is undressing)

A: Ever hear of V'tosh ka'tur?

R: Va what?

A: V'tosh ka'tur. It means 'Vulcans without logic'. Apparently.

R: Vulcans! Without logic? Never thought I would hear of that. Sorry, please continue…

A: (laughs) I said the same thing. There are some who believe that Their prophet, Surak, meant to control emotions, but not repress them. Well, this particular ship's crew has decided to leave Vulcan and do some inner soul searching. They believe in trying everything at least once to understand it.

R: Jon…(Reed pulls Archer back to lie flat on the bed.) Whereas this is very interesting, and I'd love to talk about this more in the morning, right now, the only thing I want to do is explore your body and discover what parts of mine can fit in yours. (Fade out as they kiss.)

(Setting: In Sickbay. Tucker is sitting on one of the bio beds, watching Phlox feed his animals.)

T: Hey, 'Lox, ever hear of a Vaytock Katur? P: V'tosh ka'tur? Yes. Vulcans without logic, they tend to seek out everything. You should get along well with them.

T: Really?

P: Yes. But that isn't the reason you came is it?

T: Not really. Just got off and well…I…missed ya. (Tucker reaches out his hand.) It's been two weeks since we have spent time, real time together. Thought maybe later we can go to the mess hall or the lounge and stare at the Arachnid Nebula

P: I know…Crewman Cutler will be here soon; she'll take over Sickbay. The nebula is really quite stunning.

T: Cutler huh?

(Tucker pulls Phlox close and kisses him softly. Opening his eyes, he can see the door to Sickbay open. Crewman Cutler enters. Tucker pulls back and stares at Phlox.)

T: I love you, 'Lox. T'keyna J'san'kee.

(Cutler glares and leaves. Tucker smirks.)

(Setting: In Engineering. Kov has been quiet for several minutes.)

Kov: Excuse me, Trip, but are one of these women your mate?

T: Nope, Kov. Not all humans have mates and those who do are not all of the ummm…(pulls a stubborn part out of storage) the opposite gender. Mine is a male and not human. He's our ship's doctor.

K: The Denobulan. Yes, we met some Denobulans not too long ago. Is he fully bonded?

(Kov takes the PADD that Tucker holds out to him.)

T: Fully bonded? You mean how many husbands and wives he's got? Three wives and two co-husbands. Does that qualify?

K: Yes. You must have impressed him. They rarely pick someone for their J'san'kee.

T: Oh?

K: Yes, only one of the twenty families we met on the ship had a J'san'kee.

T: Lifemate is a rarity? Hmm…I've been winging it, taking it slow. Just started reading some stuff about Denobulans…Hey, how about you tell me about those Denobulans you met, and I'll explain more about humans. Deal?

K: I'd love that. (Kov looks up and see Tolaris heading towards them.) Commander Trip Tucker this is our second in command, Tolaris.

T: Hello, Tolaris, what can I do for you?

Tol: Just…wondering if everything was going well?

T: Yep. (Tucker answers shortly.)

K: After this we are going to eat.

Tol: Good, Kov. I'm glad you are getting…along with Commander Tucker. Enjoy your meal. I'll eat later. Perhaps you can suggest some "fast food" that I can try later?

T: Yeah, pizza. It's a bread with vegetable sauce and cheese. Sometimes we add meat. Ya might like it.

Tol: Thank you. I'll let you finish. (He leaves.)

T: (Shakes his head, watches as Kov heads over to the computer.) Don't like him, slick as a snake.

(Setting: On the Vahklahs. Tolaris is sitting on the bed in his quarters,his legs crossed under him. His chin touches his breastbone, his eyes are closed. He is naked. One hand lies cupped in the other. Before him is a small blue candle floating in a bowl of water. Slowly he breathes in and out. A whispered word floats from his lips with every exhaled breath.)

Tol: T'Pol. (Inhale. Exhale.) T'Pol. (Inhale. Exhale.) T'Pol. (Inhale. Exhale.) T'Pol. (Inhale. Exhale.) T'Pol. (Inhale. Exhale.) T'Pol.(Inhale. Exhale.)

(Setting: In the captain's ready room. Archer is staring at the nebula on his screen. Reed comes in and leans down, wrapping his arms around Archer's neck.)

A: They're going to lend us their translinear sensors to map the nebula.

R: You were right. They are being useful. It's really beautiful isn't it? Perhaps we can get closer. I'd love to fall asleep looking at you with that beautiful blue green light shining on you.

A: (Turns and smiles at Reed) I told you so.

R: Bad habit, that.

A: But I did.

R: Yes. So what do you want?

A: Oh, I'll think of something. (Tugs Reed down and kisses him.)

(Setting: In Sickbay. Phlox is analyzing data when Kov walks in.)

P: Hello, I'm Doctor Phlox, may I help you?

K: Yes, I'm Kov. I was talking to Trip, strange name, and he told me that he is your J'san'kee. I wanted to meet you and add my congratulations, your captain must be so happy. We met a Denobulan ship a little over a year ago. I didn't expect to see another Denobulan so soon.

P: Thank you. I'm very lucky.

K: Yes, and so is he, I'm sure he'll be a very good mate. I wish I could be there when he meets your wives. He'll do anything for you. Oh, I must take my leave now. Goodbye, and congratulations again.

(Phlox nods and waves as Kov leaves. Sitting down, he shakes his head. If he has a choice, his J'san'kee will never face his wives or their tests.)

(Setting: In quarters. Tucker is lying on the bed, watching Phlox get ready for bed.)

T: Hon…

P: Yes, Kee?

T: I was talking to Kov earlier today and he told me that Vulcans…Mate once every seven years…that's odd.

P: Yes, Pon Farr…it's not that they mate once every seven years. They mate once, bond once, with one person, but once every seven years they are possessed by the desire to mate and nothing else for the entire period of Pon Farr. (Phlox sits on the bed.)

T: Uhh, yeah, but it made me think of something. (Tucker wraps his arm around Phlox's waist.) You know about humans, but I only know a little bit about Denobulans. I know you have three wives and two co-husbands. I know some of your love words, but do you have mating seasons? Do you stay together for life or can you divorce your family? How do you have kids? Who carries them?

(Tucker lays his head on Phlox's lap.)

P: Kee, I love you. We don't have mating seasons. We are as sexually active as humans, although sometimes we enter into a sort of heat…

(Setting: On the Vahklas in Tolaris' quarters. Tolaris is lying on his bed. Naked, his hands cupped each other over his navel. His eyes are closed. Underneath his eyelids, his eyes move quickly.)

Tol: T'Pol, dream of me. Be mine.

(Setting: Tucker and Archer are in Engineering and Archer is watching Tucker.)

A: Malcolm mentioned you don't like Tolaris…why?

T: Not really. Just got a bad feeling about him. He just…It's a hunch.

A: I don't like him either.

(Setting: Dinner, in the Mess Hall)

P: (reaching over to pick something off Tucker's plate) Delicious. So how did your talk with Kov go?

T: Pretty well, I think. He's a good kid.

P: Yes, he came by the Sickbay to congratulate me on picking you as my J'san'kee. I have good taste.

(Tucker laughs.)

(Setting: Inside Sickbay. Phlox has finished examining T'Pol.)

P: (Sigh. Pressing the comm button.) Captain Archer, Commander Tucker, and Lieutenant Reed, please report to Sickbay. (Sitting down, he waits.)

(The three men arrive in moments. Upon seeing T'Pol, they go over to her.)

A: What happened?

P: Apparently, she and Tolaris attempted an ancient Vulcan practice called a mind meld. This has thrown her system into shock. The bond was broken rather forcefully, perhaps seriously damaging her. I shall know more when she awakens.

T: (Bitterly) I guess I won the bet, Mal…however, do you feel like sharing in my prize? I think I want to beat Tolaris into a couple of walls.

R: (Smiling nastily) My pleasure.

A: Gentlemen. I will not allow them to use this incident to get you sent back home. I will deal with Tolaris.

T: But Jon! They hurt her! He hurt her! Damn pointy-eared devil.

P: Kee…she is…

T: Part of our crew. She's ours. We may complain about her, or get annoyed with her, but no one else better dare.

(T'Pol opens her eyes and stares at them.)

(Setting: Walking down the corridor their quarters, Tucker and Phlox are holding hands. Laying before the door is a small bouquet of purple and white phlox with baby's breath. Tucker picks it up and pulls out four flowers. Two white and two purple phlox.) T: These are yours, 'Lox. Go inside, I'll be right back. (They kiss). Promise.

(Tucker walks over to T'Pol's quarters. Twisting the stems together, he places them against her door. Whistling, he goes back to his quarters and his lover.)

(Setting: On the Vahklas, inside Tavin's office.)

Tav: Are you sure, Subark? Sub: Yes, Captain. The meld went on for quite a while. And Tolaris is near Pon Farr…right now there is no damage to Subcommander T'Pol, but when Tolaris goes into Pon Farr, the residual linkage will…be harmful.

(Setting: Inside his quarters, Tolaris is sitting on his bed, rocking and whispering to himself.)

Tol: T'Pol. Mine. Blue. Music. Jazz. Beautiful. Smoke.

(Tavin enters. Smiling he sits next to Tolaris. Quietly he pulls out a phaser.)

Tav: I'm sorry, Tolaris. You said you wouldn't do it again.

(Tavin shoots Tolaris. Turning he stares at the stars flowing past and let them carry away his sadness.)

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