Title: Waking up

Author: Beverly Crusher

E-mail: bev_crusher1971@yahoo.de


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Rating: R (to be on the safe side…nothing graphic, sorry)

Status: complete

Sequel to: no

Pairing: Archer/Reed

Spoilers: none

Disclaimer: the usual…if the boys would belong to me, I wouldnīt be sitting here in cold germany, freezing my sweet little ass off…Iīd be sleeping under palmtrees, listening to the sound of the sea…*sigh*

Beta: none, hey…itīs only a Drabble

Summary: Waking up can be fun.

Author's Notes: Drabble. Have fun with it, itīs just a little piece of cake. Warning…yes…itīs awfully sappy…Nothing serious.

Awakening to a soft caress.

Fingertips leaving goose bumps trails.

Shivers running down my spine.

Skin whispers against skin.

Tender lips travel over hot flesh, gently nibbling on my neck. I turn around in my lover's arms, searching for his mouth.

Our tongues begin to play, passion begins to rise.

I touch him, feel his love, his desire.

Slowly we begin to move against each other.

My hand runs over silken skin, going deeper, reaching it's goal, and within less than ten minutes we reach our climax.

I know why I love waking up with a man at my side.

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