Title: Those Eyes

Author: Qzeebrella

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Archer's Enterprise

Fandom: Star Trek Enterprise

Category: Slash

Disclaimer: the show and its character belong to Paramount. The poem below is mine, no profit being made.

Pairing: Tucker/Reed

Rating: PG

Archive: to Entstslash, Archer's Enterprise, Reed's Armoury

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When we first met I wondered Just who is this guy with the gorgeous eyes? You were so stiff and formal Yet as time went by I learned about you Your brilliant mind, wicked humor Your devotion to your crewmates and Duty to the ship Your growing love for your friends and Finding with them a home And I got lost in your eyes.

As we drew closer Talked, fought, laughed, and yelled At each other, sometimes all at once I grew to know the gorgeous soul The honorable, brave, and wonderful person That you are And I started to reach out To the hidden warmth inside you And was lost again in those eyes.

We were so close to love and joy So close to taking our first step Into love and companionship So close to friendship catching fire From the flame of passion for each other So close And I knew you were The One for me And was lost in your eyes again.

Then my sister was torn from me My heart torn to pieces Yet mind and soul immersed in rage And I took it out on you Cut into you with words Because it hurt too much to care It hurt too much to think of What would happen if I lost you And I stopped truly looking into your eyes.

I was a wounded animal caught in a trap And snapped constantly At the closest thing to me And that was you I snapped and snarled at you I bit off your head with words Then I truly looked into your eyes one day And realized—Just how close I was to losing you

And found myself again As I looked into your eyes

I reached out to you again Worked hard at mending our friendship Tried to help heal the wounds I caused you And you tentatively reached out to me Started to trust me again Started to love me again I looked into your eyes And found my heart again.

My heart scarred from the death of my sister But healed so it was no longer bleeding So full of love for you My soul drank deeply of the healing water Your love for me provided for its thirst My mind at peace now that I was with you again I will always be glad I looked into your eyes And found love again.

So will you marry me Malcolm And take a risk on The most stubborn engineer in history? "Yes Trip." I heard And looked into his eyes Lost my heart completely Found my soul's mate Rejoiced in my mind as

I looked into those eyes And saw love again.

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