Title: Misunderstandings

Author: Maeva

E-mail: vevve86@yahoo.it



Pairing: Archer/Tucker

Rating: PG-13 [for innuendos?]

Disclaimers: I don't own the guys…wish I did but still, they're of the rightful owners of copyrights.

"Trip," captain Archer entered the deserted dining room "you look… horrible."

Trip Tucker barely raised his eyes from the cheesecake he was torturing with a fork.

"Yeah, I s'pose so."

Jonathan took the empty chair opposite him.

"Are you bored?"

Trip dropped a piece of cheesecake. "Yeah."

"Want to piss off T'Pol?"


"Then…care to tell me what you want to do?"

Trip smirked "How about you?"

"Me? I'd like to have some tea, rest and go cuddle Porthos. Care to join?"

Commander Tucker barely suffocated a laugh.

"I meant…can I do *you*, captain?"

Archer paused, frowned and eventually smiled.


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