Title: Birthday Surprise

Author: Beverly Crusher

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Fandom: Star Trek Enterprise

Category: Slash

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Pairing: Archer/Tucker/Reed

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Summary: Malcolm's birthday is close at hand. And Trip has a very special gift for his lover.

Author's Notes: Threesome. Again…as always…feedback…pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaase. Thank you. I hope you like it.

"You're kidding!"

"No way. I'm deadly serious."

Jonathan Archer got up from his chair, and began pacing the room. Trip, his old friend and colleague for almost a decade now, watched this with the beginnings of a grin on his face. Pacing meant thinking. He knew he was close to getting a "yes".

"But what about Malcolm?"

"I told you…he'd be happy about it. One night we had a little chat about the men on Enterprise. You know, just a bit of silly stuff. Like 'with whom would you like to if you could…?' and so on. And he mentioned you. And now with his birthday practically knockin' on the door, I thought I might offer him a very special birthday present. Namely you. And it isn't as if it would be new territory for you, would it?"

Jon stopped his pacing , and eyed his old friend. He knew Trip was alluding to the little affair they'd had years ago. It had been hot, steamy, very fulfilling, and the best sex he had ever had. It broke apart because of the stubbornness of both men. Both wanted to take the lead in their short-time-relationship. So one day, after a good long talk and some heavy drinking, they decided on going back to being friends. It had worked out just fine, and had remained that way.

Until now.

Jon knew Trip too well. He had never seen him so much in love before. Would Trip risk this love if there were really any risk? Surely not. Jon painted a little scenario for himself in his head: Malcolm and Trip—both naked—making love, and then himself joining these two gorgeous men. Hastily he sat down, as he noticed the reaction of his body to this all-too-erotic image.

"So," Trip leaned back. The beginnings of his friend's erection hadn't gone unnoticed, and he was barely able to hide his smile.

"His birthday is in about a week. I planned on a nice little candlelight-dinner in my quarters, and then the giving of his gift, which means I'd like you to come to my quarters at about 2200 hours. Would that be all right?"

Jon stared at Trip in disbelief. He hadn't said anything to give his friend the impression that he would join in his little plan, yet the engineer was talking as if he had done so. And to his utter and complete surprise he heard himself saying,

"Yes, I guess that can be arranged. I'll bring the cham…no, Trip wait. Hold it for a sec, will you? I can't come to your quarters and seduce your lover. I'm his captain. You know Malcolm. He would never be able to look me in the eyes again."

With a devilish smile Trip offered the solution to this problem. Inwardly he grinned from ear to ear like a Cheshire cat.

"I knew you'd say that. He will wear a blindfold, and you won't speak. Okay?"

Sighing Jon scratched himself behind his ear. He shot a quick glance at Trip, who looked like the proverbial cat who had just eaten the canary. Then he nodded. He couldn't say exactly why he was doing this, but he nodded his okay. Hell knew where this would lead him.

Trip's smile was blinding in its pure joy. Acting on impulse, he leaned over and gave his friend a little kiss on the lips.

"Thanks, Jonny. You don't know what that means to me."

He left with a joyful spring in his step, leaving behind a terribly confused Starfleet Captain.


"Mornin', darlin'. Happy birthday."

With the trace of a frustrated sigh Malcolm turned around in the arms of his lover. He never had been too keen on celebrating his birthday, but being involved with Trip Tucker meant to endure every occasion for celebration the southener could find.

"Good morning. Do you really have to remind me?"

Trip laughed, and kissed him lovingly.

"Sure I do. That's what people are supposed to do when they love each other. Celebrate little things like birthdays."

With a barely suppressed grunt, Malcolm disentangled himself from his lover's embrace, rolled off the bed, and began dressing. How he hated this day. Even when he was a child, birthdays had never been anything worth remembering. But as he grew closer to Trip, he realized that days like this were very important to him. So he had learned to smile, and try to live through it, while making the best of it. This was going to be one of those days. He turned to Trip and smiled. It was a little forced, but that was the best he could do.

"Sorry, love. Thank you. Planned something for tonight?"

A smile spread across Trip's face. Oh yeah, he indeed had something planned. Something his beloved Brit wouldn't forget very quickly. He tried his best to look nonchalant as he turned his face to Malcolm.

"Just a little dinner tonight. Could you be here at 2030 hours?"

Malcolm became suspicious in an instant. 'Just a little dinner' wasn't Trip's style in celebrating this day. Not that he was keen on being the subject of everybody's attention, but a party with at least a third of the crew was more like him. With a shudder, he remembered last year, when the day had started with a dozen red roses, continued with congratulations from his whole staff, and ended with a party in the mess with all his friends, including the captain, Subcommander T'Pol and Dr. Phlox. It had been so embarrassing. He had been totally surprised. Not knowing what to say, he just stared at the crowd, who were smiling back at him, expecting him to say something. He hadn't talked to Trip for three long days after that. Now he was pleasantly surprised to see that Trip had apparently learned something. He smiled at his lover.

"Sure, love. Thank you."

They parted after a few minutes of teasing, kissing, and laughing. Just like every morning, they left Trip's quarters with a few minutes time lag. Although Trip suspected that the whole ship knew about their relationship, he respected Malcolm's wish for a little privacy. But tonight he was going to break this unwritten rule, and give his English man a night to remember. Trip grinned from ear to ear on his way to engineering.


Jon couldn't believe that he really was going to seduce his best friend's lover tonight. He was pacing his quarters, unable to sit down and relax. Porthos' eyes followed him as he nervously walked from right to left, and back. He stepped in front of his wardrobe again, still uncertain as what to wear. Should he put on the black shirt, and the blue jeans? Or the blue shirt with the beige trousers? The white shirt to the black jeans?

Frustrated, he flopped down on his bed, staring at the ceiling. It was 2136 hours. He had to be in Trip's quarters in less than thirty minutes. He sat up again, running his hands through his hair. Hell, what did it matter what he was wearing? He wasn't suspected to LOOK good, he was suspected to BE good. And that didn't involve clothing.

He looked over to Porthos who seemed to be laughing at him. Sighing, he left the bed and pulled out the blue shirt. He would try to do his best, and clothing was absolutely lower priority this evening.


Trip was kissing Malcolm tenderly while he pulled a black foulard out from under the pillow. They were both naked, and enjoying the feeling of skin on skin.

"I have a present for you, darlin'. Are you ready for it?"

Malcolm's brain was like melted butter, kissed to heaven by that incredible mouth. So he had some difficulty concentrating on the question. It took him a few seconds to answer.

"You don't have to give me anything, love. Having you is more than I have ever dreamed of."

Laughing, Trip kissed his collarbone.

"You say the sweetest things, darlin'. Nevertheless…are you ready for it?"

Malcolm nodded. Trip folded the foulard, and held it up, a questioning look in his eyes.

"Do you trust me?"

"With my life."

"Good. Close your eyes, then I'll put on the blindfold."

Without hesitation, Malcolm did as he was told. The silk whispered against his skin, and a shiver run down his spine. They had played this kind of game before, and Malcolm knew there was nothing to worry about.

"Do me a favor, darlin'."

He heard Trip's voice close to his right ear, involuntary turning his head towards the soft whisper.

"The surprise will be here any minute. Don't ask any questions. Just relax, enjoy, and trust me."

Suddenly Malcolm heard the opening and the closing of the door. He froze, but Trip's voice sounded very content, so he did his best to relax again.

"Perfect timing. Get your clothes off and join us whenever you're ready."

After a few minutes, Malcolm heard the rustling of clothes. Trip's hands were on his body the whole time, caressing him, stroking him, reassuring him, his voice whispering sweet nonsense in his ear.

And suddenly he felt another pair of hands.


Jon tapped in the private code Trip had sent him that afternoon. The door whooshed open, and his breath caught in his throat at the sight that greeted him.

Candles were lit everywhere. Soft jazz music was swaying through the room. From the table, where he could see the remains of an opulent dinner, a trail of red roses led to the bed. And there he saw the two men.

Malcolm and Trip were lying naked on the bed. Malcolm was wearing a black blindfold, and nothing else. His skin was fair, shimmering in the soft candlelight like satin. Though he was smaller than the two men admiring him, he was well muscled, and his body was exquisite. Strong shoulders, a slim waist, lean legs, and then Jon's gaze fell on the fully erect penis.

Trip caressed Malcolm's skin continuously. He looked up, beamed Jon a blinding smile, and said quietly.

"Perfect timing. Get your clothes off and join us whenever you're ready."

Jon had seen Trip naked before. Why he felt suddenly embarrassed in front of his old friend he couldn't tell. For a second he had the feeling that it had been wrong to come. But then he saw Trip's hard-on, and all his worries disappeared within seconds. Too long had he craved the feeling of skin on skin. Starved for physical closeness, Jon practically ripped his clothes off, stepped to the bed, and tentatively touched Malcolm on the shoulder. The other man gasped. His skin was soft -just as he had imagined it.

Jon grew bolder and sat down on the bed, roaming his hands over the armory officer's body. He felt the muscles play under the silken texture of the skin. Malcolm shifted slightly to give him room. The captain looked at Trip who suddenly leaned over to kiss him fully on the mouth.

He moaned silently.

Oh god, he hadn't known how much he missed those talented lips. Slowly he pushed his tongue into the warmth of Trip's mouth and played with his tongue, eliciting a contented sigh from the other man. Jon's hand slid up closing itself around Trip's neck, pulling the other man a bit nearer.

"Trip?" whispered Malcolm. His voice sounded uncertain, questioning. Trip broke off the kiss, leaning over to his lover.

"I'm here, darlin'. Happy birthday, my love. Just enjoy. We can stop now if you're too uncomfortable with it. Are you?"

The English man slowly shook his head. His voice sounded husky.

"No, please. Go on."

Trip smiled lovingly.

"I'll take care of you. You wanna kiss your surprise?"

Malcolm nodded. Jon leaned over, suddenly a little bit shy. But only until he felt the tender lips that were Malcolm's. He felt the eager response and was lost from that moment. How long has it been since he had been able to touch another man like that? Since he had been kissed with so much passion? Months, years. He had stopped counting. And now he stopped thinking. He became pure emotion. All he wanted to do right now was to please this man, and to let himself be pleasured. He stretched out next to Malcolm, caressing Trip with one hand while the other was busy teasing Malcolm. They kissed endlessly. Their tongues entwined in a gentle duel with no losers.

Trip kissed Malcolm's shoulder, and then worked his way downwards, over the smooth chest, the flat stomach until he reached the fully erect cock of his lover.

Malcolm managed to gasp in the midst of the kissing, and Jon laughed silently, his body shaking. But his laughter was replaced by sighing as Malcolm started to touch him.


Hesitantly, Malcolm began to touch the other man. His skin was warm and soft over steel -like muscles. He let himself touch more firmly. A strong body, not a single ounce of fat was on it. His brain became fuzzy.

God, that man could certainly kiss.

Malcolm's hand touched the other man's face. Very prominent features, hair like silk, and a bit longer than usual. He gently run his fingers through the hair, and felt the man lean into this caress like a kitten leaning into a stroking hand. He was having no success in his attempt to identify this man. In fact he wasn't very able to concentrate on the task, for both men were slowly driving him mad. As his hand glided over the flanks of the man kissing him, Malcolm felt him shiver in response, and smiled a little. His hands roamed over a smooth chest, finding the nipples. He gently pinched them, and was rewarded with a deep moan. He wanted to remember that moan, but it was gone at the moment he felt hot lips on his cock. A very talented, and very familiar mouth engulfed him, strong hands stroked him, and a well-known tongue glided up and down his shaft. His breathing became heavy. He sighed, whispering.

"Oh, Trip, don't stop. That's so good."

The other man suddenly moved away from his mouth, sliding deeper to join Trip. He felt tiny butterfly-kisses on the inside of his thighs, a hand gently pushing his legs apart. Without thinking he obliged, spreading his legs to give both men better access to his almost achingly hard penis. He startled a bit, when he suddenly felt a tongue gliding over the highly sensitive opening to his body, but he relaxed immediately, and let out a deep breath. The penetrating was more insistent now, accompanied by a slick fingertip gently inserting itself into his body. He relaxed even more. The fact that he didn't knew whose finger…no, whose fingers they were only heightened his arousal, and he felt close to exploding.


Trip felt the cock in his mouth grow a bit larger, and slowed his motions. He knew that sign. His lover was ready to lift off. But Trip wanted it to last longer, much longer, so he released Malcolm's erection, and watched Jon in fascination. His friend had started to gently penetrate his lover. And Malcolm obviously enjoyed it. Three fingers were buried deep within him, with a fourth to be added soon, as Jon was tenderly licking, and eventually sucking, on Malcolm's balls.

"God, that looks beautiful. Malcolm…god…you're absolutely gorgeous."

His own penis was almost painful hard, and he absentmindedly stroked himself, watching both, his friend and his lover.

Suddenly Jon looked up, and gently withdrew Trip's hand from his cock, to replace it with his own. His hand was as strong and powerful as Trip remembered it. His head fell back, and blindly he searched for a hold on the shelf behind him. Jon leaned closer to whisper in his ear, unhearable for Malcolm.

"May I…well…you know?"

Trip swallowed hard. The mere image of Jon being buried within Malcolm could make him come. He concentrated on the latest problem down in engineering, thought of the icy cold in Shuttlepod One, and nodded. Then an idea crossed his mind, and his eyes sparkled. His voice was barely audible.

"May I fuck you, too?"

Jon's eyes turned a shade darker as he heard the open question. Without hesitation he nodded. Trip's smile widened.


He straightened himself up a bit, then he leaned over to Malcolm.

"Mal, are you ready for a bit more action? Wanna have his dick replace his fingers? Is that okay by you?"

Malcolm licked his lips. He was unable to form a coherent sentence so he simply nodded. Trip's gaze caressed his lover. Malcolm was panting hard, his penis was still in Trip's grip, and his ass was filled with Jon's fingers. Trip was sure he never saw anything so erotic before.

"You know what?" Trip turned to Jon, this time speaking a little bit louder, for Malcolm to hear.

Jon looked at him, shrugging slightly.

"His mouth is not only good for kissing. Let him suck your dick, and he'll sent you straight to heaven."

Jon couldn't hold back a moan now, for a single second not caring if Malcolm recognized him or not. In one lithe movement he shifted up toward where Malcolm's face was lying. He shot a quick glance at Trip, and made a 'sitting him up' gesture. Trip nodded, then he addressed his lover.

"Darlin', come sit up a bit, will ya? It'll be more comfortable for you."

Malcolm sat up, shoved a pillow behind his back, and reached out blindly until he touched warm skin.

"Come to me." Malcolm's voice was thick with emotion, and as soon as he felt the hot, and slightly sticky tip of a cock touch his lips, he opened his mouth. Malcolm sucked him in, making slow humming noises in the back of his throat. And then he heard the first words break through the silence the unknown man had maintained so successfully. "Oh my god."

A throaty whisper, coming from the core of the soul. Malcolm circled his arms around the waist of his unknown lover, kneading his ass, gently stroking the perfect flesh, and playfully touching the entrance to the other man's body. He felt the body in his arms tense, and another deep moan escaped that talented mouth he had come to know earlier that night.

Trip watched in fascination. He knew how hard this had to be for Jon. He remembered how eloquent his captain was in bed. Being so silent had to be terrible for him. He saw Jon lifting a hand, biting down hard on his knuckles to keep himself from moaning or saying something.

Slowly he moved closer to Jon, touching his shoulder, making him bend forward with a light pressure between his shoulderblades. Jon glanced at him, the question obvious in his eyes. With a devilish smile Trip showed him the tube of lube he held in one hand. A deeply sighed: "Oh yes! " escaped the older man as he yielded to the pressure of Trip's hand. The engineer put some of the lube on his fingers and slowly entered the captain's body with one finger. He felt him tense up; then he relaxed and shivered in delight. This didn't go unnoticed by Malcolm, who stopped his deep sucking for a moment.

"What? What is it?"

Trip, who meanwhile had his second finger inside his captain's tight opening, leaned over to kiss him lightly on his mouth.

"Nothing. I'm just goin' to fuck our guest now."

"I wish I could see that."

"Ah ah ah, no way, darlin'. But you may do the same if you want to."

"Yes, please."

It sounded so polite, as if Malcolm had been offered a second cup of tea at a formal dinner. Jon and Trip were looking at each other, and burst out laughing.

"Okay, darlin'. You can have him first. Anyway…he's your gift. I prepared him for you, now you can have your fun with him."

Jon trembled in anticipation. The conversation between these two man had aroused him even more. He grabbed Trip by his neck, and pulled him in in a deep and passionate kiss.

"I'll get you for that, Trip Tucker," he murmured against his mouth.

"Why? Aren't you enjoying yourself?" Trip replied with a smile.


A fourth finger had been added, and Jon closed his eyes. The double sensation that he was receiving was mind-blowing. Gently, Trip withdrew his fingers and pushed Jon down on the bed. Without resistance, Jon lay down. Malcolm sat up, and let himself lead between Jon's wide spread legs

Malcolm let his hand slowly travel up those long, muscular legs until he reached his goal. His hand closed around a big, hard, throbbing cock. He turned his head in Trip's direction.

"Love, kiss me."

Trip's heart was full of love as he leaned close to his English man and captured his lips in an unbelievably tender kiss. He broke the kiss just to let him know:

"You can have him now, darlin'. He's more than ready."

He continued kissing his lover while he guided Malcolm's hard penis to the entrance of Jon's body. Slowly, very slowly and carefully Malcolm pushed himself inside the hot opening. When he was all the way inside, he had to pause a few seconds; otherwise he knew he would explode in an instant. He was on sexual overload and he knew he wouldn't last long. He broke from the kiss with his southener, leaning down to his secret lover. Finding Jon's lips with a hot kiss, he began to move in a steady rhythm. Then he moved his lips over his gift's cheek to his ear, and whispered.

"I won't last long. Please let Trip make you come."

Jon's eyes filled with tears because of so much tenderness and caring. He looked at Trip who had overheard every word. He smiled before bending down to close his mouth around Jon's shaft. Jon moaned deeply. Then he felt the tension building inside him. A cry formed in his throat, begging for release, and it took all his willpower to choke this cry as he finally came. The spasm sent Malcolm over the edge, too. They came in perfect unison. Trip swallowed Jon's come without thinking. He had done it often enough in the short time their relationship had lasted. Malcolm panted hard, his heart was racing. He leaned down to kiss his unknown lover, tenderly, gently. Then he whispered against his mouth:

"Thank you, whoever you are."

Jon wanted nothing more than to return that compliment, but he knew that he couldn't say anything.

Trip felt the inner turmoil of his friend, and lay down beside the two men.

"He is glad to be here tonight, darlin'. Believe me. But would somebody care about me now? Please?"

Malcolm and the stranger laughed quietly. Then Malcolm leaned over to kiss his lover.

"Of course, love. Why don't you just finish what our friend here began?"

"Nothin' I'd love more, darlin'. Turn around, and show me your sweet ass. Would you mind our friend watching?"

"No, of course not. He can stay just where he is, please."

Again this politeness that made Jon grin. Trip gave him a friendly bump with his elbow, and gestured to him to remain silent.

Malcolm was leaning forward, before Jon could move aside. As if he had felt the uncertainty of the other man, he leaned down to whisper in his gift's ear.

"Please stay here and kiss me."

How could Jon refuse such a invitation? He was lying there feeling the strength of Malcolm, while he watched his old friend preparing his lover. Then Trip pushed in in one swift movement. The expression on Malcolm's face was enough to make Jon hard again. With one hand he stroked himself, but his hand was pushed aside by Malcolm who replaced it with his own. Trip didn't last long, couldn't last long. The erotic tension of that night had been too much for all of them. As Trip came with one last powerful stroke inside Malcolm, the English man made his secret lover come a second time, before he came again himself.

They all collapsed in a heap of arms and legs, panting, sweating, and barely able to move.

Jon was the first to recover. After several minutes, he disentangled himself, sat up, and slowly left the bed. Malcolm reached out for him, but as he was still wearing his blindfold, it was easy for Jon to move aside. Quietly he dressed, mouthed the words 'breakfast tomorrow?' to Trip, and left when Trip nodded his 'yes'.

*** When the door closed behind Jon, Trip removed the blindfold from his lover. Malcolm blinked a few times until his eyes adjusted to the brightness of the candles. A very special smile lay on the southerner's features as he watched him.

"How did you like your present?"

Malcolm grinned, very content, very satisfied.

"Much more than the party last year. Will you ever tell me who it was?"

Trip shook his head.

Malcolm smiled lazily.

"So I have to find out myself. And I will, you can be sure of that."

Trip embraced his English man.

"I love you, Brit."

"I love you too. Good night."

"Good night."


Jon arrived in his quarters in a very strange mood. His body was sated from the sex. His mind was racing from the things he had just experienced. It wasn't only the physical part. It was the emotional turmoil he suddenly found himself plunged into.

He hadn't known how much he had missed the touch of another person until tonight. Would he be able to go on every day, pretending nothing had happened? He would see them every day, would go with them on away-missions, and all the while he would think of that expression in Malcolm's face at the moment when Trip had entered him.

He went to the lavatory, washed his face with cold water. Then he addressed his face in the mirror.

"You're a liar ", he said to his reflection. "You're a liar if you think you can just forget it. You won't be able to forget it. Not the sex, not Trip, not Malcolm. All you can do is just try not to let anything show."

Though he managed to sleep that night, his dreams showed him only Trip and Malcolm, and the hope of a possible future together with both men.


Trip was sipping his coffee while Jon eyed him nervously. The engineer wore a big, satisfied smile on his face.

"Jon, you were fantastic last night. I must admit you still know all the tricks to drive a man crazy."

Jon sighed heavily, grabbing his coffee mug, emptying it in one gulp. He seemed to be lost in thought. Trip snapped his fingers in front of Jon's eyes, waking him from his thoughts.

"Wha…oh, sorry, Trip. I'm impolite. What did you say?"

"Still thinking about last night?"

Jon smiled half-heartedly.

"Yeah…a bit. Trip, is still everything all right with you and Malcolm?"

Trip's wide, Phlox-like grin answered his question. Jon's smile became more certain, as he felt relieved, in a way.

"I take that as a yes. Last night…it didn't change anything between you, did it?"

"No! No, of course not. On the contrary. Though he's still wondering who it could have been."

"Do you think he'll find out?"

Trip thought for a moment in silence. Of course would his lover find out. He was a brilliant tactical officer, and it was only a matter of time. But he couldn't say that aloud, for Jon would die of embarrassment. So he shook his head, gazing at his old friend, suspicion dawning in his eyes.

"Jon, d'you regret what happened?"

This time Jon shook his head.

"No, truly not. I'm just glad everything's all right."

And this time he meant it. A weight was falling from his heart; he could go back to work without worrying about Trip and his lover.

He was just about to bite into his bread as he heard the comm beep. His hand sank down, and he stared at Trip with an amused expression on his face.

"Just once I want to have breakfast without entertainment."

Trip laughed out loud while Jon went over to the comm.

"Archer here."

"Captain, I would recommend your presence on the bridge."

Jon sighed a bit. Couldn't his subcommander at least try to sound a bit more human?

"I'm coming."

Trip wiped his mouth with his napkin, already half-way up from his chair. Jon gestured to him.

"No need to spoil your breakfast, too. Stay here, I'll be back any minute."

As Jon entered the bridge he noticed Malcolm at his station. He looked just as he did any other day. And for a moment, Jon couldn't quite believe what had happened the previous night. But as he sat down, a long absent little sting reminded him of his last night's actions. He smiled.


T'Pol stood at her station, composed and emotionless as ever, hands moving over some switches on her console, finally pointing toward the main viewscreen.

Within seconds it was filled with the image of a beautiful, sparkling giant nebula.

Jon stood up again, slowly moving closer to the viewscreen. Completely captured by that sight, he whispered,

"Oh my god."


"Oh my god."

A throaty whisper.

Malcolm stared at his captain, incredulous. It was the same whisper he had heard the night before as he had played with the penis of his unknown lover. A shiver ran down his spine, and goose bumps appeared on his skin.

Could it be…?

He stared at his captain. His hair was slightly longer than usual. His face was prominent, his hands long, and slender. His body was tight with not a single ounce of fat on it. His mouth was soft, inviting.

There was no doubt any more about his mysterious lover.

It had been Captain Jonathan Archer.

Malcolm felt himself shiver. What should he do? He had slept with his captain, and to be honest, he had enjoyed it.

Should he talk to him? Ask him why he had agreed to participate in Trip's little gift—scenario?

But as he was desperately trying to concentrate on his work again, he felt his body respond to the memories of the previous night. It had been wonderful. Arousing. Disturbing. Breath-taking. Jaw-dropping. And absolutely unforgettable.

And while he was watching the nebula on the view-screen an idea formed in his mind. It would take all of his courage to carry this off, but he knew that he had only one chance.

Just as Captain Archer was about to hit the comm to call Trip to the bridge, Malcolm rose from his chair.

"Captain? Could I speak with you for a moment? In private, please."

Jon's gaze turned to him, the question obvious in his eyes. Then he shrugged his shoulders.

"Sure. We can go to my ready room."

Malcolm knew that his lover had breakfast with Jon this morning. He still wasn't here, so he surmised that Trip would still be waiting in the captain's private mess. And he really would love to see his face when he did what he planned to do.

"Would you mind, sir, if we'd go to your private mess?"

Jon was surprised, but recovered quickly.

"No, of course not. Let's go. Subcommander, you have the bridge."

No word was spoken on the short way to the captain's private mess. Malcolm swallowed again hard. Every step brought him closer to…to what? To fulfillment? To trouble? To his destination? To heaven? Or to hell?

As the door swooshed open, Malcolm's gaze fell on Trip who furrowed his brow in a silent question. Malcolm smiled reassuringly to his lover, and waited until the doors closed behind them.

Before Jon could say or do anything, he found himself in the arms of his armory officer, with Malcolm's mouth tightly locked upon his. Time froze, and for a single second Malcolm had the terrifying feeling that he had been wrong. But then he felt the other man responding to his kiss, hungrily kissing him back. And that was all he needed to know. It HAD been Jon last night.

The kiss seemed to last forever.


Trip smiled.

He had known it wouldn't take the talented tactical officer too long to find out the identity of his mysterious gift. But even he was surprised that it had taken less than a day. Hell, less than two hours.

Now he watched them kissing, until finally his lover broke the kiss.

"It WAS you."

It wasn't a question but an ascertainment. Jon nodded. Malcolm turned to Trip.

"How could you? Why him? He's our captain. Bloody hell, Tucker. Don't you know what you've driven me into?"

Trip did his best to look innocent but the grin that spread across his face made even the slightest attempt impossible.

"Didn't you like it, darlin'? And by the way…if you're so upset with my little…gift, why are you still holding it in your arms?"

Hastily Malcolm let go as if he had burned his hands. He flushed furiously, and took several steps back until he felt the wall at his back. He bowed his head, staring at his shoes. "I'm sorry, sir."

Trip finally rose from his chair, stepping to Malcolm, taking the stiff body in his arms.

"Relax, darlin'." he purred in the English man's ear. "There's no need to be rude. If you didn't like it last night, we forget everything and go on as we are now. You know how much I love you, don't you? But if you liked it…think we can repeat it?"

Malcolm had a lump in his throat. His gaze went from his lover to his captain, and back. Trip's blue eyes were locked on him.

Malcolm stepped close to Jon again. He met the older man's eyes, gazing deeply, searching for the answer to an unspoken question. But Jon knew that question. Would an ongoing relationship, even if it was just on a sexual base, influence their ability to work together?

Without ever breaking eye contact Jon shook his head.

Malcolm studied the captain's face very closely. And slowly a smile spread across his face.

He turned to Trip.

"I assume you remembered that little after-sex chat we had one night. Am I correct?"

Trip only nodded. Malcolm continued.

"Sometimes, there are borders that no-one should ever overstep. Boundaries that no-one should ever breach. Bridges that no-one should ever dare crossing."

Trip began to get uncomfortable. But Malcolm spoke without the slightest hint of hesitation in his voice.

"As far as my father would be concerned, I overstepped the most important borderline already months ago. The fraternization with a superior, namely you, love."

He gave Trip a short, sweet kiss on the lips. The question in his lover's eyes became more and more obvious. What was it that Malcolm wanted to say?

"Last night I broke another of my father's golden rules, though it happened unknowingly. I slept with my CO, with my captain. "

Jon swallowed. He called himself a fool, for ever letting himself be talked into any of this. He should have known that Malcolm couldn't handle it so easily. He was just about to say something when Malcolm looked deeply into his eyes.

"As I said…my FATHER'S golden rules. Not mine. Jon, "

For the first time he addressed his captain directly, holding him with his gaze.

"Last night was extraordinary. Even if I tried, I could never forget it. It wasn't only because of the sex. It was because of your kindness, the way you responded to me. The way you made love to me, no, to US…without knowing if there would ever be a second time."

Jon swallowed again, sensing the hidden meaning of Malcolm's words, unable to believe he was really hearing this.

"Love, "

The gray eyes searched for Trip, holding him tight.

"I really would love to repeat it, without a blindfold this time. At least without a blindfold for ME. If you would like to try it…"

He wasn't able to finish this sentence. He was interrupted by both men who threatened to crush the smaller man in the middle of their loving, but tight, embrace.

Trip found his mouth, and the passionate kiss told Malcolm, more clearly than all the words, that the happiness in his life, which he had already thought unable to grow much greater, was just at its beginning.

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