Title: Respite

Author: Mareel

Author's email: Mareel@earthlink.net

Author's URL: http://www.geocities.com/bdebpr


Archer's Enterprise

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Fandom: Star Trek Enterprise

Category: Slash (m/m)

Rating: PG-13

Status: Complete

Pairing: Archer/Reed

Series: Refuge

Previous: Collateral Damage

Next: Memory and Promises

Number in series: 3

Spoilers: Anomaly (vaguely)

Summary: Jon and Malcolm reconnect amid the stress and anomalies of the Expanse.

Disclaimer: They all still belong to Paramount. But most days I care more about what happens to them.

Author's Notes: Set post-Anomaly. Sometimes the small things provide the best reaffirmation of humanity.

We did it to save water, or told ourselves we did—showering together. Assorted anomalies wrecked havoc with ship's systems, including plumbing.

Brisk ritual thus becomes sensuous duty—soaping his strong back while he rinses that soft dark hair. Purposeful motion becomes caressing—his hands make me feel human again.

Partial loss of gravity in mid-shower veils us in water droplets. Some trick of the light makes them iridescent. Beautiful, I murmur to myself. Then Malcolm turns in my arms and I see his smile…for me!

At least there are moments where the world can still sparkle and delight.

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