Title: Loving

Author: Weebob

E-mail: weebob@fsmail.net


Fandom: Enterprise

Pairing: Reed/Mayweather

Rating: PG-13

Category: Slash

Status: Complete

Previous story: Wishing

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Spoilers: None

Summary: Although hardly a virgin, for the first time ever, Malcolm has love made to him!

DISCLAIMER: I don't own or have any rights to the Star Trek universe, "Enterprise", or any of its characters—they belong to UPN/Paramount. I am making no money from this story.

Author's Note: Don't know what to class this as—I just jotted down the thoughts and images as they came to me. Anyway, its for Kipli—who almost missed "Wishing" because I didn't head it up properly!

Stroking, sighing.
Muted gasps and breathy whispers.
The rustle of sheets and the squeak of bedsprings.
Skin meets skin: dark on light, light on dark.

Here and there, the sheen of sweat over sinew and muscle.
Fingers entwine then separate,
Going off on a journey of exploration.
Kneading. Squeezing. Caressing.
Finding mounds and hollows,
Moist folds and crevices
Flesh and bone: dark on light, light on dark.

Moans and whimpers.
Lazy movements becoming urgent.
Quickening heartbeats and ragged breaths.
Kisses deepen: dark on light, light on dark.

Softness turns firm: purposeful, insistent and ardent
Pleading begins then grows desperate
"Now, Travis! Oh, please, now!"
Possessing swiftly but gently,
Large into small,
Giving pain and pleasure.
Dark consumed by light: light impaled on dark.

Suppressed sobbing,
Erupting into exhortation.
Faster! Harder! Nothing withheld.
Unfettered passion: dark and light, light and dark.

For so long: so alone—a cold eternity.
Hurting: needing, but afraid to feel.
Then today: unforeseen. Pure love.
Freely offered, hesitantly accepted.
Totally holistic: utterly real.
Fully embracing the man and the body.
Accepting the whole: dark and light, light and dark.

Stagnant emotion stirred into life.
Expressed, at last, in explosive release
"Oh, Travis, I love you! Don't let me go."
Ecstatic completion: dark and light, light and dark.

Stirring fear of regret and rejection: self-doubt snatching at joy
So afraid to believe this could be different.
"Travis… I should go. I'm difficult: bad for you."
Warm weight, shifting slightly: the dreaded agreement.
"Shut up, Malcolm! I love you."
A smile. Strong arms, embracing tighter.
"And that's ALL of you, Malcolm: light and dark, dark and light."

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