Title: Last Night I Saw Your Face Before Me

Author: The Moonmoth

Author's Contact: moonmoth47@hotmail.com

Archive: Yes to Archers_Enterprise, ReedsArcheryRange and EntSTSlash

Rating: PG

Status: Finished

Series: Last Night You Cried Out in the Dark

Sequel to: The Shadows of Our Lives

Number in Series: 5

Pairing: A/R in my head, but ambiguous, really.

Type: Drabble, POV

Warnings: None

Spoilers: Damage

Disclaimer: Paramount owns the characters, I just play with them. I did it for love, not money.

Beta: From my keyboard to your inboxes—no beta, I'm afraid.

Summary: He still has hope.

Author's Notes: This series was inspired by a line in Beverly Crusher's fic 'Never'.

Feedback: Yes please. I want to hear whatever you think of it.

Last night I saw your face before me as I lay on my back in the Aquatic vessel. Time and pain stopped, and I prayed for this to be another dream, from which I would wake warm in my bed.

But alone. Always, achingly, without you.

I have often wondered, when this war ends, if we're both still alive, can things ever be different for us? Is that light in your eyes, sometimes, when you smile at me, the silent promise I hope it is?

Last night, I saw your face and knew I had to get home to you.

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