Title: Who Needs Enemies 8: But Who Needs Enemies, When You've Got a Friend

Author: T'Pau Silver

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Date: 10/26/02

Fandom: Star Trek Enterprise

Category: Slash

Pairing: Reed/Mayweather

Rating: PG

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Series: Who Needs Enemies

Previous story: Who Needs Enemies 7: A Killer Key Change Is All You'll Ever Need

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My note: Ok, a lot of people thought the last one was it, all done, but there were some things left unfinished. This wraps it all up in a neat parcel and puts a ribbon on it :) And finally I'm free to write other things without feeling guilty for not writing the next chapter to this :)

It was getting on into the afternoon by the time Malcolm's cabin started to take on even the slightest hint of order. The bed was fixed, as was all the other furniture, and all the personal items had been picked up off the floor, the salvageable ones placed on the desk, while the others had been thrown out.

It was at this point that Malcolm and Travis decided to call it a night. Since they hadn't collected any replacement bedding, Travis had been in touch with Glen, and they could use Travis' room again that night.

It had been a very tiring day, and as soon as they entered Travis' quarters, Malcolm collapsed back onto the bed. Travis smiled down at him, then leaned down and pressed a kiss to his lover's lips.

"I'm just going to take a shower; I wont be long," Travis said. Malcolm nodded and closed his eyes as Travis left the room. It had certainly been a long few days. But things were back to normal now. Well, as normal as things ever got around Travis. Things did seem to always be changing when he stayed around Travis for very long. He just hoped that would stop now and they could be normal again.

Not that change was always bad, it was just that Travis seemed to push for it. It wasn't enough that Malcolm loved him and he knew it, everyone else had to know it too. He supposed he would have to get used to it…but it didn't mean he would have to like it.

He didn't see why Travis felt the need to tell everyone. He wasn't about to tell Travis that, but…It was stupid really. Some silly prejudice. But still…

Malcolm almost jumped out of his skin when the door slid open. He relaxed a small fraction when he saw it was Glen. He knew Glen would be the first person Travis told, so he didn't really have to hide. Glen was pretty much Travis' only close friend.

It would be awful for Travis if this entire thing drove Glen away. Travis had talked about telling his roommate all afternoon. He kept saying it was excitement, but Malcolm knew it was nerves. He could read Travis well. But he did know that Travis was determined, and he would tell Glen on the first chance he got.

"All right mate?" Glen asked. He didn't seem at all surprised to see Malcolm there, which Malcolm thought was a bit odd.

"Yes, sure. I'm good. Sorry you're getting kicked out."

"Don't mention it. Looks like I'm sleeping on Lauren's floor again. Just need to grab a shirt."

"Doesn't Lauren mind you sleeping on her floor?"

"Don't think so," Glen said, stopping for a second. Then he pulled open a drawer and grabbed a shirt. "She would have said something if she minded. And I certainly don't mind."

"You…like her?" Malcolm asked. Glen caught the meaning and blushed slightly. Then he nodded. Malcolm smiled to himself. He should have known.

"But she has a thing for loved Travis."

"She does?" Malcolm exclaimed. What the hell went through her head when Travis kissed her? Well, they would just have to deal with that when the time came round.

He wondered if he should tell Glen. That way, if the other man had an adverse reaction, Travis wouldn't have to see it and be hurt. But it was Travis' place to tell his friends. This was all getting very confusing.

"So…how long have you and Travis been together?"

Well, there goes the conflict. Had Travis already told Glen? Unlikely. As far as he knew Travis hadn't spoken to Glen properly since they had got back together. Oh well, it didn't really matter how he knew. What mattered was that he knew.

"Not long," Malcolm replied, not wanting to lie.

"Not long and you've already had a big fight?"

Malcolm sighed. His thoughts exactly. But just because they had already had a fight didn't mean that they didn't love each other dearly. Malcolm knew he loved Travis more then anything.

"We don't agree on some important points…like coming out," Malcolm admitted slowly. Glen nodded and grinned.

"Travis is an open guy. He wants to shout it to the world, right?" "Right," Malcolm signed. "But I've had some bad experiences, and I know I can handle them, but I'm not sure he can."

"You don't give him enough credit," Glen said sincerely. "He's a tough guy. He can handle it, as long as you stick with him."

"Of course I will," Malcolm instantly replied. The very thought of his leaving Travis was so outlandish to him. He loved Travis with all his heart.

"Good. I don't have to kill you then." They both laughed, but it was a nervous laugh. As much as the statement had been a joke, it had been a threat. Travis was a long way from anyone he knew, and even if they did go back to Earth soon, he wouldn't have anyone waiting for him. Travis was on his own, so apparently Glen had decided to take on the role of big brother. If Malcolm was to so much as think of hurting Travis, Glen would kill him. It was ok though, Malcolm would never intentionally hurt Travis. He loved Travis far too much.

"Look," Glen said again. "I know Travis. Travis hates hiding anything. It makes him miserable. He's going to be even more upset thought if you don't stand with him on this."

"I know," Malcolm sighed. "I'll always be there for him. Even if it means coming out."

"That's the spirit," Glen cheered. He patted Malcolm on the back, then made his way out the door.

Malcolm slumped lay his head back and sighed. Just what had he left himself into? He let his mind wander and came to the startling conclusion that he was hungry. He They could go down to the mess hall for dinner together. There was no time like the present to come out, before he backed out.

Soon Travis came back in freshly showered and wearing clean clothes. As soon as he did, Malcolm jumped up.

"Come on," he said, grabbing Travis' hand. "Let's go to the mess hall. I'm starved."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes," Malcolm said simply. He tightened his grip on Travis' hand. "Let's just go eat, like any couple. No standing on the table and singing about it, but no hiding either."

Travis grinned and pulled Malcolm into a hug. Malcolm returned the embrace readily. This was what he wanted. To feel loved. He could handle the hatred of the rest of the ship as long as Travis still loved him.


Lauren stepped slowly into the mess hall. She had been walking around in a dream for a while now and didn't want to give anyone the chance to pull her out of it. Travis had kiss her. If she tried, she could still feel his lips on her.

No one could take that away from her. She had spent a great deal of time alone trying to keep the feeling, but Glen had shown up and seen that she hadn't been eating and decided to drag her down to the mess hall. She didn't want to eat. Didn't want lunch or dinner. Just wanted Travis.

But Glen has insisted. She knew he was just trying to be a good friend and look after her, but he could be very annoying at time.

He dragged her over and grabbed some sandwiches for both of them, then they found a table in the corner. Lauren always like to sit in corners. You could see the whole room. She sat down and accepted the turkey sandwich and cup of tea from Glen.

It was nice of him to go out of his way for her. If she was to be honest with herself, he was the best friend she had, and she would do anything for him. It wasn't often you got a friend like Glen, who would stick with you even when he knew the dark parts of your past no one else cared about.

Glen was chattering on about something or other. She had automatically tuned him out like she did most of the time. She watched the crowd. It was quite late, so the mess hall was nearly deserted. Just a few people taking advantage of the quiet for some relaxation time.

Then the door opened and in walked the object of her affection, holding Malcolm's hand. She watched in horror as the walked over to the food display, standing far too close together and laughing, and picked out some food. They then made their way over to a side table and sat down to eat, leaning over and whispering to each other.

How could they be back together? Last thing she knew, they had hated each other. TRAVIS HAD KISS HER! How could he kiss her, then get back together with Malcolm? How could he hurt her like that? He obviously didn't care. Hell, it looked like he didn't even like her that much.

She couldn't stand it, watching them ignore her. They were so focused on each other they hadn't even seen her and Glen sitting there. But she couldn't move. She could do nothing, but sit and watch. She felt a tear run down her cheek.

"Lauren…" Glen said, gently placing a hand on her shoulder. That broker her out of her daze, and she jumped up and ran from the mess hall, tears flowing freely down her face.


Glen didn't know what to do. His first instinct was to follow Lauren and comfort her, but right now that might not be the best idea. She was hurting. He had when he had seen Travis kiss Lauren.

That had been a damn insensitive thing to do, but in some way Glen understood. Or maybe he just wanted to think that he did. Either way, he wasn't really mad at Travis. Especially since Travis didn't know he liked Lauren, and Travis now had Malcolm back.

He knew he should give Lauren time, but he couldn't. He wanted to help her so badly. And he knew she needed someone. It would do her no good to keep it locked away. Just as he was about to move, Travis appeared.

"Is she ok?

"I don't know, I was just going to go and check."

"She seemed pretty upset. Do you know why?"

"Think it could be you and Malcolm."

"Why would that upset her? She helped get us back together."

"Let's just say that probably wasn't her intention. See ya, Travis." With that, Glen got up and hurried out after Lauren. She had a good start on him, so she got home long before he'd even left the mess hall. He sounded the chime on her door, but she didn't answer.

"Let me in Lauren," Glen demanded. "You need to talk to someone."

Nothing. He could hear her sobbing through the door, telling him she was in there. But she wouldn't open the door.

"I'll sit out here all night if I have to Lauren. You ARE going to talk to me."

With that, he settled down onto the floor. He sat there for a good hour, mind set on talking to Lauren. She was upset and he wanted to comfort her. He wanted to show her there were more options out there then Travis.

Finally she opened the door. He got up and walked in before she could change her mind, and he pulled her into a hug. She leaned into him and cried. After a while, she moved away slightly and looked up at him.

"How could Travis do that?" she asked. "He made me hope, then threw it in my face."

"He doesn't know how you feel," Glen admitted. "He's too in love with Malcolm to see anything else."

"If I could just get rid of Malcolm," Lauren wailed. "If Malcolm would go away, then Travis would love me. I just wish Malcolm would die."

"No you don't," Glen whispered. "Not really. You know that if anything happened to Malcolm, Travis would be devastated. They love each other, Lauren. Nothing anyone does will change that.

"There has to be something," she insisted, moving away from Glen. "I won't give up. I can make them fight. Make them hate each other. And Travis will need someone. I can be that someone."

"Lauren," Glen said slowly, reaching out and taking hold of her shoulders. He pulled her around and looked her in the eye. "I get the feeling that nothing you can do will make Travis love you."

Lauren dissolved into tears again, and Glen pulled her close. It felt so good to hold her like this. She fit against him so well. Her head rested on his chest, she was so small but it felt like she belonged there. Maybe it was just his imagination acting up, but he really believed she belonged with him.

"I love you, Lauren," he whispered. He knew it was inappropriate timing. But he had to say it. "I love you so much."

She sniffed, then pulled back enough to see him.

"You're my best friend, Glen," she whispered. "But Travis. He's so gorgeous; I could have been so happy with him."

"Why can't you be happy with me?"

"I don't know," she whispered. "I do love you. But you know so much about me…"

"And I still love you."

"But we want different things out of life…"

"I want whatever you want."

"I want a family and a house and a dog and kids and a normal life."

"Why can't we have a normal life?"

Lauren was silent. She leaned against Glen, needing his support. She thought it all through very carefully. Finally she spoke again.

"Understand, right now I don't love you as much as I love Travis. That might change with time but right now that's how it is. I will be with you, though. And in time, I might love you, as well as Travis. I know your already very special to me."

"Thank you," Glen whispered, then he kissed her softly on the lips.


Travis let out a deep sigh. He didn't understand how he could remember to bring everything up to Malcolm's quarters, but his razor. He was badly in need of a shave.

When they had been decorating Malcolm's quarters, Travis had decided it was a bit bare. He'd moved up some of his things to liven it up. Now, a month later, he had all but moved in. He still occasionally slept in his own room, and some stuff was still there, like the razor (he preferred Malcolm's), but mostly he lived with his lover.

Arriving at his quarters, he keyed in the code and the door opened. He stopped dead as he saw Lauren and Glen lying tangled up in sheets. Then, a smile crept over his face and he backed slowly out of the door. Looked like her would just have to use Malcolm's razor again.

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