Title: Epilogue

Author: Mareel

Author's email: Mareel@earthlink.net

Author's URL: http://www.geocities.com/bdebpr

Date: 09/30/03

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Category: Slash (m/m)

Rating: PG

Status: Complete

Pairing: Archer/Reed

Disclaimer: They all still belong to Paramount. But I'm ever hopeful.

Summary: An unexpected awakening and realization

Author's Notes: Written in response to a challenge from the Trek-100 group to write "joy after betrayal" on the part of either the betrayer or the betrayed.

Dedicated to KayJay and linsey with thanks for the ongoing inspiration.

Jonathan once promised he'd let me die if necessary to save the ship or crew, acknowledged that if it were my duty, he would respect that.

My memory is fragmented, but there's one icy pool of clarity—his face bent close to mine, lips whispering that he loved me, and was so sorry that it had to end this way. I nodded, knowing the time we had spoken of had finally come. I was proud of him…for keeping his word.

So why the hell am I here?





Loving him more than I ever thought possible.

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