Title: The Best Way To Serve Pineapple

Author: Kez

Author's email: keztrek@hotmail.com

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Date: 09/03/02

Pairing: Reed/Archer

Rating: NC-17 Catagory: Plot, emmmm, whats a plot?

Summary: Jonathan finds a new way to serve Malcolm his Pineapple.

Archive: Yes to EntSTSlash, and Archers Enterprise, everyone else, please ask first.

Notes: Dedicated to Charlie for it is her B-Day, and I promised her Reed/Archer how she likes them best…Nekkid :)

Jonathan's eyes took one last sweep around his dim lighted quarters, everything was ready except for him, slipping out of the robe he had put on after his shower and shave, he sat on the bed, his lover would soon be home, and Jonathan had a special treat for him.

It had been days since he and Malcolm had been able to spend any quality time together, but now that was about to change, and what was even better was that it was Malcolm's birthday, and Jonathan had found a whole new way for Malcolm to eat his pineapple, and it wasn't in a cake.

Jonathan was already excited thinking about the surprise his lover was going to get, so adding the last touches to his surprise, Jonathan lay down, his arm casually placed covering his closed eyes, even as his ears listened intently for the sounds of Malcolm's arrival.

He didn't have to wait long, within moments he heard the swoosh of the door, and the light steps of his lover entering their 'unofficially' shared quarters.

Jonathan kept silent, acting as though he were completely unaware of his young lovers presence, even as his already erect cock, jumped at the sound of the British mans low breathing.

Malcolm for his part was too busy absorbing the changed to their quarters, and Jonathan to speak, even if speech had been possible, something Malcolm felt sure was unlikely.

Almost every surface was adorned with a candle, or two, and Malcolm could smell Jasmin insense burning, filling his nostrils with the sent of it.

The bed was covered with a dark blue coverlet, the pillows covered similarly, and Malcolm could see sheets underneath in a much lighter blue.

Jonathan reclined back on the pillows eyes covered, his lightly tanned skin, glistening in the pale light of the room, the sparse coving of light brown hairs, like little flames, flickering in the candle light.

Then Malcolm spotted his 'not cake', Pineapple rings, placed rather interestingly, in a group of five, over Jonathan's erect cock, covering the bottom half completely, as juice dribbled down between his legs coating his balls.

Jonathan stayed unmoving not at all surprised when after a few moments of rustling sounds, he felt the bed dip, and Malcolm's soft, warm lips against his own.

"Happy Birthday" he whispered a few moments later when Malcolm relinquished his mouth.

"Indeed it is" Malcolm agreed, "and I think its time I get my present" he said, dipping in for another kiss, before moving down Jonathan's chest, kissing, licking and nibbling all the most sensitive spots. Finally reaching his goal, he flicked his tongue out to lap at the salty pre-come that had gathered at the head of his lovers cock, before moving down, and beginning to nibble at the pineapple.

Minutes passed, at least Jonathan assumed it was minutes it could have been longer, and Malcolm continued to nibble at the tasty treat his lover had prepared, lapping up juices as he went.

Once the first ring was gone, he returned to Jonathan's chest for a few moments before heading south again, this time continuing his feast until all the pineapple was gone, leaving only traces of juice running down Jonathan's cock and balls, which Malcolm was more than happy to clean up.

Jonathan was writhing beneath him, words impossible, as Malcolm drove him out of his mind with need and lust, his face red, his body covered with a sheen of sweat, and his hands clutched tightly onto the coverlet as he tried to keep still.

Malcolm finally was sure he had gathered all the pineapple juice he was going to get, and so giving up on that quest he looked up at his panting lover, before taking pity and in seconds took the entire length of his lovers erection into his mouth.

Jonathan had already been so close it took only seconds for Malcolm to send him careering over the edge, his wordless yells of pleasure filling the air, as his warm salty cum filled Malcolm's mouth even as it was swallowed down his throat.

Malcolm didn't wait as usual for his lover to recover, instead he grabbed the handily placed lube, and coated himself quickly before plunging two fingers straight into his lovers relaxed channel, preparing him quickly, and yet carefully.

In the time it took Malcolm to prepare him, Jonathan was in some part at least, back within the land of the fully conscious, and was begging Malcolm to fuck him, happy to oblige Malcolm lined himself up, and with one long slow thrust was enclosed within the tight heat of his lovers body.

The pace set was neither fast nor slow, both moving towards the edge, Jonathan newly awakened, felt Malcolm's hand wrap around his shaft, stroking him outside, as his insides were also stroked.

Soon Jonathan was begging for more, and Malcolm was happy to give it to him, minutes, passed, it seemed longer, but soon neither could hold of any longer, and Jonathan cried out Malcolm's name as his warm seed split between them, and his ass clenched around Malcolm, who let his own cries out, muffling them into Jonathan's shoulder, as he filled his lover with his own warm cum. Neither knew who moved first, but they soon found themselves laying wrapped in each others arms, drifting off.

"I love you" Jonathan said sleepily.

"I love you too" Malcolm replied "just one question, where on earth did you get those Pineapple rings" he asked, custom made he would bet, there was no way they couldn't have been.

Jonathan giggled, actually giggled, "need I remind you, we are not on earth" he said cryptically, before snuggling himself more firmly against Malcolm and closing his eyes.

Malcolm listened as his breathing evened out, and he knew he was asleep, he supposed he would just had to wonder about where the pineapple rings came from, and be a very good boy, so that Jonathan would get some more, this he decided was definitely the best way to serve pineapple.

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