Title: This Morning

Author: Qzeebrella

E-mail: qzeebrella@yahoo.com

12/04/2003; reposted to AE 1/4/04

Archive: to EntSTSlash, Reed's Armoury, Archer's Enterprise

Fandom: Star Trek Enterprise

Category: Slash

Rating: G

Pairing: Archer/Reed

Summary: Jon wakes up.

Spoilers: Twilight

Disclaimer: the show and its characters are Paramount's, the story below is mine, no profit being made.

I awoke this morning as sunlight shone in the window.

Where am I?

Where is Enterprise?

T'Pol tells me that years have passed since I was on Enterprise. That Earth is destroyed and only a few thousand people left, brought here by convoy. I can not bear the anguish I run.

But I can not outrun the truth. When she finds me I barely gather the courage to ask the most important question.

Where is Malcolm?

I learn he's on Enterprise, needed there.

I go to sleep this night wishing he was safely in my arms.

I awoke this morning.

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