Title: Nothing

Author: Beverly

Author's Contact: bev_crusher1971@yahoo.de

Date: 07/27/04

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Fandom: Star Trek: Enterprise

Category: Slash (f/f)

Rating: PG-13, nothing graphic, just a little piece of fluff

Status: complete

Pairing: T'P/S

Summary: Waking up can be…interesting…a little vignette

Warnings: none

Beta: none, all mistakes are mine

Spoilers: none

Disclaimer: the usual. I owe nothing, Paramount everything. No money made. Unfortunately…

Author's notes: Feedback pleeeeeeeaaaase…itęs like cookies for me. And I know there are some T'P/S-lover's out there…so come out, come out wherever you are…


She opened her eyes.

Something was wrong.

No, not wrong, just unfamiliar.

And then a voice, talking to her in her native tongue.

"I can almost hear you thinking."

Slowly T'Pol turned around to gaze at Hoshi, who was lying next to her. Her lover's head came to rest on her shoulder, her hand still caressing the soft skin of her stomach. But Hoshi felt the absence of mind of the vulcan woman. She propped up on one elbow, trying to look into her dark, unreadable eyes.

"What is bothering you?"

T'Pol just stared at her. Still she was unable to put into words what she had experienced in the last hours. She rose her hand, carefully stroking back one long dark strand.

And suddenly a slight smile appeared on her normally very stoic features.

"Nothing. Not anymore."


She was lying on her right side, staring at the walls of her quarters. Something was different. Something had changed in the past few hours. And she knew what it was.

SHE had changed.

Everything she had ever thought logical was gone.

Sshe noticed a warmth on her back. The warmth of a hand, lying on her stomach, making soft, soothing circles.


The end

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