Title: Divine

Author: Stormymouse

Author's email: stormy@enterpriseboys.de

Author's URL: http://www.enterpriseboys.de

Date: Posted 12/19/2003

Fandom: Star Trek Enterprise

Category: Slash

Status: 1/3

Pairing: Tucker/Reed

Rating: R

Series: Love Divine

Summary: Malcolm, god of love.

Spoiler: none

Warnings: none

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Lieutenant Malcolm Reed gazed out off the window of the shuttle pod. The view was marvelous, pristine white beaches, emerald colored water and palm trees—a tropical paradise.

He felt someone looking over his shoulder. "Too bad we don't have any time for a little R&R! This looks just like the place in Florida I go to when I'm home!"

Enterprise's tactical officer sighed and inhaled deeply. The cheek of Commander Charles Tucker III was almost touching his own due to the cramped interior of the shuttle pod and the chief engineer had this scent about him that drove Malcolm almost mad with desire.

"I'd love to go scuba divin' there!"

The Englishman blushed at the thought of the blond Southerner in a tight fitting, short-sleeved and short-legged neoprene coverall, his short cut blond hair all wet and in disarray, his indigo blue eyes sparkling.

'This is nonsense!' he cursed himself and the fact that Trip was able to make him glow like this.

They touched down in a safe distance from a large settlement and Captain Jonathan Archer addressed the members of his away team.

"Okay, folks, the UT is still not in perfect running order when it comes to certain parts of the Tazakian language. We can't openly use any of the translators but Hoshi managed to do quite well so you better stay close to her in case there's a problem!"

The CO of Enterprise opened the hatch and climbed out off the pod. Malcolm waited for everyone to leave the shuttle and secured the vessel. He felt the warm sun on his face, shortly closed his eyes to enjoy the sensation and then turned towards his fellow crew members.

The five of them were in disguise, dressed like the humanoids indigenous to the planet. Dr. Phlox had outdone himself again. Their faces were painted with startlingly red lines and their foreheads were crested with deep ridges. They wore wide brown linen trousers and wide white linen shirts.

Especially Tucker looked gorgeous.

Reed winced. All his perfect military demeanor seemed to just vanish when Trip was around.

"Cap'n, we saw the Tazakians ridin' these animals, they looked almost like horses. Couldn't we just take those to get to the village?"

Malcolm had to smirk. "And where do you plan to get these animals, Commander?"

The Southerner grinned slyly. "Well, I don't know, Lieutenant, but we could always try to take the ones over there on the clearin'!"

This damn superior attitude and that teasing voice made the Brit almost reel but he was distracted immediately by the thought of Tucker boosting his cute behind onto the horse-like creature's back, his muscular legs hugging the animal's fur, gently guiding the beast by pressing his thighs into its sides. Those legs would probably feel marvelous intertwined with…

The captain's voice pulled Malcolm out off his reverie. "That's a neat idea, Trip! I haven't been horseback riding in years!"

Subcommander T'Pol politely cleared her throat. "I'm sorry to spoil this for you, Captain, but I have never sat on a horse or a similar being before and if I'm correct neither has Ensign Sato!" The communication's officer nodded. "We would most likely be endangering ourselves!"

Trip pouted childishly. Captain Archer scowled disappointedly and sighed. "Well, then let's hike!"

Malcolm slowly let out the breath he'd been holding. He would never have admitted that he also had never ridden a horse before.

After a two hour march they arrived at the settlement. It was big, most of the buildings were crude and the air smelled of incense.

When they approached the first houses a number of people stepped out onto the street and an elderly man walked towards them.

"Greetings, strangers!" So far the UT seemed to work. "Welcome! How can we be of service?"

Archer shortly looked at T'Pol and then addressed the spokesman. "We thank you for your hospitality! We are but guests and would like to visit the city."

Malcolm walked over to stand next to his superior officer.

"My name is Pok, I am the chancellor. Please, take a look at ev…"

The Tazakian's voice trailed off as he laid eyes on Reed. A murmur ran through the other men and women and suddenly all of them fell down on their knees, mumbling incoherently, bowing in direction of the British security officer.

Malcolm felt everyone staring at him and he swallowed hard. "Hoshi?" he, Trip and the captain asked simultaneously.

Feverishly the ensign tried to grasp what the aliens were saying. "I'm sorry, but I can't seem to make sense of this. The only thing I can understand is 'kezu', their word for god."

She listened for a few more moments and then stared at the Englishman. "Apparently they think you are some kind of divine being, Lieutenant!"

More Tazakians had emerged from nearby buildings and as soon as they saw the tactical officer of the NX-01 they dropped down on their knees and bowed. "Can't somebody make them stop?" Reed hissed through clenched teeth. The fact that people were bowing to him left him with an jittery knot in the pit of his stomach and the fact that Tucker was grinning broadly, obviously enjoying Malcolm's anxiety, didn't help much either.

Hoshi was trying to talk to Pok. When she turned to her senior officers who had huddled around the Englishman, the corners of her mouth quivered. She was clearly trying to conceal a grin.

"According to the chancellor they have been awaiting the coming of an immortal hero for the last centuries, someone who is going to change everything for the better. They think Lieutenant Reed is this man. The chancellor wants us to follow him to the temple."

Malcolm sighed. "The temple?"

Trip chuckled loudly. "That's were gods are worshiped, Malcolm!"

The Brit was so unnerved that he punched the Southerner's biceps hard and the chief engineer instinctively slapped him back.

The moment Tucker's hand touched the tactical officer's arm a Tazakian guard was standing between them, a spear pointed at the blond man's throat.

The commander defensively raised his hands. "Whoa, whoa, keep ya shirt on!"

In spite of his uneasiness Reed chortled. "I think they don't like their gods being slapped by a…mortal!"

Tucker gave him a flat stare. "Very funny!"

Captain Archer looked intently at his armory officer. "Why don't you just tell them that you are not the god they have been waiting for, Malcolm?"

Reed cleared his throat. "Uhm…Chancellor?"

The dignitary stood up and walked over to him, stopping ten feet in front of the Brit, his head bowed low. "Yes, oh mighty one?"

Malcolm heard Trip sniggering.

"I'm afraid there's some mistake here. I'm not a god. I'm just a plain man!" The Tazakian kept on bowing. "Our elders have told us that one day a champion will come, not aware of his powers. You are that man, oh holy one!"

The Brit frowned. "But…!"

Pok turned sideways. "Let us guide the savior to the temple!"

The Tazakians stood up and formed two ceremonial lines. The guard standing next to Malcolm motioned for three others to come and the four of them positioned themselves at Reed's sides. The chancellor walked towards the center of the settlement and the procession followed him, the lieutenant in its middle.

"Captain! Commander!"

The air in the temple was pleasantly cool. At the far end of the room a throne stood under a large painting.

The away team stepped in front of the picture, staring at the face embossed in it and at the man sitting on the dais.

Lieutenant Reed's linen clothes had been replaced with a richly embroidered blue cloak under which he wore a silky white robe.

"Wow, you really do look like this guy, Malcolm!" Commander Tucker set one foot on the first step leading to the throne and a guard stepped in front on him. "Bow!"

Trip raised his eyebrows. "I beg ya pardon?"

The guard raised his spear. "Bow to the mighty one!"

Enterprise's chief engineer bowed teasingly. "This is ridiculous!" he muttered under his breath, mimicking Malcolm's British accent.

Archer, T'Pol and Hoshi inclined their heads without any further need of reminding and then stepped next to the tactical officer of the NX-01.

"Sir, you have got to get me out off here! Can't I just pull off this latex stuff and show them that I am not the one they are looking for?"

The captain looked at his Vulcan science officer who answered for him. "Lieutenant, you know what happened when you lost your communicator. It would contaminate this people's culture if you would do that."

Archer nodded. "Play along, Malcolm, we'll think of a way to get you back to the ship!"

They all turned around when they heard a bell ringing. Pok and some other Tazakian dignitaries approached the dais.

"We are ready for the ceremony, oh holy one!"

Malcolm's eyes darted from T'Pol to the captain to Trip to Pok. "Ceremony?"

The chancellor nodded. "Yes, oh mighty one, the ritual!"

Bells were ringing and Reed's crew members were ushered off the steps. The Tazakians started to chant.

There were clouds. No, not clouds, wisps of smoke. Malcolm felt dizzy, drugged. He was lying on the cloak the Tazakians had given him, the white robe felt cold and sensual on his skin.

The air was full of scents and colors and sounds. There was someone with him, he felt hands on his body. He wanted to back away but it felt too good.

As he closed his eyes Trip's sweet face appeared in his fantasy. Reed let his fingers wander to the hands on his body and grasped them, pulling the person up to his face.

The armory officer opened his eyes and he still saw Tucker. The blue eyes were glassy. "Trip?"

The chief engineer stroked Malcolm's collar bone. "Yes, oh mighty one?" His voice was tantalizing.

Another wave of giddiness flooded over the lieutenant and he forgot what he had wanted to say. The commander nuzzled at his neck, the teeth gently bruising the soft skin and the tongue licking away the inflicted pain afterwards. Mouths met and soon there was just a mass of limbs and bodies and sweat and moans.


Commander Tucker walked down the aisle towards the divan. He sighed inwardly. Malcolm looked magnificent. The bright blue cloak was a startling contrast to the white silken robe.

The tactical officer's cheeks and chin were covered by a short stubble, his hair was in disarray, his eyes were large and glittery dark. He looked disheveled and it suited him. Trip sighed. How often had he imagined Malcolm that way?

He saw the guard standing next to the Brit and this time he bowed voluntarily. "Good morning, oh mighty one!" he bantered.

He saw a shadow passing over Malcolm's face. "Is somethin' wrong, Mal?"

Reed's voice slurred as he answered. "I was just remembering something…I guess…I had the strangest dream last night!"

The chief engineer winced. This incense the monks had been using must have had that effect on everybody because he had had a…most interesting dream as well.

In his imagination he saw Malcolm, kneeling in front of him, his forehead resting on Trip's shoulder, a vivid tongue whirling on his collar bone, hands adeptly massaging Tucker's cock.

He saw himself, bending down and suckling Reed's neck, leaving a love bite…

He tried to clear his head and looked at the real Malcolm again and he gasped. The lieutenant's neck was marred by a bruise, a love bite, exactly where Trip had left one in his dream. How was that possible?

And the next question was…WHO THE HELL HAD LEFT THAT MARK THERE?

He felt jealousy creeping through his body.


Malcolm stared at Commander Tucker as the blond Southerner was strolling up the aisle. The chief engineer looked dashing, the wide clothes gently caressing the lean, muscular body with every smooth movement he made.

The indigo eyes were shadowed, dark lines were circling them as if the commander hadn't gotten much sleep. He saw him bow his head.

"Good morning, oh mighty one!" Reed winced as the words brought back the vivid memories of last night's dream, the feeling of Trip's skin against his own, the ecstasy he had felt at Tucker's fierce biting and sucking and licking.

"Is somethin' wrong, Mal?"

The lieutenant heard his own slurry voice as he answered. "I was just remembering something…I guess…I had the strangest dream last night!"

His fingers wandered to the bruise at his neck, the love bite that had confused him more than anything else that had happened in the last few days. How had that thing gotten there?

He heard the commander sucking in his breath through clenched teeth, a shadow suddenly darkening the sky blue eyes. "What hap…?"

Trip broke off as Pok approached the throne. "Oh, holy one, we are honored to welcome your mate!"

Malcolm's eyes darted to Tucker's, his hand still on the love bite.

"WHAT?" he and the Southerner exclaimed simultaneously. Mate? What did this guy mean?

"I beg your pardon, Chancellor? What do you mean by 'mate'?"

The Tazakian smiled broadly. "We hoped the ritual last night would lead to you choosing a companion, a lover! And we were rewarded! Now the prophecy can come true!"


So it hadn't been a dream! It had been true! His first…get-together with Malcolm .. all because of some drugs! And obviously with a bunch of aliens watching them! That was not the way the commander had wanted it to happen!

And how must the lieutenant feel, this damn straight guy whose unyielding poise sometimes drove him crazy? One good thing came to his mind, the love bite on Mal's neck had been his, no need to be jealous.

Warmth and passion ran through his body as he thought of Malcolm, the way he had tasted when he had sucked his neck. He averted his eyes in order not to let Reed see how he felt.


Malcolm's heart skipped a beat. All those feelings…they had been for real. He had made love to Commander Tucker! His biggest dream had come true.

The Brit shuddered for a moment, realizing that all those dignitaries had pondered on them while they…

Malcolm swallowed. He looked at Trip who had averted his eyes, his cheeks flushed. He must feel awful.

"Uhm, Chancellor, what's that supposed to mean?" he heard Tucker's shaky voice.

Both of them faced the Tazakian elder to hear wait he expected of them.

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