Title: I Drove All Night

Author: Stormymouse

Author's email: stormy@enterpriseboys.de

Author's URL: http://www.enterpriseboys.de

Date: 11/11/03

Pairing: Archer/Tucker

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Coming home.

Spoiler: none

Warnings: none

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Quietly I opened the door. Porthos jumped at me but before the little beagle could do as much as yelp I fed him some of the cheese I had put into my pocket just for that purpose. I didn't want him to rouse the slumbering figure that was cuddled up on the bed.

Captain Jonathan Archer had wrapped his naked limbs around the blanket, drops of perspiration were visible on his forehead, his hair was sweaty and he had an angelic smile on his beautiful lips.

I stood there for several moments, still clinging to my bag and clad in my thick away jacket, unable and unwilling to move and to disturb the peaceful picture that presented itself to me.

Finally I awoke from my reverie, the need to touch the warm body, to feel the soft skin on mine overpowering everything else. Noiselessly I walked into the bathroom, put my things were they belonged and took a quick cold shower.

While I dried myself I stepped back into the bedroom, my eyes fixed on my lover. The sheen of light that escaped through the bathroom door cast shadows on his face and the lighter strands in his dark blond hair shimmered.

He had turned onto his back, the bedspread covered him from his navel to his knees and smiling I cursed the damn thing for denying me a look at my captain in all his glory.

I toweled my hair and smiled wickedly. Slowly I walked over to my sleeping cherished one and bent down to him. I stopped inches above his body, now able to smell his cologne and this pure scent of masculinity that drove me mad with desire.

But I didn't give in to my cravings. Instead I cautiously shook my head and tiny drops of icy cold water splattered on his face and chest.

He awoke with a surprised howl on his lips which I muffled immediately by kissing him softly. His eyes widened in disbelief as I sat down next to him on the bed, my hands caressing the hair on his chest.

"Trip?" he said suspiciously.

I grinned. "Yeah, that's still my name, I guess!"

He propped up onto his elbows and smiled a lopsided, drowsy smile. "I thought you'd be away till Thursday!"

I stood up and grinned challengingly. "I can leave and come back in three days if you wanna!"

His right hand grabbed my wrist and pulled me back onto the bed. "Yeah, sure, as if I would let you go now that I finally have you back, silly!"

Jonathan let his fingers wander over my jaw line to the nape of my neck. He tickled my short hair and pulled me down to him.

Our tongues met even before our lips touched. My whole body seemed to be on fire, I had longed to taste him so much.

I settled down next to him, lifting the blanket to crawl underneath it. Jon's body was hot and smooth with sweat.

Sometimes I couldn't understand why he kept the temperature in his quarters this high but right now the effect the heat had on his skin was very sexy.

I cuddled up next to him and put one leg over his hips. He turned towards me, our mouths still entangled, and we lay there for a few minutes, chest to chest, concentrating in each others lips and tongues.

Our hands weren't idle. I ran my fingertips up and down his spine and thighs, leaving just the hint of a touch and I was rewarded by shivers of joy and goosebumps on his body.

Jon gently scratched the skin on my biceps and slid his fingernails down the inside of my forearms and finally intertwined his finger with mine.

"I'm glad you are back, darling!" His lips found the soft sensitive spot beneath my ear and he suckled at it. I groaned, unable to hold back like every time he concentrated on that particular region of my body.

"Jon!" I sighed as he rolled me onto my back and straddled me. His erection radiated a heat that almost burned my lower abdomen, my own cock was pressed against the rim of his firm butt.

My loved one bent down and took one of my hard nipples into his mouth, drawing it in, lathering it with his drool, circling and pushing it with his delicious tongue, driving me to frenzy.

He kneaded and rubbed the other nipple with his fingers, one moment gently, the next harshly, applying pressure so that I gasped with pleasurable pain.

My own hands reached out to stroke his cock and my skin was almost seared by the warmth. The tip of his dick was already slick with precum and I relished the sound he made when I fondled his balls.

He concentrated on my mouth again, his tongue sliding over my lips, tantalizing, teasing, until I reached up and pulled him closer towards me, probing his mouth open with my own tongue and we drank from each other.

I pushed him off my body and he nestled into the cushions again while I slithered my tongue down his chest, biting each of the red hot hard nipples, softly moistening his navel and finally my wet lips arrived where they longed to be.

I drank in the drops of precum from the head of his erect cock, taking great pleasure from the taste of Jon on my lips. My teeth gently scratched the soft skin and I took him in, licking my way down to the base of his dick.

I heard him moaning, his hands were clawed into my hair, urging me deeper. "Yes, love,…please, go on, don't ever stop!"

I sucked and bit and nuzzled, slowly at first, then I matched the rhythm of his thrusting hips until I felt that he was almost over the top. I released him, ignoring his sobs of disappointment.

"Turn around, Cap'n!" His marvelous green eyes sparkled with lust and he lay down on his stomach, his thighs spread invitingly.

I lathered my fingers with my saliva and I gently caressed the opening between his firm cheeks until I felt him relax enough for me to enter him.

One finger was welcomed into the warm cavern, then another one and even a third. He whimpered with joy and I hushed him soothingly.

I removed my fingers and gently penetrated him with my throbbing dick. He was so hot and smooth and I closed my eyes to enjoy the sensation of feeling myself moving inside of him.

I bent down and planted thousands of soft kisses on his back until I couldn't hold back anymore.

My hands reached out under his body, taking hold of his cock. I wanted him to come before I did because I wanted to feel his muscles tense around me.

Jonathan shoved himself against me, moaning loudly and when I finally pushed him over the edge the waves of his orgasm projected themselves onto my own erection.

I came almost immediately, being pushed by the reaction of his body and by the crooning sounds he made.

I slumped down next to him, breathing hard, sweat streaming down my body. He turned onto his side and I spooned against him, my chest against his back, my arms wrapped around him, my nose nestled into the nape of his neck, drawing in the very scent of him.

"It sure is good to be back, love!"

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