Title: Protected

Author: Beverly Crusher

E-mail: bev_crusher1971@yahoo.de

Date: 09/17/03

Archive: Permission to archive granted to Archers_Enterprise, Mega-Archive, EntSTSlash and whoever asks.

Rating: PG

Status: complete

Pairing: T'Pol/Sato

Warnings: none

Spoilers: none

Disclaimer: I owe nothing, they owe all, just playing, blah blah woof woof

Beta: none, all the mistakes are mine. If you find one, keep it and be happy.

Summary: Hoshi gets injured, and guess who's coming to her rescue?

Author's Notes: Nothing serious. Just a little something that crossed my mind. Too short for a story, but too long for a Drabble, so I made it a vignette. If you like it, or if you think I should try to build a story around it, please let me know.

The pain's almost unbearable. The phaser blast hit me in my left leg. I fell hard for there was no chance for me to get a grip to anything. It all happened so damned fast.

Now I'm lying here, helpless. I can hear the intruders coming nearer, and there is no way I can defend myself. I lost my phaser pistol in the falling.

I try to hide behind the next corner. But the pain makes me gasp and fall back.

Suddenly she's there. I don't know where she came from or how she found me. I don't care. She's here. That's all that matters. She towers over me, shielding me, and protecting me.

When my pursuers catch up with me, they don't expect her. Within a few seconds everything is over.

She pulls her communicator out.

"T'Pol to Phlox. Ensign Sato is injured. We're on Deck C, section 5."

She closes the comm and bends down to me. Her eyes are unreadable as always. But her voice is as soft as I've never heard her before.

"Stay calm. He will be here any minute."

She gently lifts me up, to rest me in her arms.

And I feel safe.

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