TITLE: Confusion 2


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DATE: 10/21/02

SUMMARY: Archer's trying to figure out if he heard things right! and Trip's a tease.

PAIRINGS: Archer/Tucker…perhaps!

RATING: PG-13…humour with slight innuendo.

SERIES: Confusion


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AUTHOR'S NOTES: Okay I caved and due to popular demand here's a sequel to Confusion…and yes Archer's still confused! As I said at the top, this is by popular demand, I hope you enjoy it!

DISCLAIMER: Unfortunately I don't own Enterprise or her crew, Paramount does (although if they ever get tired of Trip, he can put his boots under my bed anytime!)

As I sit in sickbay waiting for Trip to get Phlox, I start to think about his last words to me. Or did I imagine what he said…No the logical part of my brain tells me that there is no way that Charles Tucker III just flirted with me and implied that he would like his stomach rubbed! No way at all…But then again the other side of my brain, that from time to time gives into flights of fancy, is yelling 'Yes!!!!!' but I imagined it…didn't I?

My thoughts are interrupted as Doctor Phlox walks over to me, medical scanner in hand and starts to examine me.

"And what seems to be the trouble Captain?"

Before I can answer I hear Trip's voice, "He thought I was Porthos, even threw me some cheese."

"What have I told you about feeding your dog diary products Captain? " Phlox says without looking up from his scanner. "It's not very good for his digestion as you well know."

I begin to answer and notice Trip standing behind the Doctor grinning at the fact I'm the one being told off. "I'm sorry Doctor, but I didn't think one piece would matter." I answer indignantly, glaring at my best friend and wishing he would go so that I can be humiliated in private.

"Ah but Captain one piece becomes two and before we know where we are we have a sick dog on our hands."

"I'm sorry Doctor, it won't happen again." I admit defeat and feel like I'm a naughty schoolboy, since when did I stop being in charge. Trip is still hovering in the background and I can't understand why he hasn't just left me in Phlox's capable hands.

"Have you been having any headaches?" I suddenly realise the Doctor has been asking me a question.


"Captain, have you been in any pain."

"No,"…'but I know one' I silently add whilst looking at my Chief Engineer.

"He just seemed t' be confused. " Trip adds his two cents, "was even lookin' for his boot, which he was wearin'"

He had to mention the mishap with the boot, didn't he. It was a simple mistake that anyone who had just had a crack on the head could have made.

"Hmmm…" Phlox looks at me and puts his scanner away. "I think the best thing you can do Captain is rest in your quarters for a few days. I will let Sub-Commander T'Pol know that you are not to be disturb unless it is of the utmost importance, and then only if I agree to it."

"Is it serious then." I begin to think that maybe something really is wrong with me.

"Of course not Captain." Phlox's smile does nothing to reassure me, "You've just had a rather nasty bump on the head and I think it would be best if you stayed somewhere quiet while your body heals itself.

He steps back to allow me to stand and as I slowly get to my feet, I'm aware that Trip has come closer.

"I suggest Commander Tucker escorts you to your quarters, I don't want you forgetting your way." Phlox says, humour lacing his voice, as I force a smile.

"C'mon Cap'n," Trip walks towards the door and I debate with myself as to whether I should mention his earlier statement. "Let's get tucked up in bed." I stop suddenly at his words and notice the smile on his face and the look in his eyes, as he walks into the hallway.

"Bastard!" He's done it again.

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