Title: Carry On

Author: Kipli

Author's email: kipli16@yahoo.com

Author's URL: http://kipli.net/fiction.html

Date: March 12, 2004

Archive: Yes to Archers_Enterprise, WWOMB, and ASC*, otherwise ask first pretty please.

Fandom: Star Trek: Enterprise

Category: Slash

Rating: G

Status: Complete

Pairing: Archer/Reed

Summary: Malcolm muses and reaffirms.

Warnings: Extreme drabble fluff.

Disclaimer: Paramount owns the universe. I just live there.

I smile at him as I sit on the bed.

We keep each other sane.

We make each other laugh.

We drive each other wild.

We take each other in our arms, and we are both home.

I laugh as Porthos leaps on top of Jonathan. He humors the dog, rolling on to his back and admitting defeat. He's laughing too, with Porthos licking his face.

Yes, the road is demanding… harsh… The people, the ship, the mission… Everything is doubt and worry and tension…

And still, we carry on.




I reach for him; he reaches back.

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