Title: Alone

Author: Qzeebrella

E-mail: qzeebrella@yahoo.com


Fandom: Enterprise

Category: Slash

Disclaimer: Enterprise and all its characters belong to Paramount. The story below is mine, no profit is being made.

Archive: to EntSTSlash, Reed's Armoury, Archer's Enterprise.

Pairing: Archer/Reed

Spoilers: Twilight

Type of fic: Drabble

Rating: G

I awaken in an empty room. I wonder why you are not here to hold me. For several months I had the privilege of waking with you beside me.

You are not here now. Nor is there a dog nudging my bare feet with a cold nose. My heart clenches in fear, cold dread travels through my body. Yet I must get up and face this day.

I must take my station on the bridge. Knowing you do not remember yesterday.

Yesterday when I temporarily had the privilege of waking in your arms again. And hearing "I love you Malcolm."

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