Title: Southern Comfort

Author: Perpetual Motion

Email: iwannabedonna@yahoo.com

URL: http://www.geocities.com/iwannabedonna

Category: Slash

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Tucker/Reed

Summary: Wherein there's no foreplay, sex, and quite a bit of schmoop.

Spoilers: Shockwave 2

Comments: First "Enterprise" fic. Certainly not my first slash fic. All feedback, good, bad, and indifferent is completely welcome. And absolute apologies for the title. I hate titles. This is for Julian Lee, who never bothers to discourage me when I fall into a new fandom.

"Tucker ta Reed."

Malcolm waved blindly for his communicator and caught the edge of it after a few seconds. He clicked it open. "Yes, Commander?"

"Ya busy?"

"I'm half-asleep."

"So ya're not busy?"

Malcolm rolled his eyes at the teasing tone in Trip's voice. "Would it matter at all if I *were* busy?"


"Come on over." As the words left Malcolm's mouth, the door to his quarters opened. He closed his communicator and fixed a squinted glare at the door. "Why do you bother calling?"

"Mah mother always told me ta holler before visitin' anyone."

"You'll forgive me if I don't see the logic in your 'hollerin'' when you're directly outside my door."

"Ah see ya're a little cranky." Trip toed off his shoes and undressed down to his underwear. He slipped into bed next to Malcolm and wrapped an arm around his waist. "Still sore?"

"Unfortunately, yes. No slimy, pain-sucking, multi-legged, million-toothed creature in Dr. Phlox's collection could quiet relieve the pain brought on by the Suliban welcome wagon." Malcolm shifted a bit and winced. "And even with all the technology beyond bugs, worms, and slugs, I'm still sore."

Trip ran his hand up Malcolm's back and pressed his fingertips into a shoulder blade. "Hurt there?"

"Up on my neck. They snapped my head around a bit."

Trip repositioned his hand so his fingers could knead around the column of muscle at the back of Malcolm's neck. "Here?"

"Right there." Malcolm rested his head against Trip's shoulder. "How's the Captain?"

"Cap'n's fine. Ah'm worring' about you now."

Malcolm placed a soft, sleepy kiss on Trip's collarbone. "You always worry about me."

"That's 'cause ya're always getting' inta some fight or another."

"It's my job as security officer."

"It ain't. You just like causin' a ruckus." Trip kissed Malcolm's forehead. "Ya up for anythin' strenuous tanight?"

"How strenuous?"

"Ya could just lie there, lemme do all the work."

"I believe I could be that strenuous."

"Get on yer back." Trip helped Malcolm shift carefully. He stripped off his underwear and quickly divested Malcolm of his. "Ya ready?"

"I'm ready." Malcolm spread his legs and reached up to stroke Trip's cheek. "I love you."

Trip smiled. "I love ya, too." He lowered himself so he and Malcolm were groin-to-groin and began a slow rhythm. He bent his head and kissed Malcolm. "I was scared fer ya."

"I know."

"'Fraid those speckled bastards might do somethin' irreversible."

"They didn't." Malcolm wrapped his hands around Trip's hips and pulled him closer, increasing the friction. "Just some bumps and-oh-bruises."

"And a bleedin' gash over yer eye." Trip kissed Malcolm again, flicking his tongue across a cut on Malcolm's lip. "Doc missed a spot."

"It's barely a cut. It'll probably heal up by tomorrow."

"Ya gotta learn ta—" Trip cut off as Malcolm started running his fingers up and down his ribcage. "Malc-olm."

"I'm fine, Trip, and if I weren't, you'd take care of me. I'm in good hands." Malcolm smiled as Trip kissed him and sped up his movements. "Very good hands."

"Damn right ya are." Trip changed angles and moved a little faster. A few seconds later, he arched his back, clenched his hands, and came with his face pressed cheek-to-cheek with Malcolm. He whispered Malcolm's name in his ear through his orgasm.

Malcolm wrapped his arms around Trip's waist and rode out the orgasm, enjoying the fine tremors in Trip's body as they caressed his erection. As Trip went still, Malcolm went with his need and pushed his hips up so he could get the friction necessary for his orgasm. As he came, he bit into Trip's shoulder.

They held onto each other, Trip shifting them both so they were on their sides, looking into each other's eyes. Malcolm smiled. "That was wonderful."

Trip matched his smile, a post-coital grin that made his eyes shine softly. "Bit shorter than usual."

"I won't hold it against you."

"When ya're fully healed, Ah'm getting' ya fer that comment."

Malcolm pulled Trip closer. "And I'm sure you'll do a wonderful job." He kissed Trip.

Trip just grinned and rubbed Malcolm's back as he drifted off.

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