TITLE: Confusion 3


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DATE: 11/03/02

SUMMARY: Archer's finally figures things out!

PAIRINGS: Archer/Tucker RATING: PG-13.

SERIES: Confusion


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The walk back to my quarters is in silence, my mind on the man next to me, trying to determine whether I had actually heard what I thought or whether it was wishful thinking. When we reach my door I expect Trip to leave but he follows me into the room. "I'm under orders from t' Doc," he replies to my raised eyebrows.

Porthos leaps off the bed to greet me and I kneel down to make a fuss of the beagle.

"Let's get you into bed," Trip says pulling the blankets back as I turn my attention from my pet to my Chief Engineer. I slowly undress and allow Trip to settle me into bed. When I seem comfortable, propped up by the pillows, he turns to leave. I take my chance, I have to know whether my best friend has the same feelings for me as I do for him.

"Not going to tuck me in?" He turns to look at me and I get bolder, "No goodnight kiss?" He walks towards me and I notice the smile on his lips.

"You know, when I was a kid and I got sick, my Mom always used t' tuck me int' bed". He pulls the blankets over me so they cover my chest as I lay further down the bed, "then she'd tell me t' close my eyes," I obediently do as he says, my mind lulled by his soft accent, "then she'd do this." he kisses each of my eyes and then my nose, "Goodnight sweetheart."

I feel his lips against mine, it's a gentle sweet kiss and freeing my arms from the blankets, I pull him closer and part my lips. His hands are either side of my head, supporting his weight as our tongues are duelling and as I feel his body settle over mine I hear a groan and realise that the sound has come from me, I feel Trip's body lift from mine and open my eyes. He's standing over me, breathing hard and I can't help but notice that he's in the same state of arousal as me.

"So I didn't imagine what you said."

"Nope." He sits on the bed and taking my hand entwines his fingers with mine, he smiles, "I've always been attracted to you Jon, but you always seemed to be straight." He shrugs, "So when you seemed all confused I figured that I could make a pass at you and if you wasn't interested, I could say you imagined it and at least we'd be friends." He looks down at our hands, blushing slightly. I reach up and caress his cheek with my free hand, making him look at me, and then pull his head towards me for a gentle kiss. I rest my forehead against his and smile.

"Charles Tucker the Third, I have been attracted to you since the day we met, but I always thought you liked women and that I would never stand a chance with you even if you did like men." He pulls his head away looking surprised.

"What makes you say that?"

"Have you looked at yourself," I grin at his bemused expression, "You are gorgeous, with that sexy accent and Southern charm. When we were at Jupiter station there were about ten people, not including me who would have given anything to get you into bed."

"Is that all you want?" He asks.


"To just have sex with me?" He looks at me expectantly and I realise that I hadn't quite made myself clear and smile at him.

"No…I mean yes…" I sigh heavily and begin to caress his fingers, "What I mean is that I love you and although I do want sex with you, I want more than that. I want all of you Trip, your mind, body and soul…That's if you want me?"

I suddenly feel a little uncertain and feel I may be expecting too much. He smiles at me and our kiss confirms that Trip wants the same as me. As our lips part he stands and walks towards the door.

"Aren't you going to stay?" Now that we've confessed our feelings, I long to feel his naked body against mine.

"When you're better." I suddenly remember that Phlox had told me to rest and that Trip is still on duty, "I'll be by later. Do you want anything?"

"Only you." He rolls his eyes, "I'll bring you some dinner." He smiles and after one more little kiss leaves me alone.

As I snuggle down into my blankets, I begin to think that sometimes being confused can be a wonderful thing.

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