Title: Control

Author: Beverly Crusher

E-mail: bev_crusher1971@yahoo.de

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Rating: PG-13

Status: complete

Series: none really

Sequel to: none really

Pairing: T'Pol/Sato

Warnings: none…well, okay, itīs sappy *sigh*…a little happiness for all the unhappy people on this list.

Spoilers: none

Disclaimer: The usual. Me…nada…Paramount…all! Lucky bastards.

Beta: none, all the mistakes are mine.

Summary: A little heartwarming in a cold time of year.

Author's Notes: Okay, okay…no-one really wants to read T'P/S…I know. But I love to play with them. And maybe there is one (please…only one) out there in the fabulous Trek-verse who likes to read it. If yes, please let me now. Pleeeeeeeeaaaaaase…


Control was important.

Her whole life has been dictated by control.

And now that control threatened to slip away from her.

She tried in vain to keep control of the situation when she felt something build inside of her.

Something strong. Something powerful. Something indescribable.

Her hands clenched and unclenched, crumpling the bedcovers she was laying on. Her back arched, a single tear appeared in the corner of her eye. A cry formed in her throat. But only a single gasp escaped her parted lips when she finally was pushed over the edge.

Pushed by a small woman, who was now raising her head, smiling a very tender, very loving smile.

Hoshi looked down at T'Pol. The other woman's face was flushed, the tear rolling down her cheek.

Hoshi frowned a bit.

"Are you all right?" she asked in vulcan.

Slowly the Vulcan woman opened her eyes, turning her face to the woman lying next to her.

"I never thought it could be that way." she whispered in vulcan.

Hoshi's smile widened. Then she leaned over to kiss T'Pol. Without hesitation the other woman kissed her back.

And that kiss told Hoshi more than any language could ever express.

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