Title: Rain

Author: Stormymouse

Author's email: stormy@enterpriseboys.de

Author's URL: http://www.enterpriseboys.de

Date: 12.06.2004

Archive: A no-no to anyone but entstslash, archers_enterprise and reedsarcheryrange—but you can always ask ;-)

Fandom: Star Trek Enterprise

Category: Slash

Rating: G

Pairing: A/R

Summary: Haunted dreams…

Spoiler: Zero Hour

Beta: None, all mistakes and contradictions are mine! If you find them -keep them ;-)

Author's note: I haven't written anything in ages. This is not much either. But having watched 'Zero Hour' while a summer thunderstorm was raging outside my window kinda put me into the mood for this.

Disclaimer: Own? Me? You must be kidding!

Feedback: Yes, please! You do that so well!

A clap of thunder resounded through the silence of the night, only seconds later followed by a bolt of lightning that lit up the dark sky.

In the short period of luminosity shadows were cast on Malcolm Reed who lay sleeping by the camp fire.

His dreams were troubled. Explosions, screams, blood, debris . and always one face, one pair of emerald green eyes, assuring him that everything would be fine.

"JONATHAN!" he yelled.

Malcolm awoke with a start, aware of the cloudburst. He buried his face in his hands and let his tears of loss merge with the rain.



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