Title: Waiting to Be Found Again

Author: Mareel

Author's email: Mareel@earthlink.net

Author's URL: http://www.geocities.com/bdebpr


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Category: Slash (m/m)

Rating: PG-13

Status: Complete

Pairing: Archer/Reed

Series: Just Before Morning

Sequel to: Darkest

Next Story: Facets

Number in series: 8

Disclaimer: They all still belong to Paramount, or, more likely, to themselves.

Summary: "It's a collective thing. Even if one loses it for a while, it's always there."

Author's Notes: This is the eighth in a series, inspired by the Treksoap Jon and Mal. (See Note below for full quote from which summary and title were borrowed.) Dedication: This one is for Kay on her birthday, with my thanks. Quote used in title and summary is from Treksoap Jon speaking to Mal "There's always hope. It's a collective thing. Even if one loses it for a while, it's always there, waiting to be found again."

You were here with me last night…

In my quarters…smiling, laughing…rolling on the floor with 'your' dog.

In my arms…eyes darkening, lips parted, anticipating my next kiss…your body pressed against my own.

In my bed…sleeping beside me, head pillowed on my shoulder…one hand resting on my heart, held tightly by my own.

In my heart…loving one another…long past any need for tears and promises, and forgiveness.

I wake to silence…cabin, bed, arms still empty knowing it's still just a dream…but my heart is full again…

holding love

and hope…

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