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Archer's Enterprise

April 2004 slash fan fiction

Title: Hey Mac! [ 36 kb ]
by Qzeebrella
Pairing: Cutler/Mackenzie (f/f); Rating: NC-17; Date: 04/02/04
Title: Mend [ 4 kb ]
by Mareel
Pairing: Archer/Reed; Rating: G; Date: 04/02/04
Summary: "We fight and fall down... and mend."
Title: Inexplicable [ 20 kb ]
by Pretzelduck
Pairing: Reed/Hayes; Rating: PG-13; Date: 04/05/04
Summary: Reed and Hayes finally make a move without any outside interference and with no one around.
Title: A Little Stress Relief [ 40 kb ]
by Qzeebrella
Pairing: Archer/Reed, Tucker/Reed, Reed/Sato, Reed/Hayes, Reed/Mayweather, T'Pol/Reed, Reed/Kemper/Romero, Phlox/Reed, Reed/Cutler, Archer/Reed/Mayweather; Rating: NC-17; Date: 04/12/04
Summary: Malcolm decides to relieve tension among the crew on a one on one, or two on one basis.
Title: It All Meant So Much More To Be [ 16 kb ]
by Stormymouse
Pairing: Archer/Reed; Rating: G; Warning: Deathfic; Date: 04/15/04
Summary: For all the times you walked the line for me and standing by my side I say thank you.
Title: No Regrets [ 20 kb ]
by Beverly
Pairing: Archer/Reed; Rating: NC-17; Date: 04/21/04
Summary: The night after the incident on the air-lock. Jon has to deal with his own demons.
Title: Yearning [ 4 kb ]
by Mareel
Pairing: Archer/Reed; Rating: G; Date: 04/25/04
Summary: Lost without you.
Title: Still Waiting [ 4 kb ]
by Mareel
Pairing: Archer/Reed; Rating: G; Date: 04/26/04
Summary: Waiting and hoping are the whole of life.
Title: Repose [ 4 kb ]
by Mareel
Pairing: Archer/Reed; Rating: PG; Date: 04/30/04
Summary: Asleep in my arms.
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